Tablets offer players a great way to play their favourite pokies while on the go. They are ultra-portable devices that feature large screens that are perfect for displaying the vibrant graphics of today’s mobile pokies. Click here to read more.


Tablets offer up a great online gaming experience as they allow you to take your favourite pokies with you virtually anywhere. You’re not tied to your personal computer, so you can comfortable play at online casinos while you’re on the train or hanging out at your local pub. There is a great deal of flexibility awarded to players who choose to play pokies from tablets.

While many players choose to access their favourite mobile pokies from smartphones, tablets offer up a better visual experience. With slightly larger screens, tablets allow players to become more engaged in the gameplay and see more clearly.

Downloadable vs Non-Downloadable Pokies

When it comes to playing mobile pokies from your tablet, you can choose to download the games or access them from your mobile browser. Non-downloadable games help you to save space on your tablet while downloadable games are faster to access from your home screen or apps page. Both options offer up a great gaming experience; the one you choose will depend entirely on your personal preferences.

HTML 5 Games

When playing at online casinos from your tablet, you’re accessing games that are powered using HTML5 – a cross-platform programming language. This allows developers to create one game that can be accessed across all sorts of desktop and mobile gaming devices. The games on this platform offer up smooth animations, quick gameplay and vibrant graphics. So, you never lose any of the experience of playing pokies on your desktop.

What Tablet Is Best For Playing Mobile Pokies?

There are dozens of tablets on the market today, so it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. Here are our picks for the best tablets for playing pokies online:

  • iPad Pro: this tablet features a 12.9” screen, plenty of RAM and a great deal of storage space. It is a powerful tablet with great graphics.
  • iPad Air: measuring 9.4” x 6.6” by 0.24”, it is a very light and portable tablet that you can comfortable take anywhere when you feel like gaming on the go.
  • Google Pixel C: weighing 517g and measuring 242mm x 179mm x 7mm, you can take this tablet anywhere and play it at any time. It has an astounding 10-hour battery life.
  • Nexus 9: weighing 270g and measuring 213.4mm x 123.6mm x 6.4mm, this is a small but powerful tablet that offers up 3GB of RAM that guarantees a great gaming experience
  • Microsoft Surface Pro: with up to 16GB of RAM, this is the perfect tablet if you want to do more than play pokies