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Pokies with Expanding Wilds - Play for Fun

If you frequent pokie sections in online casinos, you know that game developers have been incredibly creative recently. New games with unique mechanics and innovative ideas are being released regularly. While all of them have positive qualities, some of these features stand out from the bunch. Click Here To Read More.

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Expanding Wild PokiesThis article will cover pokies with one such addition — expanding wilds.

Keep reading and learn how pokies with expanding wilds work, why they’re desirable, and what popular titles hide under this pokie subcategory.

What Are Pokies With Expanding Wilds?

Expanding wilds are an updated and improved version of the regular wild symbol. They’re more rewarding than the standard wilds and generate more excitement.

Instead of substituting only one symbol in your winning combination, they replace a bunch of them and extend to cover the entire reel. As a result, players have a better shot at hitting at least one, if not more, matching paylines.

Pokies with expanding wilds don’t differ much from regular pokie games in appearance. The wild symbols seem plain at first. They’ll randomly appear on one of your reels and make no difference to your game. You’ll have to land a particular combo or trigger another special feature for these symbols to activate and expand to the whole reel.

The good news is you can play pokies in which expanding wilds appear on multiple reels simultaneously. So, you can have a greater chance to match a considerable number of symbols on a payline.

Popular Pokies With Expanding Wilds

Many game developers release pokies with expanding wilds. They’re easy to wrap your head around and fun to play. Plus, you won’t have to look too far to come across these games, as they’re available in many casinos.

Nevertheless, not all pokies you find will be as well-crafted, entertaining, or rewarding.

If you’re looking for high-quality games, we suggest you take a look at the list of titles featured at the top of this page. We’ve scoured the internet and found the most popular titles with expanding wilds one can play online.

Features of Pokies With Expanding Wilds

Pokies with expanding wilds have a lot in common with titles that feature regular wilds. The wilds are designed to stand out from the rest of the symbols on the reels, so they typically carry specific imagery.

They can be represented by golden keys, illustrations of characters or objects pertaining to the game, its logo, or just the word “wild”.

Even though they appear randomly, you’re likely to notice them immediately due to animations and/or sound effects that follow.

We’ve already established that you can play games that feature expanding wilds on more than one reel. However, there are some rules that govern where these symbols will appear. For instance, 5-reel pokies won’t feature expanding wilds on their first or last reel, just on the ones in between.

Pokies with expanding wilds can boast other special features, too. In fact, expanding wilds often appear due to additional features being triggered. For example, they might only expand in the game’s bonus round.

In other cases, expanding wilds lead to other rewarding features like free spins or sticky wilds.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pokies With Expanding Wilds

Like all other games, pokies with expanding wilds have advantages and disadvantages. You can find the most important ones listed below:

Pros Cons
On offer in numerous online casinos Main feature can be difficult to trigger
Innovative and entertaining
Easy to grasp and play
Produced with a trove of diverse themes
Characterised by a high winning potential
Available in demo mode

Final Thoughts

Pokies with expanding wilds are games that treat fans of standard wild symbols to an even more lucrative gaming experience.

They’re well-designed, engaging, entertaining, and can significantly enhance your winning odds.

You can find the best this category has to offer in the list of games we’ve featured, and give them a try right away!

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