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Video pokies are the virtual version of typical pokies. Like the typical pokies, it is entirely and purely a game of chance and a player is helpless to influence the outcome. In video pokies, the games are purely operated by computer programs which make certain that it provides fair and responsible gaming in sync with maximum excitement to the players.

Myths and misconceptions surrounds the video pokies and also about the biased pokie machines. As the video pokies are integrated with the computer programs so it becomes hard for a player to predict the outcome of the hit. When player presses the spin button the machines starts spinning and declares an outcome. But the fact is, the hit is already fixed by the computer. The outcome for each reel is decided by the RNG (Random Number Generator) and so a player cannot predict the result. Possibility also exists that a specific number might pop up in a row and might vanish during the entire tournament or season.

Like the typical pokies, video pokies also offer attractive bonuses including progressive jackpots to make the game more appealing and exciting. It also gives the players to try their luck and win huge amount which indirectly promotes the casino or game. Video pokies have wide jackpots on varied games such as: 3 reel pokies, 5 reel pokies, 7 reel pokies, and progressive pokie including attractive bonus pokies. Casinos also offer memberships to players which entitle them to access certain classified and attractive benefits.

Usually, video pokie machines introduce 20-100 symbols on each of the virtual reel and logically lower paying symbols pop up frequently than the higher paying symbols.

With the advancement of technology, video pokie machines are installed with high-end software that provides stunning graphics clarity for a unique gaming experience. The rules and conditions of these video pokies are same to the traditional pokie machine. So, video pokies are also meant to provide fun and amusement to the players like the other casino games.