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Walking Wilds

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Walking Wild PokiesWell, game developers have taken that into consideration and brought out a special feature called walking wilds. Pokies with walking wilds grant players that second chance at hitting the grand prize.

Stay with us to learn how these games work and their pros and cons.

What are Pokies with Walking Wilds?

Pokies with walking wilds are casino games with a special feature that enhances players’ chances of winning. To be precise, walking wilds are symbols that, like all other wilds, appear on pokies reels to substitute other symbols. The difference is that these symbols move along and between the reels after you click the Spin button and grant you free spins.

The walking wilds feature typically appears in a game’s bonus round. Each time the walking wilds appear on the reels, the player gets a respin. Once they use the respin, the wild shifts, granting another respin. This sequence repeats as long as the wild is on the reels. Once the walking wilds symbol disappears, the player gets one last free spin.

Popular Pokies with Walking Wilds

While you can find regular wild symbols in most pokies online, this isn’t the case with walking wilds. Pokies with walking wilds are a fairly new invention and still not commonly hosted by casinos.

So, you might have to invest more time and effort than you usually do to find the best titles this category has to offer. If you’d like to cut that search short, look at the list of pokies with walking wilds we’ve attached above. The list is packed with the most popular releases from this pokie category among Aussie players.

Features of Pokies with Walking Wilds

Pokies with walking wilds gameplay start as usual — you use the Spin button to put the reels in motion and land a winning symbol combination. As we mentioned before, the walking wilds feature appears when you trigger another special feature or enter the bonus round.

When you see these special symbols on the screen, you’ll be able to spin the reels for free. The symbols will then move to the left, right, or even in both directions depending on the game. They can also appear on the reels numerous times in a row and significantly increase the pokies’ winning potential.

Recently, game developers released a few new pokies with walking wilds. These games attach multipliers to their walking wilds symbols.

So, when the walking wilds switch positions after you win, a multiplier applies to the prize and increases it. As a result, such pokies offer incredibly generous prizes.

Pokies with walking wilds have other special features and centre around various themes. So, this pokie category offers something for pokie traditionalists and players who enjoy innovative gameplay and complex storylines alike.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Pokies with Walking Wilds

Pokies in the walking wilds category have many positive aspects, but it’s not all sunshine and roses. There are a few downsides to playing these casino games.

So, we suggest you look at both pros and cons of pokies with walking wilds below and then decide whether they are worth your while.

Pros Cons
Original and rewarding feature Uncommon slot type
Fun and exciting gameplay Difficult-to-trigger main feature
Increased winning potential
Other bonus features
Diverse themes

Final Thoughts

Pokies with walking wilds offer an exciting gaming experience that can grant you hefty prizes if you’re lucky.

They’re easy to play, featuring a variety of themes and numerous other special features. The walking wilds keep the players on their toes in anticipation and make these pokies’ gameplay unique.

Pokies with walking wilds are a great way to shake up your gambling session — select a title from the list we’ve featured above and see for yourself!

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