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Fantasy Themed Pokie Machines - Play for Fun

Pokies have always been different from other gambling games primarily due to their rich and original themes. The vivid imagination of pokie developers is most evident when we take a look at all of the fantasy-themed titles. Click Here To Read More.

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Fantasy PokiesFantasy is a broad genre, especially in the world of online pokies, as there are hundreds of games we can fit in this category.

So, which fantasy theme should you choose? Well, we hope that this article can provide you with the right answer.

Above you’ll find a list of the most popular fantasy pokies in the market today, as well as a few words about their features, advantages, and potential drawbacks.

What Are Fantasy Pokies?

Simply put, fantasy pokies are all pokie titles whose theme revolves around imaginary worlds. We all know this theme is very broad and can be divided into multiple sub-categories. For instance, Irish (leprechaun) pokies can very well fall into fantasy games, just like any title that pays tribute to a well-known fairytale, character, or movie.

Whenever we find a title that doesn’t relate to anything “real” and features characters and elements that are purely the product of someone’s ingenious mind, we can categorise it as a fantasy pokie. By nature, these titles can often be entertaining, colourful, playful, and wacky.

Most Popular Fantasy-Themed Pokies

As explained, we have loads of pokie titles that can fall into the fantasy category, so it’s not easy to find the best and most popular ones.

Nevertheless, our dedicated team of pokie specialists worked day and night browsing through casino sites and locating the cream of the crop of fantasy-themed games.

All the titles you see at the top of this page are products of awarded software providers and are considered 100% fair.

Fantasy Pokies Features

Fantasy pokies have a habit of being very inventive when it comes to visuals and sound effects.  That creativity often translates to gameplay which is why such titles usually have a few exciting and unique bonus features. However, this purely depends on an individual title and how much effort developers put into creating the game.

As for the design, the most common layout of fantasy pokies is 5×3 with a classic payline structure, although some titles come with Megaways or cluster mechanics.

If you’re on a hunt for big prizes, you’ll be happy to know there are quite a few fantasy-themed pokies that feature progressive jackpots with prizes exceeding one million AUD.

Pros and Cons of Fantasy Pokies

There’s no way to gather all fantasy pokies out there so that we can generalise their features and overall quality.

Still, here are some pros and cons that characterise most games in this category:

Pros Cons
Imaginative topics and colourful visuals Good payout potential can vary
Large pool of titles Underwhelming or overused topics
Some feature progressive jackpots
Wide range of betting limits suitable for all budgets

Bottom Line

If you’re a sucker for plentiful fictitious worlds and want to have fun and get a chance to earn real money, fantasy-themed pokies should be the first thing you look for when joining an online casino.

We hope that you found this page helpful and that you’ll choose the right title for you. Best of luck!

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