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50 Dragons Free Play: Try 50 Dragons Pokie in Demo Mode

50 Dragons is a 50-line slot from Aristocrat full of rich colors dragons and loads of gold! Look out for wilds and scatters because they can earn you big payouts and trigger the Free Spins Feature - a mini-game you can’t miss! If you’ve played Aristocrat’s 50 Lions you’ll love 50 Dragons! Read our full review below.
50 Dragons

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Pokie Info

  • Pokie Name 50 Dragons
  • Software Aristocrat
  • RTP 94.71%
  • Volatility High Volatility
  • Paylines 50
  • Reels 5
  • Min Bet 0.50
  • Max Bet 25
  • Top Win 1000

This website is 100% independent and is NOT endorsed, approved or affiliated with Aristocrat Technologies Inc, Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Ltd, Aristocrat Leisure Industries Pty Ltd, Product Madness Inc or any of the other games companies featured on this website. Please read our Terms and Conditions and our full disclaimer. The 50 Dragons™ trademark is owned by Aristocrat. The use of this trademark on this website does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement of this website by the trademark owners. This website is not endorsed or approved by Aristocrat™.  Any link to a demo of this game is sourced from the web - we have no control over this external link and bear no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or authenticity of the link.

50 Dragons ™ Introduction

50 Dragons is an Asian-themed pokie from Aristocrat. It is faced-paced with some good graphics and features Asian-inspired symbols such as koi carp, tigers, monkey, roosters and dragons. It has a free spins bonus and a gamble feature, and this medium- to high-volatility game offers up some generous rewards for players. 

As one of Aristocrat’s most popular games, 50 Dragons ™ has become a ubiquitous poker machine in clubs, pubs and casinos across the world. As Aristocrat has become more involved in the online casino market, the developer has turned many of its land-based poker machines into free online pokies via their Heart of Vegas App.

It is the younger brother of this game, 5 Dragons available to play on site as well as countless other Oriental / Asian themed Poker Machines.

Now, you can play this great pokie online at gambling sites and via this demo version, which is an external link, sourced from NYX Gaming Group - an amazing game producer who have a whole load of other games online besides Aristocrat. If you like to play Aristocrat games for free then you should also check out the Heart of Vegas ™ app by Product Madness - it's great fun!

50 Dragons ™ Land-Based Origins

50 Dragons first made its debut in the gambling market as a land-based poker machines in pokie clubs and brick-and-mortar casinos. It quickly became one of Aristocrat’s most popular titles, thanks to its generous winning potential and vibrant oriental theme. You can find this game in just about any pokie club across the country, and now it is also available at online casinos.

So, you can play this classic pokie from the comfort of your own home. Despite having been around for decades, 50 Dragons continues to be current in today’s modern gaming environment. This game is certainly timeless, and it will maintain its reputation as one of Aristocrat’s best pokies for years to come.

50 Dragons

First Impressions of 50 Dragons

Our first impression of 50 Dragons is that the game looks slick and stylish. With a strong Chinese Dragon theme, there are no cartoons or comical aspects here; it is clear this game means business. With a deep red background and realistic-looking gold symbols, the game has a strong visual appeal, and the prizes are generous enough to keep the game entertaining for players. An absorbing soundtrack with some entertaining gameplay is on offer with this pokie. If you are a fan of Chinese pokies, this is one you'll like. Spin the reels and try your luck!

50 Dragons ™ Paylines and Bets

50 Dragons is one of the few poker machines that features with 50 paylines. As such, this game offers players more winning potential than most other pokies from this designer and its competitors. Due to its numerous paylines, 50 Dragons pokies has high volatility, which means that it pays out prizes more regularly than other similar titles.

Aristocrat’s 50 Dragons should appeal to all types of poker machine players. It is available in a wide variety of denominations, ranging from 2c to $4. As such, players can wager anywhere from 2c to $200, so both penny pokie and high roller pokie players will enjoy giving the reels a spin.

Chinese Dragon Theme

You'll notice that Chinese dragons are quite popular in online pokies and other casino games. There are plenty of title in the online casino market that feature dragons as main characters - so, we decided to take a look at these mythical creatures to help you learn more about these games. In Western culture, dragons are frightening and destructive creatures - but this isn't the case in Asian countries.

Instead, they are known to be benevolent and they are considered symbols of good fortune. That's why they are so popular in slot machines, as they are meant to signify good luck. According to Chinese myths, dragons lived alongside humans shortly after the creation of man. After the "great flood", dragons were helpful in the recovery of humans. They helped us develop survival skills and farming techniques.

In fact, they even introduced music and art into Chinese culture, and oversaw the balance in the world from the heavens. Due to their history as being compassionate and kind creatures, dragons have become symbols of happiness and good fortune in Chinese culture. So, it really shouldn't be any surprise as to why they are featured so heavily in online pokies with Asian themes.

50 Dragons Graphics

50 Dragons is a visually appealing game, and some people may even choose to play it based on looks alone. It looks stylish, with deep, rich colours. When the game starts, you are met with a landscape view. We see trees and mountains, with water at the bottom of the scene beautifully reflecting the landscape above. The whole scene is presented in dark red and black. The image is fairly faint but elegant and really does look like a piece of Chinese artwork that you could imagine hanging on a wall. The name of the game, 50 Dragons, is presented in rich gold lettering in a sophisticated font with a dragon featuring prominently on the screen. 

Once the game screen opens up, the reels feature in front of the same landscape background, but the game reels have a slightly different look as they introduce some bright colours to the screen. The card symbols of 9, 10, J, K, Q and A each appear in different colours, with colour gradients that add interest and make the letters visually appealing. The Royal card symbols are further enhanced by extra details, the King and Queen have crowns, the Jack has a flag and the Ace has a jewel. The other symbols are represented in gold and look very much like they are really made of gold. The combination of the vivid colours of the card symbols and the richness of the gold images looks effective and can really draw players into the game. 

There are some nice little animations that will appear any time a winning line lands. The pearl looks particularly powerful when it is in a winning combination as it illuminates and sparkles, looking both magical and enthralling. Nevertheless, the graphics are fairly simplistic in this game. There is nothing particularly innovative or creative about the graphics here, but pokie fans should not let this bother them. The graphics are certainly good enough, and the game itself is sufficiently interesting to make the pokie appealing regardless of the graphics. 

50 Dragons Sound

The soundtrack for the game really adds to the atmosphere. Unlike other games with a Chinese theme, this pokie has a casino-style soundtrack so players really feel like they are in a land-based casino in the thick of the action. Many games would have chosen to feature Asian music to set the scene for this Chinese-themed game, but this pokie takes a different approach, and it works quite well. 

Instead, players can hear the rumblings of conversation in the background, along with the beeping and ringing of pokie machines. Best of all, there is the sound of coins clinking when wins are scored in the casino. With this soundtrack, players can feel like they are in an actual casino with all the other players chatting and celebrating together as the games play out. This soundtrack is very effective and can really create an enjoyable atmosphere for playing at home. A real-life casino soundtrack may not be to everyone’s taste, so don't worry if it isn't your cup of tea. There are some other sound effects during the game, such as the realistic roar of the dragon, and the soundtrack can be turned off completely if you do not enjoy it. 

How to Play 50 Dragons Pokie

This is a pretty simple pokie to play. Whether you are a complete beginner or a pokie expert, anyone can play this pokie. The game is intuitive, the rules are simple and it is very easy to pick up the game as it goes along. The screen layout is very clear, and all the controls that players need are obvious. The all-important controls and options for the game appear along the bottom of the screen. We can see Lines, Bet Per Line, Total Bet, Win, Play, Balance and Gamble as well as the settings icon and Exit. 

First, players can set the number of pay lines they want to play with. Players can choose 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or a maximum of 50. Of course, the more pay lines, the greater chance there is of winning. The number of pay lines is shown with multicoloured numbered squares on each side of the reels. Once the line is set using the + and - symbols to either side of the number, the player can then select the Bet Per Line again using the appropriate + and -, and the total bet will then show so the player can see exactly what they are betting. 

The triangular Play button is positioned toward the right side of the screen and flashes green and yellow, so it is prominently on display. To get the reels spinning, players just need to press the Play button. As soon as the Play button is pressed, the reels will start to spin and the button changes to a red Stop button. This function is obvious; pressing the Stop button while the reels are spinning will bring them to a grinding halt. 

The game has a very handy autoplay function that will keep the reels turning automatically to speed up play a little and save you the effort of having to keep pressing the Play button. If you like to use this facility, this can be initiated by using the + and - on the side of the Play button. Players can select the number of times the reels will spin from 1, 10, 25, 50, 75 or 100, then simply press Play. Again, when using this facility, the Play button will turn to Stop, which can be pressed to finish the spin. Any wins will be displayed in the Win section. Underneath this, there is a Gamble button. When a Win is landed, players are able to press this button to gamble their winnings, which adds an interesting and exciting feature to the game. 

50 Dragons ™ Payouts

In the 50 Dragons pokie, the symbols depict various animals in the Chinese zodiac, including chickens and tigers. The animal symbols award five-of-a-kind payouts as follows:

  •    Chicken: 500 coins
  •    Tiger: 500 coins
  •    Koi: 400 coins
  •    Monkey: 400 coins

After every winning combination, the player is giving the chance to ‘Gamble’ their winnings. The player will be presented with a face-down playing card, and are prompted to choose the suit or colour. If they guess the colour correctly, they will double their win. If they guess the suit correctly, they will quadruple their win. The golden dragon is the highest-paying symbol, awarding the player a jackpot worth 1000 coins.

It is also quite unique because it can appear in stacks on individual reels. This is a quite a generous feature, as it increases the player’s chances of hitting a huge winning combinations. The pearl is the game’s wild symbol and the ingot is the scatter symbol.

50 Dragons Rules

The rules of the game are very straightforward, so players should be able to get to grips with 50 Dragons very quickly. Scatters appear on reels 1, 2 and 3. Wilds appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 and substitute for all symbols except the scatter. All wins pay left to right, including Scatters. The Total Bet is the number in the Lines section multiplied by the value in the bet per line section. 

50 Dragons Volatility

50 Dragons is a medium- to high-volatility pokie game. Volatility refers to the inherent risk in the game, specifically how often and how much a player might win. A high-volatility game can really build tension as players might be waiting for a win for a while, but when a win comes around, it should be a big one. This contrasts with a low-volatility game, which will pay out more frequently but the rewards a player will win in a low-volatility game will not be as generous. A medium-volatility game is therefore somewhere in the middle; you will get a good range of rewards and they should come around just frequently enough to keep the game entertaining. 

It really is down to player preference which is more enjoyable. Some players like low-volatility games while others prefer high-volatility options. High-volatility often requires a little more patience as there are likely to be dry spells in the game. If playing for real money at an online casino, a higher budget might be required to see out the dry spells and reap the rewards. 50 Dragons is a medium- to high-volatility game, so players can expect some generous prizes but could be waiting a while for a win. 

How To Win At 50 Dragons Pokie

The aim of the game is to line up matching symbols on one of the 50 winning pay lines. The card symbols are the lowest-paying symbols on the reels, starting at 9 and rising up to the highest card symbol of Ace. The golden Chinese animal zodiac symbols are higher paying, with the monkey and koi carp paying the least and paying out for three, four or five of a kind on the pay line, the same as the card symbols. The other Chinese zodiac symbols have a higher value and have more winning potential as they pay for two, three, four or five of a kind. The tiger and the rooster pay the same, while the dragon, which is the star of the game, is the highest-paying symbol on the reels. To maximise the win, the Dragon appears stacked on the reels, so if players can land a win with stacked Dragons, there will be a generous reward to celebrate.

There are two very important symbols when it comes to winning in 50 Dragons. The pearl is the Wild symbol and it appears on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. It substitutes for all other symbols to increase winning potential in the game. The scatter symbol is the gold ingot and appears on reels 1, 2 and 3 only and pays four times the bet for landing three left to right appearing adjacent on any line. 

When a player lands a winning line, there is the opportunity to try and increase that win with the gamble feature. Players need to press the Gamble button under the Win section on the screen, and they can choose either red or black or pick a suit. Players will win double their bet if they choose the correct colour (red or black) and can win an impressive four times the bet if they select the correct suit. Winnings can be gambled up to five times, so there are plenty of opportunities for players to gain some generous rewards. 

50 Dragons Pokie Top Win

This is a medium- to high-volatility game, so there are some generous prizes on offer here. The important thing players want to know is what the maximum win is. The maximum reward in the 50 Dragons pokie comes from filling the whole screen with the majestic Golden Dragon symbol. Because this symbol can appear stacked, and thanks to the Wild contributing to winning combinations, the powerful golden dragon can fill the game reels and players can bag themselves an impressive prize worth 50x their bet. 

What is the RTP of 50 Dragons Pokie?

50 Dragons from Aristocrat has an RTP (return to player) of 94.71%. This payout percentage lets players know how much money the game is expected to pay out on average for every $100 that they wager. It is also a medium-to-high volatility pokie, which ensures that players are offered up very generous prizes - however, they are paid out less often than you would earn prizes in a lower volatility title.

50 Dragons ™ Bonus Symbols and Free Spins

The scatter symbol only appears on reels 1, 2 and 3. When it appears on all three reels at once, the player receives a generous scatter payout. The symbols do not have to appear on the same payline in order to trigger these wins, making ingots very valuable symbols in 50 Dragons.

The scatter symbol also triggers 10 free spins when three or more appear on a single payline. During this round, an extra wild symbol is added to the reels for every free spin that the player receives. They are added to reels 2, 3, 4 and 5, providing players with the chance to earn multiple cash prizes at once. Players can also retrigger this bonus round, but they will only receive 5 free spins the second time around.

One of the great things about the free spins round is that it features extra wild symbols. So, additional pearls will be placed on the reels to help boost your winning potential. During this round, you can expect to accumulate incredibly generous wins as you spin the reels for free. It is no wonder that 50 Dragons from Aristocrat is such a popular poker machine.

With plenty of chances to win and a great design, it is a favourite in the local gambling market. You can find it in pubs, clubs and casinos as well as at online gambling websites.

50 Dragons Deluxe Pokie

If you can't get enough of 50 Dragons but you want to mix it up a little, there's a fantastic option for you. There is also a 50 Dragons Deluxe pokie that adds a whole other level of excitement to the game. The main difference between 50 Dragons Deluxe and the original 50 Dragons pokie, is the free spins bonus. This time around, you're provided with three options rather than just being assigned the standard bonus game:

  • 13 free spins with one wild added
  • 8 free spins with 2 or 3 wilds added
  • 5 free spins with 4 or 7 wilds added

This particular bonus is always welcome among the review team at Online Pokies 4 U. This is because it ultimately allows you to choose your own volatility. For example, players who don't want to take much of a risk will choose to go for the option with 13 free spins while risk-takers will prefer the game with just 5 free spins.

50 Dragons on Mobile - Apps, iPhones and Tablets

50 Dragons can be played on both mobile devices and tablet computers. The game is powered using HTML5, so you can give the game a spin directly within your web brwoser, and you don't have to worry about downloading any software. This also means that there's no need to wonder whether or not the software will be compatible with your operating system.

If you want to download 50 Dragons and other popular Aristocrat powered pokies to your mobile device, you can get the Heart of Vegas app. This social gaming app offers players the chance to play a huge range of Aristocrat pokies without having to spend any cash. Players can earn experience as they play games, which allow them to level up and unlock new titles.

50 Dragons ™ Slot Machine Free Play

Before you decide to give 50 Dragons a spin for free, you should give the demo a play. This will allow you to determine whether or not the game suits your personal gaming tastes and if it will cater to your specific budget. Since all online pokies are different, you should always try a game before you spend money on it - just so there's no chance of you spending money on a game that you don't particularly like.

We recommend playing between 150 and 200 spins of a demo of any online pokie. Additionally, you should make sure that your play-money wager is about the same as what your bet would be if you were to play with real money.

Play 50 Dragons ™ Online for Real Money

Aristocrat online games are not available to play for real money everywhere in the world - they are available for real money play only in regulated European and North American territories only. We recommend the social app Heart of Vegas ™ for those of you in territories where Aristocrat games are not yet available in real money. Below are a list of casino images from around the world where Aristocrat games are available to play. 

Other Games you’ll like if you love 50 Dragons

For players who enjoy playing the 50 Dragons pokie, we have lots of other games we know you will love. We have many other games from the same online game developer and other pokies featuring an Asian or dragon theme. Check out our recommendations of pokie games you are sure to want to try.

5 Dragons from Aristocrat

From the same game developers as 50 Dragons, 5 Dragons was one of the first pokies to make the transition from land-based pokie machine to the world of online gaming. 5 Dragons is a riot of colour on the screen, and with around 250 ways to win, it certainly offers a thrilling gaming experience. It features a whole host of brightly coloured Chinese-themed symbols and an exciting 5 Reels + Extra option button, which allows players to put an ante on the game to make it even more exciting. 

Dragon Lines from Ainsworth

If you are a fan of pokies featuring dragons, you will definitely want to try spinning the reels of Dragon Lines pokie from game developers Ainsworth. Dragon Lines has a tremendous 100 pay lines and offers up a fantastic Free Spins bonus feature. With a lively Chinese New Year theme, the game features some magnificent graphics. The game screen is vivid and inviting and will really keep players engrossed. 

Chinese New Year from Play n Go

One of Play n Go’s most popular titles, Chinese New Year is an incredible pokie with 15 pay lines and a lively Chinese celebration theme. The Chinese New Year game has really attractive graphics with a cartoon style. The reels are full of animals from the Chinese zodiac, represented in a comical cartoon style, each with their own character. The game has some nice entertaining animations when wins are landed, which makes play really immersive. There are also some thrilling bonus features on offer, such as the Monkey Free Spins bonus, which presents players with an exciting prize wheel that determines how many Free Spins are awarded. Additionally, there is a Dragon Firework bonus that allows players to choose a bonus for five fireworks, where the top award is up to 150x the total bet.

Lucky New Year from Pragmatic Play

Get ready to celebrate Chinese New Year in style with Lucky New Year from game makers Pragmatic Play. Lucky New Year is a vibrant game with five reels and 25 pay lines. With stacked Wilds, an atmospheric soundtrack and a generous Free Spins bonus with the potential for some huge payouts, this pokie provides players with an enthralling experience, especially for fans of Asian-themed pokies.

12 Zodiacs from Habanero Systems

Like 50 Dragons, this exciting pokie features the symbols from the Chinese zodiac. With vivid, artistic graphics, this pokie looks fantastic and is fun to play thanks to its exciting bonus features. The 12 Zodiacs game has 18 pay lines, random multiplying Wild symbols and a Free Spins bonus and is definitely a game that will keep players entertained. 

Fa Fa Twins from Betsoft

For a different take on an Asian theme, try the Fa Fa Twins pokie from developers Betsoft. Featuring the two cute cartoon-style Fa Fa Twins who like handing out prizes, this game has an innovative dual-reels structure. At the beginning of each spin, there will be at least two adjacent reels showing matching symbols, so the aim in this game is to extend the match across the reels. This unusual feature certainly makes play interesting and ensures the game stands out from others. There is also the fun double-up game feature, which allows players to gamble their winnings on the flip of a coin. 

Panda Panda from Habanero

Another slightly different approach to the Chinese theme, this is a game that will really appeal to animal lovers as this pokie features gorgeous bamboo-munching pandas in the forests of China. The Panda Panda pokie has five reels, 100 pay lines, a superb Free Spins bonus, a breathtaking gamble feature and a progressive jackpot to really make play interesting and enticing. 

50 Dragons Pokie Review

We think 50 Dragons is a really entertaining game. Although play is fairly simplistic, the game is still very engaging and enjoyable. First, the game looks good. Its symbols, which sppear embossed in gold, along with the landscape really make the game visually appealing. The game has the Free Spins bonus and the Gamble feature to keep it interesting, and because there are some very generous rewards on offer, players are bound to be engrossed in the game. For fans of Asian themes, this is definitely a pokie to try. 

Aristocrat Game Developers

With a history dating back to 1953, this is a company that knows a thing or two about pokies. Aristocrat's extensive experience in the gaming industry goes back to developing innovative real pokie machines in Australia for land-based casinos in the 1950s, so it's no wonder they have such a huge catalogue of titles to their name. 

The company expanded to the European market in the 1960s and went from private to public and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, the ASX, in 1990s. In 2000, they secured an operating license for Nevada, which opened up the largest single gaming market in the world, Las Vegas. The company also developed a presence in what's known as "Las Vegas of Asia", Macau. From this time, the company went from strength to strength and the 21st century brought expansion into the online gaming industry with the acquisition of various mobile, app and free-to-play web-based online game developers, such as Product Madness, Plarium Global Ltd and Big Fish. Operating in more than 90 countries and licensed in approximately 300 gaming jurisdictions, Aristocrat truly is a global power in gaming, and the company prides itself on its innovation, creativity and technology.

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50 Dragons FAQs

Does 50 Dragons have Free Spins? Fans of free spins will be very pleased as this game does have an exciting free spins bonus feature on offer. It is triggered when three scatter symbols are landed and the player is awarded 10 free spins. With each free spin, an extra Wild symbol is added to the reels, so these can appear stacked, adding to the potential for some really big wins. Free spins can be re-activated during the feature.
Can I Download 50 Dragons pokies? Should you prefer to download games, 50 Dragons and other Aristocrat popular pokies are available on the app, Heart of Vegas. This gaming app allows players to play a range of games free of charge. As players gain experience during play, they are able to unlock further levels and new titles.
Is 50 Dragons free pokies available on mobile platforms? Yes, fans of mobile devices can be reassured they are able to play the 50 Dragons pokie on almost any popular mobile device. This pokie is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS operating systems, so players can spin the reels wherever they are on their mobile and tablet devices. Of course, you will require internet access, but because this is an HTML game, the game will register what device you are playing on and adjust accordingly so you will always get a great gaming experience.
How do I win the top prize on 50 Dragons pokie? A player can land themselves the maximum prize on 50 Dragons by filling the screen with the golden Dragon symbol. This symbol can appear stacked, and if a player manages to fill the screen with dragons, they can bag themselves a whopping 50x stake prize.
Is 50 Dragons online pokie really random? Yes, it is. You can rest assured this game, made by one of the most respected slots developers in the world really is completely random. Pokies are tested to ensure they are random and fair.

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