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Bonus Game

The first pokies used to be very minimalist with only a few features. Today’s online classic pokies are made to pay homage to such games but still come with abundant modern features. One of those features is a bonus game. It’s just a name given to every mini-game operating as part of the main pokie title. Click Here To Read More.

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Bonus Game PokiesPokies with a bonus game are thus a pretty broad category, and you wouldn’t be too far away from the truth if you were to say that most modern video pokies have a bonus game.

Let’s take a closer look at what these games are and which ones you should play to experience them in their full glory.

What Are Pokies With Bonus Games?

In plain terms, bonus game pokies are all pokies that have an added mini-game to the typical spinning reel gameplay.

This bonus game is activated randomly or by paying for it (if it features the Buy Bonus option). In most cases, this happens when you land three or more special symbols called scatters.

Most modern pokies have at least one bonus game, which has proven incredibly entertaining. It’s usually the game’s most rewarding feature as it doesn’t rely on you betting larger amounts. If you’re lucky to activate it, you’ll get sizable rewards every time.

Popular Bonus Game Pokies

Even though bonus games are incredibly entertaining and often highly rewarding, bonus game pokies are so numerous that it’s perfectly normal to run into many that are not interesting. Many are plain boring or simply copy what others are doing without offering a compelling twist that would separate them from the pack.

That’s why we’ve made sure to find some of the best pokies with bonus games. Above, you’ll see a list filled with incredible titles from notable providers, each offering an incredible bonus game that will keep you glued to your seat.

Even though some will feature the same type of bonus game, you’ll still find them having a unique twist that makes them worth playing.

Features of Pokies With Bonus Games

Bonus game pokies don’t have distinct features worth specifying. But that’s only because the bonus games themselves are the features.

So, here is an overview of the various types of bonus games you’ll see in these pokie titles:

  • Free spins — This is the most beloved type of bonus game out there. You typically get to collect three or more scatters, and the bonus game awards you with a specific number of free spins.
  • Pick-me or Picking bonus — This type of bonus game normally rewards you with an interactive mini-game where you get to pick themed selections that hide specific instant prizes.
  • Instant win — Even though it’s hardly a bonus mini-game, it’s still a random win you get outside of the regular game. Its amount varies, but it’s usually much higher than what you can get from the base game.
  • Pathway game — This is usually a series of mini-games where you progress down a path while winning bigger and bigger prizes. In some cases, these could be parts of a progressive jackpot.
  • Re-spin — You get a free spin in the existing game, usually with the same winning combinations in place, so you effectively get increased wins from the re-spins.
  • Multi-level — In this round, you get to pick symbols that hide prizes, and some of them take you to another level with bigger prizes.

These are just some of the more popular types of bonus games, but there are many others like extra wilds, Hold n’ Spin, Pick a Box, spinning wheels, and more.

Pros and Cons of Playing Pokies With a Bonus Game

Let’s take a look at some main pros and cons of these types of pokies, so you know whether or not they are worth your time:

Pros Cons
More functions outside of the base game Not simple activation process for some pokies
Typically bigger prizes Not adequate enough rewards
Interactive and fully functioning within the game
Massive prizes similar to jackpots
Once activated, losses are rare
More excitement than the base game

Bottom Line

Bonus games are truly a revolutionary aspect of modern pokies, and they have certainly brought something unique and fascinating that keeps players glued to these games.

If you want to get a different experience playing pokie games, you should definitely play one with a bonus game and wait for it to arrive. You’ll quickly realise what makes this pokie type so exceptional.

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