Ancient Egyptian culture is depicted in dozens of online and land-based pokies. With a rich visual history and instantly recognisable figures, it is no wonder why we see so many games that feature Egyptian gods, kings, queens and other cultural symbols. They certainly make for stunning graphics and exciting gameplay. Click here to read more.

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Many of the Ancient Egyptian online pokies that you’ll find at online casinos are actually based on land-based games. Titles like Cleopatra and Pharaoh’s Fortune are hugely popular titles at land-based clubs and casinos that become so popular that they were eventually turned into digital games that can be accessed by players around the world.

Why Are Egyptian Pokies So Popular?

There are few other cultures that receive as much attention in the online casino world as Ancient Egypt. There are dozens of games based on this one particular theme – but, why is it so popular?

Ancient Egypt has a rich visual history with ornate royal costumes, complex hieroglyphics and unique animal gods. Including all of these motifs certainly makes for a stunning visual experience for any online pokie. So, you will never find an Ancient Egyptian game that doesn’t have beautiful graphics.

Also, its symbols are also instantly recognisable. If you show someone a scarab, pyramid or ankh, they will immediately associate it with Ancient Egypt. As such, this makes for a universally attractive theme that most pokie players will be able to related to and recognised.


Popular Ancient Egypt Pokie Themes

Within Ancient Egyptian culture, there are many different themes that have become the focus of pokies. The following themes are very popular among pokie developers.

    • Royalty: King Tut and Cleopatra continue are some of the most famous historical figures from Ancient Egyptian civilization. There are many games based on these characters, such as Queen of the Nile ™  and King of Time
    • Gods and Goddesses: Members of Ancient Egyptian civilization worshipped various gods and goddess who were usually a combination of human and animal. These characters are commonly depicted in online pokies like Gods of Giza
    • Exploration: from a more modern perspective, you’ll find online pokies that have an exploration theme. Games like Book of Ra and Treasures of Tombs approach Ancient Egyptian culture in a different way to most pokies as they feature modern explorers studying ruins and investigating this ancient culture.

Cross-Platform Gaming

Since Ancient Egyptian culture is such a popular theme among online casino players, games developers want to make these pokies as easily accessible as possible. So, pokie providers offer these titles on a wide range of mobile and desktop gaming platforms. Players can spin the reels on their favourite Ancient Egypt themed pokie from the tablet, smartphone or personal computer, allowing them to play while on the go or from the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, many of these games are also available in land-based venues – so, there are plenty of ways to play your favourite Ancient Egyptian pokies!