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Magic Rewards Free Play: Try Magic Rewards Pokie in Demo Mode

If you like to watch a magician performing wondrous feats, this is the pokie for you. You can even have your own magical experience if you manage to trigger the exciting bonus features! Read our full review below.
Magic Rewards

Sorry, not available in demo mode.

Pokie Info

Introduction to Magic Rewards

Ainsworth are known for high-quality pokies with a clean appearance and smooth gameplay. Magic Rewards is no exception and is a delight to look at and spin. Moreover, the free spins and stacked wilds ensure you are in for a thrilling time from the moment the reels start to turn.

Magic Rewards theme

Who isn’t excited by the prospect of watching a magician perform seemingly impossible tricks? Since Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin pioneered what would become modern stage magic in the 19th century, it has become an increasingly popular form of entertainment. From the theatres where legends such as Harry Houdini once played to modern television magicians such as David Copperfield or David Blaine, there is no doubt that magic continues to capture hearts and minds around the world. Any magician needs his tools of the trade, and the reels of this pokie are full of everything from gloves to mysterious chests to the iconic rabbit in a hat. There is no doubt you have all you need for a magical time.

Magic Rewards

Magic Rewards Pokie graphics

Even the loading screen on this pokie is a striking look at the theme. On one side is the magician himself, dressed in red and dark blue with a fiery orange curtain behind him. On the other side are some white doves against a contrasting curtain of chilly blue. Once the game loads, you step right onto the stage with the curtains framing the reels and the boards sitting beneath them. Every so often, the white gloves holding magic wands on either side of the title will wave to release a pair of white doves in a shower of sparkles. Your eyes won’t be able to resist following their progress to the edge of the screen. The magician in question is a handsome fellow, with dark hair and a moustache. He does have a slightly mysterious aura, but what do you expect from someone in that line of work? A ball of glowing energy sits between his hands, perhaps from a crystal ball. His equipment is spread out over the reels and includes pair of doves, a rose appearing from handkerchief, a mystical chest that has been chained shut (has he already escaped from inside?), a rabbit emerging from a hat, and pair of white magician’s gloves holding a magic wand. Even the card symbols (don't forget that cards are often part of a magician’s tricks) are enhanced with additions such as dice or roses.

How to play Magic Rewards Pokies

This game has a pretty basic five-reel and 25-payline layout that should be familiar to most pokies players. Your Total Bet range is between $0.50 and $20, with a Max Bet button available to take you straight to the top or arrows to make smaller adjustments. To win, just match symbols across a payline. Where this game shines is with its bonuses. You can activate them with the Scatter, which is represented by the white gloves. There’s also a Wild symbol to stand in for others and perhaps complete your winning line. It’s clearly labelled as “Wild”, but the swirl of coloured lights in the background reminds you of the magical theme. The Wild appears on the third, fourth and fifth reels of the base game. To set the game to spin multiple times, you can use the autoplay feature. The button for this is next to the spin button and allows you to set a loss limit and single win limit in addition to deciding the number of spins you want before autoplay stops itself. Once autoplay is enabled, you can just sit back and watch the fun.

Magic Rewards payout ratio

A 94.59% RtP is not to be sneezed at, and that’s what this game offers. RtP stands for Return to Player, and it’s the number that tells you what the average win on this game is likely to be. In this case, a bet of $100 could see you win back $94.59. To calculate the RtP, you have to look at average wins across multiple games by different players. That means there’s still room for statistical variation - it would hardly be as fun if your payout was a guaranteed amount - but the RtP can help guide you to the most rewarding games.

How to win At Magic Rewards Pokies

Card symbols start at 9 and go through 10, J, Q and K before reaching A. All of these symbols have the same value, with three matches giving you a $0.10 win, four matches giving you $0.20, and five giving you $1.60 if you are using the minimum total bet. Next up is the pair of doves, with wins of $0.20, $0.40 and $2.00 for three, four and five matches respectively. This is followed by the rose, which has the same wins for three and four matches but raises five to a $2.50 win, the same as the mystical chest. The white rabbit is next, with a match of three symbols winning you $0.40, $0.80 for four, and $3.00 for five. At the top of the paytable is the white gloves scatter, where a minimum bet will win you $0.50, $2.50 or $25.00 overall. Again, the paytable will adjust if you change your total bet.

Magic Rewards Pokie bonus features

You can make free spins magically come into existence with this pokie’s bonus round. Just match three of the white-gloved Scatter symbols to trigger it and you’ll receive eight free spins, with extras on offer if you then hit more Scatters. Even more interestingly, an entirely new paytable will be activated to change the composition of the game and offer an extra thrill. During free spins, the Wild will appear on the second, fourth and fifth reels instead of the third, fourth and fifth reels. That’s because reel three is now home to the magician himself, and he brings his own extra rewards. It’s the magician who brings the ability to turn white gloves, and in some cases entire reels, into Wilds, which dramatically increases your chances of winning. One magician turns all white gloves plus the third reel Wild; two magicians will convert the second, third and fourth reels as well as the white gloves; and three magicians means you will have nothing but Wilds on all your reels. It’s definitely a magical experience.

Magic Rewards Pokies on Mobile - Android, iPhones and Tablets

As long as you have an internet connection, you can play this game wherever you go. It’s on mobile and tablet as well as desktop, so you can choose whether you carry it with you or stay at home. There’s no need to download anything, so you can just open it on your browser and enjoy. Playing on different devices can come with different advantages and disadvantages. Playing on desktop probably means a more reliable internet connection, a larger screen to better show the details of the pokie, and more advanced speakers to produce any sound effects. The main disadvantage is the lack of portability. Mobile devices may be able to fit in your pocket, but there’s also a higher risk of losing Wi-Fi or data and potentially seeing the game shut down in the middle of a winning streak. It’s also going to be a smaller screen and speakers. Luckily, Magic Rewards is available on different devices, so you can choose which is best for you.

Magic Rewards Pokie free play

This isn’t a trick - you can play Magic Rewards for free. That’s right; there’s no need to register for an online casino, and there’s no need to put down a deposit and wager the real money you have in your pocket. We’ll provide the virtual cash for your stake and you can spin with no worries. Playing for free can be just as exciting as playing for real money because everything else about the pokie remains the same. It’s still the same theme, same gameplay and same bonuses. If you want, it can even be the same loss limits or maximum win limit that you would set for a real-money game. This ability to perfectly recreate the playing experience means you can also practice if you’re thinking of trying the real-money version. After a few hundred spins, you’ll know whether this is a pokie where you would want to gamble your real money.

If you enjoy Magic Rewards, you’ll love…

Ainsworth is a pretty consistent developer, so if you like Magic Rewards, you’ll probably like other Ainsworth Pokies. The themes and bonuses will vary, but they will have that same quality that attracted you to this pokie in the first place. One Ainsworth pokie of particular note is Sheer Magic Pokie. As the title may suggest, this is another trip to the world of magicians and illusionists, complete with top hat and wand, crystal ball, playing cards and dice, flowers, and a mystical tome full of secrets. This time, however, the number of paylines increases to 30 and what may have been a familiar free spins round comes with a maximum of 20 free spins instead of eight. There are also opportunities to win extra re-spins. With the same HTML software as Magic Rewards, you can play in your browser on a range of devices with no need to download, so it’s also really easy to access.

About Ainsworth

Ainsworth takes its name from owner Len Ainsworth, the same man who founded industry giant Aristocrat. There are some notable similarities between Ainsworth and its larger cousin. They use similar sound effects, and some symbols (notably playing cards) may recur across games. With that in mind, it’s no wonder Ainsworth has become a successful developer, with its pokies available all around the world. Indeed, whilst Aristocrat may be more dominant, Ainsworth does have its advantages, particularly in the level of care it can take with all its pokies. It’s clear that Ainsworth began in live pokies from the feel of its games, which rarely have the same innovations that you see in those from companies with an online pokie specialty. This doesn’t mean that they’re not enjoyable to play, but you may have to adjust your expectations. You can always be sure that Ainsworth pokies will work well and that there will be attention to detail in the graphics. Ainsworth might not make the flashiest games in the world, but they have a reputation for solid, reliable offerings. The graphics and animations are pleasing to the eye, and the gameplay is easy to follow. As with Magic Rewards, it’s in the range of bonus features that allow Ainsworth pokies to really shine.

Magic Rewards FAQ

Can I Play Magic Rewards Pokies for free?

Play right here without having to worry about signing up or making a deposit. The game is ready and waiting, and there’s virtual money provided for your wagers. If you do want to play with and for real money, you will have to register for an online casino.

Does Magic Rewards Pokie have free spins?

It’s always worth watching a magician’s hands move, and in this case, his white gloves will bring you eight free spins with the potential for more if you match them at least three times. Free spins also have their own extra features, notably the chance for some stacked Wilds.

Do You Have any Magic Rewards tips or cheats?

A true magician never reveals their secrets, but there is no secret to winning big on Magic Rewards. Like any other pokie, the results are randomly generated. That’s part of the thrill, but it also means you need to be careful with your wagers. Don’t chase losses, and if you hit a truly big win, savour it rather than going again and risking it all. That’s the way to make sure the pokie stays fun.

Can I download Magic Rewards Pokies?

Magic Rewards is optimised for a range of devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile, and the HTML5 software means there’s no need to download on any of them. It’s available directly in your browser for your ease of use. Just open the page and click "spin"!

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