Branded slots are the latest trend in the online pokie market, and it seems to be a craze that will be around for quite some time. Many pokie developers work with production companies to create games that are based on popular television shows and movies to make for exciting games that will appeal to a wide range of players. Click here to read more.


Television shows and movies weren’t always popular themes for pokies. This is a relatively recent development, and the trend was started by Microgaming. In 2005, Microgaming launched Tomb Raider, an online pokie based on the popular video game series starring Lara Croft. The company signed an exclusive deal with Eidos, the developer of the Tomb Raider series, and the two parties have enjoyed a long-running branded partnership for over a decade.

It wasn’t long before the trend caught on and Microgaming realised just how popular branded games could be. Shortly after the release of Tomb Raider, Microgaming also launched Hitman, another pokie based on a popular video game series. Eventually, other developers like PlayTech and Net Entertainment caught on, creating their own range of branded online pokies.

Best Branded Pokie Developers

There are some games developers that stand out when it comes to creating high-quality branded pokies. These companies have become well-known for their commitment to developing TV- and movie-based pokies that stay true to their source material to make for engaging gameplay:

  • Net Entertainment: Net Entertainment has developed only a few branded pokies, but they have quickly become huge hits in the online casino market. South Park, South Park: Reel Chaos and Scarface continue to be some of the best loved games among pokie players.
  • Microgaming: as a leading online pokie developer that has been around for decades, Microgaming has the ability to obtain licenses for a number of TV shows and movies. That’s why the company has so many impressive branded games under its belt like Jurassic Park, Terminator 2 and The Dark Knight Rises.

Popular Features in TV & Movie Pokies

In branded pokies, you’ll never find a just simple free spins round or pick-a-prize bonus. Developers go above and beyond to pack in various unique bonus features that reflect scenes and characters from the films and shows on which the games are based:

  • Unlockable Content: most online branded pokies feature film or show scenes, and some developers make it possible for players to unlock more clips as they progress further in the game  
  • Battle Bonus: branded pokies like Family Guy and South Park: Reel Chaos are best-known for their exciting battle-based bonuses.
  • Level Up Bonuses: this is quite a new online pokie feature, and we are seeing it mostly in branded games. This type of bonus allows players to unlock new bonus features as they level up. Bigger and better prizes are available as players collect experience through the game, and it is possible for players to save their progress as they go.