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7 Reel Pokies - Play for Fun

As the iGaming industry keeps flourishing and widening its player base, game developers have started experimenting more. They introduce plenty of innovations into the titles they’re regularly producing. One of the upgrades they have added to digital pokies has to do with the number of reels. After 5-reel pokies took all the glory, the developers decided that there was more than enough room for two more reels. Click Here To Read More.

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7 Reel PokiesIf you ascribe to the philosophy behind the famous saying “the more, the merrier,” you’ll love 7-reel pokies. Keep reading this article and learn more about this pokie category, its popular titles, and its good and bad aspects.

What Are 7-Reel Pokies?

As their name suggests, 7-reel pokies are online video slots with seven reels and up to 50 symbols. Their playing style does not differ from other pokies.

A click on the Spin button will put the reels in motion and let you win amazing prizes, depending on the combination of symbols you land. These games typically have seven or more paylines and numerous diverse lucrative bonus features.

Even though players like them for their additional win potential, 7-reel pokies are not common in online casinos’ pokie sections. There are enough Aussie reputable casinos that host them if you’re interested in playing, but you’ll have to dig a little deeper to find them.

Most Popular 7-Reel Pokies

As we’ve mentioned, pokie fans looking to play 7-reel pokies might have to look a bit farther to find these games online. Many casinos host a small number of them or don’t host them at all. And, if you don’t like wasting your free time searching for games, we have a solution.

Simply take a look at the list we’ve featured above to cut the process short. The list comprises the most popular 7-reel pokie titles you can play online. Enjoy!

Features of Pokies With Seven Reels

Thanks to the complex game mechanics, pokies with seven reels offer players more ways to win than their 5-reel counterparts. As a result, these games’ prizes might be easier to land. However, they are typically smaller than those you can win playing the above-mentioned games.

7-reel pokies also have:

Nevertheless, these rewarding features might be more scarcely distributed in 7-reel pokies than other pokie categories.

So, if you’re a fan of bonus-feature-packed games, have that in mind before you choose to play them.

You can find pokies with seven reels in various differently-themed pokie classes. Many keep it simple and stick to the basic themes like:

For instance, symbols with the number seven are commonly found on the reels of these games. Apart from the obvious, the other reason for this choice is that many cultures believe that this number is lucky.

Finally, 7-reel pokies can have slightly more complex gameplay, too. They can be designed around popular action and adventure-inspired storylines and feature imagery of recognisable protagonists and villains.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing 7-Reel Pokies

Like all casino games, 7-reel pokies have their good and bad sides. We’ve listed the most important ones below so you know what you can expect from playing these games.

Pros Cons
Diverse gameplays Not common in online casinos
High winning potential
Regular, smaller wins
Rewarding bonus features
Demo mode available

Final Thoughts

Pokies with seven reels might be the perfect solution for pokie players who feel ready for an upgrade from the standard, 5-reel games. They’re fun to play, offer a great winning potential, are packed with many bonus features, and come in demo mode.

If these characteristics sound intriguing, you can start playing 7-reel pokies immediately. Simply scroll up, have a look at our most popular 7-reel-pokie list, and find the game you like best.

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