The Incas were an Ancient civilization who are most well-known for their unimaginable riches. They have the topic of many poker machines over the years, all of which offer players the chance to win cash prizes beyond their wildest dreams. With a history mostly related to gold and riches, Incan gold is certainly an appropriate theme for poker machines.

A Classic, Land-Based Pokie

Ainsworth‘s Inca King is yet another pokies game built on the premise. The game features a wide range of impressive bonus features and offers players the chance to win – not one, but – two generous jackpot prizes. Players from across Australia have been captivated by this game, which is available at a wide range of gambling venues across the country.

Double Hit Jackpots

One of the most remarkable features about Inca King is its Double Hit feature. This is a design feature exclusive only to Ainsworth games, offering players the chance to win two different progressive jackpot prizes. Single progressive jackpots are already rare in the poker machine market and two-level jackpots are almost unheard of. Ainsworth is certainly a trend setter in this respect, creating a brand new format for pokies games.

As a progressive jackpot game, this means that Inca Gold’s two jackpots are built on the wagers of each player. These types of jackpots are constantly growing, rather than staying static like most jackpots on most poker machines. So, this is certainly an attractive feature that players should take advantage of.

Additionally, Inca King is featured on Ainsworth A 560 platform. This is new gaming platform created by Ainsworth, offering an improved casino gaming experience. As such, the cabinet features double widescreen monitors and an enhanced sound system. A 560 games also provide players with ergonomic support to create a more comfortable experience when playing pokies.

Give It A Spin

Keeping all of these features in mind, Inca King is a poker machine that pokies fans should be on the lookout for the next time they visit a gambling venue in Australia. Those that have already discovered the game highly recommend it to their friends and we’re sure that if you try it, you will, too!