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4 Reel Pokies - Play for Free

As the iGaming industry expands, casino games change and advance in terms of their mechanics, features, and visuals. Pokies are no exception to this rule. If you’re a pokie fan, one of the main changes you’ll notice is the variable number of reels. So, gamblers now have a choice beyond the classic pokie games. Click Here To Read More.

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4-Reel PokiesFor example, 4-reel pokies are a relatively new addition to the pokie category. They are a great choice if traditional, simple pokies are not your cup of tea.

Stay with us and learn all you need to know to decide whether you’d like to play these games.

What Are 4-Reel Pokies?

As you’d probably guess, 4-reel pokies are online video slots with four instead of the standard three or five reels. The number of paylines these slots offer depends on the game type and developer. For instance, pokies with four reels can have up to 20 paylines. As a result, players have increased shots at winning.

And if you prefer traditional pokies, then you’ll enjoy playing 4-reelers. They’re a great change of routine if you’re used to the classics. 4-reel pokies are designed similarly but offer classic pokies fans even more excitement. Aussie online casinos do not have tons of these games, but they’re definitely worth the search.

Most Popular 4-Reel Pokies

Online casinos rarely boast massive selections of pokies with four reels. That doesn’t come as a huge surprise since software developers do not produce these games often enough.

Nevertheless, they’re still an important part of the pokie game category and, as such, worth checking out. Check out the list of most popular titles from the 4-reel pokie category above and skip the tedious searching process. All of these games would be a great start to your 4-reel pokie journey.

Features of Pokies With Four Reels

Pokies with four reels have the same rules as all other games in this class. You spin the reels by clicking on the Spin button or choosing the Autoplay option. Once the reels come to a halt, you can see the symbol combination. Wagering limits vary from game to game, and you might win some hefty prizes if you’re lucky enough.

4-reel pokies don’t diverge much from other games in the pokie category when it comes to themes, either.

You’ll likely find what you like since there are so many different-themed categories. Some keep their gameplays sweet and simple and fill their reels with basic symbols like fruits or jewels. Others centre around complex storylines inspired by popular:

Also, pokies with four reels come with a ton of varied features. You’ll come across games with scatters, wilds, multipliers, free spins, and other rewarding features.

Nevertheless, these pokies rarely have bonus rounds. If you’re after these kinds of games, you’ll have more luck with the 5-reel pokie category.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing 4-Reel Pokies

Like all others, the 4-reel pokie category has its advantages and disadvantages. You should be aware of both if you’re planning on playing them. Only when you have all the information can you come to a correct conclusion about these games.

We’ve put all the most important 4-reel games’ characteristics on the list below. Have a look and consider how important each one of them is to you.

Pros Cons
Traditional games with upgraded mechanics Not commonly found
Easy to follow and simple to play Lack of bonus round features
Numerous diverse themes
Rewarding bonus features
Free play available


Pokies with four reels offer fans of traditional pokies a chance to break their gaming routines. They’re equally straightforward to play, but they offer additional ways for you to win prizes. Moreover, these games are designed around a raft of diverse themes, and they come with loads of fun and profitable features.

If 4-reel pokies sound like something up your street, you can find the best titles from this category above and begin playing at once.

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