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Wild Multipliers

What comes to mind when you hear the word “multiplier” in regards to pokies? We bet it’s a good feeling. The same goes for wilds and many other fantastic features that our favourite pokies bring along. However, how would you feel if you put wilds and multipliers together to create an unexpected duo that will keep you coming back for more? Well, we guess you’d feel more than good. Click Here To Read More.

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Wild Multiplier PokiesWild multipliers have been around for some time, and many players have gotten used to this feature appearing in pokies.

And why wouldn’t they?

Pokies with wild multipliers are not that common but come with unique opportunities for players that like to take their game to the next level.

So, let’s see what wild multipliers have to offer in terms of features, popular games, and positive and negative traits. Read on.

What Are Wild Multipliers?

Wild multipliers or multiplying wilds have become extremely popular in recent years. However, despite their rising popularity, not many developers incorporate them into pokies.

What makes this feature special is the chance to add more excitement to the gameplay and introduce more winning opportunities to players.

Multiplying wilds function similarly to regular wilds, except they have attached multipliers. The wild multiplier would typically multiply the total win. For example, if your three-of-a-kind combination brings 20x your stake, but you formed the winning line with a 2x multiplier, you would win 40x your bet.

Naturally, the way a wild multiplier functions depends on the developer. Some games feature two wild multipliers, which could have different outcomes.

For instance, one wild multiplier can bring a 5x multiplier, while another could have a 15x. That could boost your winning combo by a whopping 75x, or the game could only count the higher multiplier.

Other pokies could pin them head-to-head for a battle, leaving one winner. So, there are plenty of winning chances with this feature.

Popular Pokies With Wild Multipliers

If you’re an avid pokie player, you’re probably aware that these pokies are not so common. Nevertheless, we selected some top-performing ones that we think would catch your attention.

Take a look at the list at the top of this page and choose one or two pokies with this fantastic feature. We’re sure you’ll find something that suits your needs.

Features of Pokies With Wild Multipliers

A wild multiplier feature represents a great feature on its own. However, that doesn’t stop players from checking out other features these pokies might have that could boost their winnings or enhance their gameplay.

Luckily, pokies with wild multipliers come with additional features. Those include:

You can expect a lot from these pokies if you’re willing to give them a go.

Naturally, you might even get a chance to explore and discover different themes further. Some of our favourites revolve around explorers, ancient civilisations, classic fruit slots, and the like. Opt for your cup of tea, and you won’t regret it.

Pros and Cons of Pokies With Wild Multipliers

Many players wonder what makes these pokies stand out except for their wild multiplier feature.

We’re here to break it down and list a few negative traits of these pokies. Check out the list below.

Pros Cons
Engaging gameplay Lack of widespread adoption
High winning potential High risk factor for players on a budget
Lucrative rewards
Free play option

Final Thoughts

We consider pokies with wild multipliers unique in the sea of pokies with different features. You might not find an extensive portfolio of these pokies online, but what you find will surely keep you coming back.

We promise engaging gameplay and exciting and rewarding wins that will keep you hooked to the game for hours.

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