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Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II is available for free here. The game was a massive worldwide smash when it came out and it still plays well today…

The game can be played in full screen mode here


In this version of Street Fighter, the controls are as follows:

? – move right
? – move left
? – duck
? – jump
a – punch
s – kick

Street Fighter is one of the most popular game franchises in the world. Street Fighter II is the first official sequel to the original title, and its official name is Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. In this game, the player has the choice of various characters to travel the world facing off against skilled fighters along the way.

In each battle, the goal is to deplete your opponent’s health metre before the time runs out. If the player wins two battles, then they move on to the next character. If both characters knock each other out at the same time or time runs out, then extra rounds are played. After every three matches, a bonus round occurs. Players are required to destroy a car, barrels or drums in order to earn extra points.


Street Fighter II is very different from the original Street Fighter, as it offers players the ability to control various different characters. In the original, players were only able to control Ryu as he went on his quest to prove his strength in a Martial Arts tournament. The introduction of many characters – each with their own backstory, fighting style and personality – played a large role in this game’s success.

The game’s main characters are:

  • Ryu, a martial artist from Japan
  • Honda, a sumo wrestler from Japan.
  • Blanka, a monster with human features from Brazil.
  • Guile, a former military agent from the United States.
  • Ken, Ryu’s rival from the United States
  • Chun-Li, a female martial artist from China.
  • Zangief, a wrestler from the Soviet Union.
  • Dhalsim, a yoga master from India.
  • Balrog, a boxer from the United States, based on Mike Tyson.
  • Vega, a cage fighter from Spain.
  • Sagat, a Muay Thai master fighte
  • M Bison, the game’s final boss.

Games in the Street Fighter franchise were released on a wide range of consoles over the years, including Super Nintendo, PlayStation and XBOX. The game’s history began in the 1980s, but continues to be a hugely popular series to this day.

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