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Free Slots

Free Slots

are for everyone, any time, day or night. All you need is a desktop PC, mobile or tablet that is connected to the internet and you are ready to go. No money is necessary. Here at Online Pokies 4U we have a full range of Free Slots available for you to play.

More free Slots are being developed every day, so a gamer could play 24 hours a day, seven days a week and never run out of exciting new Slots to play. Free Slots are extremely democratic, being available on Windows, Linux and Mac laptops and computers. When it comes to mobile phones, both iOS software and Android systems are fine, along with interactive TV.

Time to play

Free Slots give players the opportunity to investigate all of the fun of playing Slots without making any financial commitment. Of course, you can choose to make a deposit and start winning real cash prizes at any time. To discover the free Slots on a website, search for a demonstration mode symbol or a practice symbol on the casino home page and click on that.

Some websites, such as Vegas Slots Online and Slotozilla, offer an enormous variety of free Slots. Slotozilla alone offers more than 2,000 Slots that are free and just waiting for enthusiastic players to put them through their paces.

Another great source for free Slots is apps on social media for smartphones. Free apps are available through the Nokia Ovi store, through the Google Play Store for devices with an Android system, and the Apple store on Apple devices. Keen gamers will also share Slots on download sites, but be careful not to download malware. The best software associated with apps tends to be HTML5 or Flash; HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

Free Slot comes in all sorts of themes, but one of the most popular is Egyptian:


Types of games

There is a colossal range of free Slots out there, with games that have themes that are designed around blockbuster movies, cartoons and television shows. Some of the games have unbelievably detailed and realistic graphics that are designed to have a 3D appearance and really leap off of the screen. Some popular themes for Slots include treasure hunts, cheeky leprechauns looking for their pots of gold, games built around fairy tale characters, and futuristic games.

The basics

There are certain essential characteristics that will apply to most free Slots. Three-reel games are among the simplest and may offer one payline or up to nine. Some players will find it easy to focus on straight forward games like these or perhaps get in some practice on them before moving on to Slots that are more complex.

Five-reel games can offer up to 50 paylines. There are a lot more combination possibilities for winning, and with some, you can choose how many paylines you want to bet on. With more reels you get more action and more intricate bonus rewards. If you set the game to fast autoplay, the game can really whiz along with a lot of thrilling action.

When you have six or seven reels on a game, the outcomes get even more complicated – in a good way. Some Slots of this type offer up to 200 different ways to extract rewards. If you are playing one of these Slots with collapsing reels and 3D graphics, you are really going to be in for a visual treat. Slots that have more reels tend to have a higher probability of giving players bonuses. Additionally, when you eventually decide to make a cash deposit, this can attract some very attractive bonuses.

The most exciting new Slots offer lots of different ways to win, with interactive bonuses, icons that merge, substitute wilds and bonus scatters that open up games within games. As many of the games have atmospheric soundtracks, a winning streak is a real feast for the senses.

Creating an account

Once you have played some free Slots, it may be time to create a login. This is generally quick and easy and requires very few details – certainly nothing related to credit cards or banks accounts. Some free pokie sites may eventually want a small deposit to keep the account active. Around $10 will usually cover that. You may win big playing free Slots, but until you make a deposit and play for actual money, it is impossible to withdraw any of these winnings.

Free Slots and the law

In some countries or regions, casinos are prohibited from allowing customers to place wagers and play games for cash. However they can still offer free Slots, so when these particular customers travel to a place where playing for money is legal, they will already know how the games work and will be able to dive right in.

Benefits of try before you buy

One of the advantages of free Slots is getting to play the game and really experiencing what it is like before the commitment of spending money to play. With so many Slots out there, why waste time and energy on one whose software doesn’t really appeal to you that much? In addition, you don’t have to play for money all the time. Sometimes it is just fun to check out a new game and see where it goes.

Slots are the most popular online casino offerings and the cheapest games to play online. With such a devoted fan base, Slots bring in a lot of income for online casinos.

Beating the house

Gaining experience at a game during a free Slots session gives you a chance to really study how the game works and what the odds are when you eventually play for money. Slots are generally games that are determined by chance, but sometimes there are loopholes to be explored. Plus, some games feature jackpots that are cumulative, so the play during the session is important.

If you were really fanatical about working out the odds, you could study the symbols on the reels and work out the probability of their appearance and the odds of lining up a certain number of them. This would involve a lot of calculations. There is probably a random element also at play, so trying to put a figure on the combinations generated could take an enormous amount of time, resources, energy and determination. You would probably be better off putting all that focus into working out how to win more bonuses during the games.