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TV & Movies Themed Pokie Machines - Play for Fun

TV shows and movies have a massive influence on pop culture. Directors create, popularise, change, and reinvent characters, stories, and settings. Therefore, large franchises have become an endless source of inspiration in many spheres of life, including gambling. Click Here To Read More.

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TV and Movie PokiesTV and movie-themed pokies are a broad category of games that permeate even other smaller pokie classes. Online casinos worldwide, as well as those in Australia, feature a wide variety of these titles.

Stay with us if you’ve somehow managed to go without experiencing these games but are thinking about giving them a try.

This article will cover TV and movie pokies, discuss their advantages and disadvantages and reveal the most popular titles in this category.

What Are TV and Movie-Themed Pokies?

TV and movie-themed pokies are inspired by famous TV shows and movie franchises. They’re characterised by the imagery of your favourite stories, protagonists, and villains and feature a matching soundtrack and sound effects.

Depending on the genre these pokies focus on, they can have cartoonish or realistic visuals, vibrant and bright, or darker and muted colour schemes.

These games typically have symbols with characters you’ll recognise. They are either depicted in the same way as in the movie or TV show or portrayed in a completely different light.

Since TV shows and movies target diverse audiences around the globe, pokies themed after those titles have followed in their footsteps. They are liked and enjoyed by players of different genders, ages, and cultures.

Most Popular TV and Movie-Themed Pokies

It’s not easy to make the right choice when facing such a wide category of games. The good news is you don’t have to give up on these games just because there are too many titles to go through. Simply scroll up and look at the list of games we’ve compiled.

The list features some of the best and most popular TV and movie-themed pokies, so you should be able to find at least one that you like.

TV and Movie-Themed Pokies Features

As we’ve mentioned, there is a huge variety of TV and movie-inspired pokies out there for you to explore. Naturally, not all of them feature the same storyline, gameplay, characteristics, features, and prizes. However, we can group all of them into a couple of sections depending on how they’re designed and what they focus on.

TV and movie-themed pokies centred around the fantasy genre are among the most popular games in this category. They’re inspired by:

In keeping with the theme, these games feature famous superheroes and villains, popular wizards and hobbits, magical creatures, dinosaurs, and other important characters.

Another major subclass of games that falls under the TV and movies-theme pokie category is designed around the horror genre. These pokies have symbols with horror movie protagonists and villains — both supernatural and human.

Dracula, Frankenstein, Chucky, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Jack Torrance are only some of the characters you’ll recognise when you play these games.

In addition to these, there are plenty more pokies inspired by other shows and movies, like:

Chances are you’ll find at least one based on your favourite picture or show.

Advantages and Disadvantages of TV and Movie Pokies

TV and movie-themed pokies share a lot of characteristics. These features contribute to the quality and overall feel of the games in different ways. To demonstrate that, we have listed their pros and cons below.

You can use this information to help you get the whole picture about these popular games and decide whether you want to play them.

Pros Cons
Action-packed gameplay Not for fans of simple, traditional pokies
High-definition graphics and striking visuals
Diverse, entertaining storylines
Numerous titles to choose from
Lucrative features and prizes


TV and movie-inspired pokies represent a huge game category in Australian online casinos. They’re recognisable, easy to find, fun and profitable to play. Most of the games have high-definition graphics, atmospheric music, and an overall nostalgic feel, so they’re liked by a wide range of players.

If these games sound intriguing to you, nothing is stopping you from enjoying them anymore.

Check out our list of most popular TV and movie-themed pokies and discover your new favourite casino game.

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