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Transforming Symbols

There is an abundance of pokies available nowadays. Although they all differ in terms of themes, the gameplay isn’t as varied. As a result, such pokies galore prompted developers to think outside the box and create new and unique features. Click Here To Read More.

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Transforming Symbol PokiesOne of those creations is transforming symbols, which are essentially upgraded wild symbols. Their beauty lies in the fact that you often don’t know what they might substitute or change into.

So, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of transforming symbols and popular titles with this feature.

What Are Transforming Symbols Pokies?

The wild symbol, which is similar to a joker, is very well-known. It substitutes any other symbol except the scatter. Its purpose is to increase your chances of forming a winning combination. However, certain titles take this feature to a whole new level, thanks to transforming symbols.

Transforming symbols in a pokie can unlock bonus features such as free spins and multipliers. They can do that by changing all marked symbols into one during the base game or by transforming themselves into some other symbol during the bonus round.

The rules for this feature can vary depending on the title, so checking the paytable before playing is a good idea.

Popular Pokies With Transforming Symbols

Pokies with transforming symbols feature popular themes like Vikings, food, animals, and many others.

Players into ancient Egypt can try their luck at Golden Osiris, while those who prefer treasure quests can opt for Katmandu Gold.

These games come from the virtual kitchens of some of the most renowned providers, including:

While there are plenty of pokies featuring wilds, the ones that offer transforming symbols are a rarity. That means that you’ll have to do some digging to find quality titles.

We have compiled a list of the best and most popular pokies this category offers to speed up the process for you. Have a look and take your pick!

Features of Pokies With Transforming Symbols

Transforming symbols are a fantastic feature created to enhance your gameplay. They can be part of the base or bonus game, turning low-paying symbols into high-paying ones. They can trigger free spins, multipliers, and other features when changed.

Here are some instances of how symbols can be transformed:

  • When a specific symbol appears during the base game, it instantly transforms into another symbol.
  • A set of symbols can turn into a wild or a random base game symbol.
  • Sometimes, they act like scatter symbols, which means you need to collect a certain number so that they can transform.
  • Occasionally, they can change into the highest-paying symbol.
  • The transformation is triggered only when a particular symbol appears.
  • A transforming symbol can be a mystery symbol.

The bottom line is that the primary goal of transforming symbols is to help you create a winning combination and increase your winning potential.

Pros and Cons of Transforming Symbols Pokies

All slots come with advantages and disadvantages, and transforming symbols pokies are not an exception.

However, you should be aware of these in advance:

Pros Cons
Available in demo mode Small number of titles available
Aimed at boosting your winnings
Higher winning potential
Unique and rewarding
Suited for casual players and high-rollers

Final Thoughts

All in all, pokies with transforming symbols are pretty much just like any other pokie. However, this highly rewarding unique feature makes them stand out.

Even though it’s not easy to find a wide selection of these titles, those you come across will surely provide exciting gameplay. They appeal to different players thanks to numerous themes and higher winning potential.

So, scroll back to our list of pokies, take your pick, and have fun playing!

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