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Scatter Symbol

Along with the wild, the scatter is likely the most popular symbol in modern pokies. When you see either of the two, you know something special might happen in seconds. Click Here To Read More.

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Scatter Symbol PokiesPlenty of pokies today have the scatter symbol as most modern pokies feature a bonus round or some similar special feature.

With that in mind, we wanted to talk more about this symbol and how pokies with it work and what makes them extraordinary.

More importantly, we’ll give you a detailed list of some of the top pokies featuring the symbol, so you’ll get to properly try this type of game and see if it’s something you enjoy playing.

What Are Pokies With the Scatter Symbol?

Every pokie game today comes with a wide range of unique symbols. However, most of them only work as typical pokie symbols — they award you with specific amounts when you make certain winning combinations.

On the other hand, the scatter symbol awards you something much better — these symbols are always used to trigger the game’s unique bonus round.

You need to land three or more scatters to activate the bonus round in most cases. This bonus round can be anything from regular free spin mini-games to something you’ve never seen in any other game.

In other words, scatters act as triggers for a pokie’s bonus round, and that’s it. However, sometimes, they also work as regular paying symbols like all others. When that’s the case, the scatter is typically the highest-paying symbol in the game.

Popular Pokies With the Scatter Symbol

Today, the scatter symbol is as ubiquitous as the wild, so it’s only natural for most video pokies to have it. Only classic pokies and games with a very low number of reels, like three-reel pokies, don’t have this feature.

This makes finding good pokies with the scatter symbol incredibly difficult. However, we’ve been in the iGaming world long enough to know which games are worth playing.

Features of Scatter Symbol Pokies

It’s hard to say what features pokies with the scatter symbol have because they come in all shapes and sizes, offering various features.

The most obvious one is the bonus round. Scatters act as activating symbols for these rounds, and they can be anything, including:

  • Free spins
  • Bonus wheels
  • Pick a reward
  • Various other mini-games

However, the scatters can be different in how they trigger the bonus round. In some games, you need to collect at least three of them, while in others, each number of scatters activates a specific bonus round.

Also, some of the better games with this symbol feature scatters that pay. In other words, they work as regular scatters and as paying symbols. That way, you’ll be rewarded both in the regular game and in the subsequent bonus round.

Pros and Cons of Pokies With the Scatter Symbol

Here are some of the more notable pros and cons of pokies with the scatter symbol.

Pros Cons
Scatters lead you into bonus rounds Too many pokies have this symbol
Scatter-induced bonus features are typically free play Many games with scatters are the same
These pokies always come with better rewards
Scatters usually lead to a boost in winnings
Scatters can pay like all other symbols, usually more

Bottom Line

All in all, the scatter is an exciting symbol, one that usually signifies you’re about to enter one of the most profitable areas of the game. That’s why pokies with scatters are the default type of pokies today and the ones you need to play if you want to experience something new and rewarding.

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