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Dolphin Treasure

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Dolphin Treasure Introduction

Dolphin Treasure is a beautifully-rendered poker machine from Aristocrat. It is one of the company’s oldest games, but it has stood the test of time by being innovative and engaging. Players across the world have fallen in love with Dolphin Treasure and there is little wonder why – with a beautiful design, unique theme and affordable betting options Dolphin Treasure is a treat for anyone who plays this game.

Now, you can play this great pokie online at gambling sites and via this demo version, which is an external link, sourced from - an amazing Casino who have a whole load of other games online besides Aristocrat. If you like to play Aristocrat games for free then you should also check out the Heart of Vegas™ app - it's great fun!

If Dolphin-themed Pokies are your thing then check out Dolphin Reef and Wild Dolphin - both are great fun!

A Theme That You’ll Get Along With Swimmingly

Who doesn’t love dolphins? In addition to being absolutely adorable, they are also  fascinating creatures. There are almost 40 species of dolphins in the world and, while most of them live in shallow areas of tropical climates, there are five species that live in rivers. Dolphins are known for being playful and intelligent.

They are known to solve complex problems and some researchers have even found that they have effective non-verbal communication skills when interacting with humans. It’s no wonder dolphins are such well-liked animals around the world. They are so popular that there are countless online pokies based on these animals, and one of the best of these games is certainly Dolphin Treasure.

The game features a lovely underwater theme with all sorts of aquatic creatures, such as starfish, seahorses, turtles and angelfish. It definitely brings players into a whole new world. It also provides operators with the chance to equip the game with vibrant graphics, making for an engaging gaming experience. You’ll love the beautiful colour scheme and the lovely art style that Aristocrat has used to render the Dolphin Treasure online pokie.

The only downside is that we wish the overall look was a bit more modern. Even though it started out as a land-based pokie, Dolphin Treasure is now a popular online game – so, it would be great to see a few more updated elements, such as a soundtrack that consists of more than the usual reel spinning sounds and winning bells. However, that’s a conversation for another day.

Dolphin Treasure

Land-Based Origins

Dolphin Treasure has recently been released in the online gambling world at a select few online casinos. In just a few months, it has become a huge hit among online audiences, who enjoy the game as much as Australian players who have been spinning its reels for years in local clubs and casinos.

The online version of the game is essentially the same as the land-based version; the only difference is that the graphics have been advanced to meet today’s digital gaming standards. As such, you get a much more enriched experience when you play Dolphin Treasure in the online casino world than you would when playing the game in a local club.  

Dolphin Treasure ™ Pokie Format

Dolphin Treasure from Aristocrat offers features 5 reels and 20 paylines, offering players generous winning potential as they spin the reels. One of the best things about Dolphin Treasure is that it is a penny free pokies game. This means that one credit equals 1c and players can wager multiple pennies (up to 5) on a single payline. As such, it is an affordable game, and it should be a first choice for players who are on a budget.

Dolphin Treasure sounds and visuals

Aristocrat is one of the biggest names in pokie games and has focused on porting some of its hugely successful games from its land-based cabinets that are popular across Australia.

It has to be said that this pokie definitely shows its age - it first hit land-based casinos in the Aristocrat Mk V cabinet in 1996 when five-reel video games were still a novelty. Coincidentally, it was also the year that movie version of Flipper, the TV show, hit cinema screens starring Crocodile Dundee himself, Paul Hogan. Suffice to say, dolphins were a thing at that time.

The visuals are retro but manage to capture some of Australia’s marine wildlife in clear detail. The hand-drawn art has a clear graphic style and there are some simple animations when the dolphin jumps out of the water that were once state-of-the-art and now have a charming vintage feel.

It would not be an Aristocrat pokie without some paytable royals, but we can’t help feeling that it would have been nice to celebrate some more indigenous wildlife instead of just adding the standard card symbols. The reels are set against a murky underwater background where you can just glimpse a school of dolphins swimming together.

Surprisingly for a pokie from this studio, the soundtrack is quite atmospheric with some dreamy ambient sounds. It is quite a short loop, so you might want to consider muting the sound and playing your own underwater themed playlist instead - perhaps Bobby Darin’s Beyond the Sea or the Beatles’ Octopus’s Garden. Whatever you choose, it makes a pleasant change from the usual beeps and thuds we expect from older games from this studio.

Given the age of this pokie, it would be silly to expect anything earth-shattering from the sounds and visuals. The fact that they have the style of old-school Disney animation and have obviously been crafted with some love and care goes some way to make up for the somewhat old-fashioned look and feel of this marine wildlife-themed game.

Dolphin Treasure theme

It is obvious why this theme would appeal to an Australian games studio, as it reflects perfectly the sun, surf and outdoor lifestyle of the world’s largest island. Dolphins are much-loved in Australia and even the super-successful swimming team is affectionately known as The Dolphins.

15 species of these playful creatures live around the coast, from the well-known bottlenose to indigenous species including the Australian humpback and snubfin dolphins, which are faced with extinction.

Other marine wildlife appearing in this pokie are butterfly fish, which are a common sight on the Great Barrier Reef with their yellow bodies and extremely thin profile that lets them swim into the smallest and narrowest of gaps; an octopus, fortunately not the deadly blue-ringed kind; and the Sydney sea star, which is known for its five-armed shape and orange to red hue.

Aristocrat has obviously studied its indigenous marine life closely, as the tiger snout or West Australian seahorse is perfectly presented among the high paytable symbols. Found only from Cape Leeuwin to Shark Bay, these little fish with their long snouts and prehensile tails are masters of camouflage. Finally, there is a depiction of the Australian Green Turtle, which is an endangered species found on the Great Barrier Reef.

That the art and design team have chosen to focus on these extraordinary marine creatures says a lot about the proliferation of incredible species in Australian waters. It is also a timely reminder that, without proper protection and conservation, the only place we might see them in future is captured on the reels of a pokie game.

How to play Dolphin Treasure pokie

When you make the decision to play any pokie, the chances are that it is because you are attracted by the overall aesthetic of the game - not just the backdrop to the reels and the game symbols but also whether the playing area and user interface are laid out in a way that looks attractive and tempts you to play.

Looking around the screen of this marine-based pokie, you will find a message area above the reels. Here you will find useful messages about the gameplay and a summary of your line wins.

To either side of the reels, you will find a number of coloured tags. These indicate where the paylines can be found and will flash to indicate the predefined lines when a winning combination lands. 

The user interface is composed of five distinct areas: lines, bet per line, total bet, win and play. These five widgets give you control over the way you set up your game for a personalised playing experience.

Lines: You can choose to play from 1 to all 20 paylines - as you increase or decrease the number, the anchoring tabs will toggle on or off. These are activated or deactivated in order; for example, if you opt to play 10 lines, only lines 1 to 10 will remain active.

Bet per line: This is where you make decisions about the bets you want to play and how much you are willing to wager per spin. You can use the plus and minus buttons to increase and decrease the bet per line, choosing from the following values: 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, 0.05 and 0.10. 

Total bet: Once you have selected your bet per line, the total bet per spin is displayed here. You can play from 0.20 to 2.00 per spin, making this a perfect pokie for the cagier player.

Win: This is purely informational, displaying the payout amount of any winning spins.

Play: To launch your spins as soon as you have chosen a total bet, click the green triangular-shaped spin button. You can also use the plus and minus buttons to set the number of autospins you would like to play between 1 and 100. There is no option to set single win and loss limits.

Moving further down the screen, you will see another series of fields and buttons. You can see the remaining balance and refresh if necessary, and there is an exit button. We are going to focus on the settings and info buttons.

Settings: This is shaped like a small circular gear and gives you access to the settings menu. As befits the source material, this menu is rudimentary and basically allows you to play with the sound on or off.

Info: Click on the question mark to the right of the gear and you will access the info menu. This contains the following screens:

- Game rules
- Free spin feature
- Paytable
- Paylines
- Gamble option
- Instructions

Clicking on any of the buttons will give you more information on these topics. We definitely recommend taking a good look at these menus to familiarise yourself with every aspect of the game, particularly the paytable payouts and the location and directions of the paylines.

When your pokie is set up to your liking, just hit the green spin button to activate your first game.

Dolphin Treasure pokie rules

To access the rules in Dolphin Treasure, you can click on the info menu and then hit game rules or read the following summary:

- All wins pay left to right.
- Scatters pay anywhere in view.
- Choose your bet per line and number of lines to determine the total bet, which is bet per line multiplied by the number of lines
- Wins on different paylines are added together.
- Highest win only is paid on scatters.
- Malfunction voids all pays and plays.
- Game history and results are published when cashing in.

Dolphin Treasure paytable explained

We always recommend that players who are new to a game take a long hard look at the paytable. You may not be able to memorise every payline pattern, but knowing which special symbols to look out for will really enhance your enjoyment of any pokie. In Dolphin Treasure, you are looking for the upper paytable symbols to land with their generous multiplier payouts; in addition, you are looking for the dolphin wild and the treasure chest scatter.

A wild symbol substitutes for other symbols in the game to create new wins where they might not have existed previously. In this pokie, the dolphin wild substitutes for all other symbols except the treasure chest. Any wins created with the wild symbol automatically pay double, so landing five of a kind green turtles and wilds delivers a whopping 1,500 times your line bet.

Wild symbols may or may not carry their own cash prize. In this game, the dolphin wild pays 10x, 200x, 2,000x or an incredible 9,000x for two, three, four or five of a kind.

Scatter symbols such as the treasure chest will pay wherever they appear on the screen, which is why any ways pays pokies are sometimes known as scatter pays games. In Dolphin Treasure, you will need to land three, four or five of the treasure chest scatter symbols to earn 15 free games that are tripled and can be retriggered within the feature.

It is also worth looking for details of how any bonuses and free spins are triggered so that you can start spinning knowing exactly which icons you are looking for. Pokies are a lot more engaging when you know what symbols you are rooting for. Being as fully informed as possible is the savvy way to enjoy the experience of playing pokies as fully as possible and may also help you to improve your payout ratio by making informed decisions.

Dolphin Treasure paylines explained

Load this pokie and you will immediately notice a series of numbered coloured tags at either side of the reels. These indicate the paylines in this pokie and they will blink to indicate a win on a featured line. 

To win a payout when playing payline pokies, you will need to spin a combination of matching symbols that land on a winning line. If a winning combo falls anywhere else on the reels, it won’t pay out. 

You can access information about the available paylines in a game via the paytable. Usually, they are pretty straightforward and will run across the reels either horizontally, diagonally or in a symmetrical pattern that combines the two. It is rare to see vertical paylines in five-reel pokies such as Dolphin Treasure, but you sometimes find them in classic Vegas three-reel fruities. It is worth familiarising yourself with the paylines and payouts so that you know what to expect from Dolphin Treasure. 

You should also check the direction of winning pays. In most pokies, any winning combination will be counted from left to right across the reels, which applies to Dolphin Treasure. As long as the symbols land on a payline that you have bet on, you will receive the equivalent payout. Some pokies also pay from left to right and right to left; again, this information is available in the paytable and it is worth having a quick read of the game rules.

This pokie lets you opt to play from 1 to 20 lines per game and there are various theories as to the number of paylines you should play. If you are a casual player, your budget might dictate that you play fewer lines. If this is the case, check the information on triggering bonus features to make an informed decision on how many lines to play.

In Dolphin Treasure, you are looking for treasure chest scatter symbols to land anywhere on the reels, so you could play fewer lines and still stand an equal chance of landing the free spins bonus; however, to earn the maximum payout available from this pokie, we would recommend playing all 20 lines and adjusting your stake and budget accordingly. For high rollers, playing all available paylines is a no-brainer, as it maximises your chances of triggering any bonus plus landing base game wins.

How to win when playing Dolphin Treasure

Winning at pokies such as Dolphin Treasure is all about hitting winning combos that pay out either in fixed credits or multipliers of your line bet. In Dolphin Treasure, all wins are multiplied by the bet per line except for scatter wins; therefore, to increase the return on each spin and to boost the likelihood of triggering bonus features, it makes sense to play higher denomination bets.

The RTP of any pokie is relative to your bet denomination. This theoretical figure is arrived at by wagering 100 credits over thousands of spins; therefore, the higher the denomination of the bets you play, the higher the possibility of achieving the stated return of 94.88 per cent. As this ratio is already below the industry average of 95.5 per cent, it makes sense to maximise your bets.

Another big advantage of playing this pokie when you are looking for a sizeable return on your bankroll is its simplicity. This may be a low volatility game, with most wins coming from the lower value base game symbols; however, land a wild as part of a winning combo of any value and your wins are doubled. Hit the generous free spins bonus and your wins are tripled. It is not difficult for even the first-time player to suddenly start landing some significant prizes thanks to the simplicity of this game. We like this kind of inclusivity in pokies that you can just pick up and play. 

In fact, the more complex the gameplay, the less rewarding a pokie can be. Not only do you need to keep track of all those different symbols and bonuses, which can be frustrating, but also you can lower your odds of hitting winning combos. Instead, stick to the KISS principle and you will find that you will win more often and your gameplay is much more enjoyable and rewarding.

Bearing in mind that winning in pokies is about lining up those lucrative symbols, don’t be fooled into thinking that winning streaks exist. Every online casino game, including pokies, is powered by random number generators designed to ensure the result of every spin is fair and can only be replicated by pure chance. You can enhance your playing sessions by employing a staking strategy or engaging turbo or auto spins, but you can never influence the outcome of any game.

 Dolphin Treasure gamble feature

One of the exciting features in Dolphin Treasure is the ability to gamble every win, except when you play with auto spins. All you need to do to attempt to double or quadruple any bet is to hit the gamble button and take a chance. All wins can be gambled up to five times. The permitted gamble amount expressed as an equation is maximum payout minus current winnings divided by four.

The maximum win from the gamble feature is 31,250. Any winnings above this threshold are held in the gamble reserve, which is used to top up the gamble amount to the maximum allowable win.

When you hit the gamble button located under the win widget, you will be taken to a new screen where a single playing card is displayed face down. You now have two options:

- Guess the colour of the card to double your win.
- Guess the suit of the card to quadruple your win.

Make your choice by clicking or tapping the appropriate red or black button or card suit. If the revealed card matches your choice, you will receive 2x or 4x your gamble amount. If the revealed card does not match, you will exit the gamble feature with nothing.

What is the RTP of Dolphin Treasure ™?

Dolphin Treasure from Aristocrat features an RTP (return to player) of 94.88%. This payout percentage refers to the amount of money that players can expect to earn when they spin the reels on this game, for every £100 that they wager. It is also a low variance game. The variance of an online pokie refers to how often it pays out its prizes and how generous they are.

As a low variance game, Dolphin Treasure offers smaller prizes than the average online pokie but they are awarded more frequently. This means that it is a lower risk game that is perfect for players with smaller budgets.

Dolphin Treasure ™ Pokie Jackpot

You’ll notice that the jackpot of Dolphin Treasure is fixed rather than progressive. When you play a progressive pokie, the prize climbs every second. This is because a small portion of every player’s wager contributes to the prize pool – but that isn’t the case in games like Dolphin Treasure. Instead, the grand prize stays the same.

While this might deter some players from giving Dolphin Treasure a spin, remember to think about the generous nature of the fixed prizes. 750x up top ain’t too shabby – especially when you consider that your prize could be doubled.

Dolphin Treasure ™ Free Spins Round

When three or more treasure chest symbols appear on the reels, the player can trigger a generous bonus game with 15 free spins. During this round, all wins are tripled! Players can also re-trigger the free spins game for even more chances of hitting bonus prizes. Dolphin Treasure’s bonus round is very generous, offering players fantastic winning potential as players spin the reels.

Dolphin Treasure Pokie on Mobile

Dolphin Treasure is available to play on both desktop and mobile devices. As a desktop game, you can load the game directly in your web browser but, since it is a flash game rather than an HTML5 one, this will only work on a desktop computer. If you’re a mobile user and you want to play Dolphin Treasure, you’ll have to download an app.

Aristocrat’s Heart of Vegas app allows you to play this popular online pokie and dozens of other great games from this developer. It is available for iOS and Android, and the download is very small so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space on your device.

Dolphin Treasure RNGs

One question that pokie players often pose is how random number generators (RNGs) work and whether a pokie such as Dolphin Treasure is really fair and random. An RNG is a computer-generated maths-based algorithm that is designed to produce a different series of numbers every time you hit spin. They apply to all online casino games and are entirely independent of previous results.

Once you initiate a game by pressing the spin button, the RNG comes into play. It has no memory and does not recognise whether you have won the jackpot or spent a session getting no wins at all, which means that the idea of a winning streak with online pokies is a myth.

Start a game and numbers are automatically generated for each reel. This sequence initiates when you click or tap the spin button and therefore cannot be influenced by turbo or auto spins or stopping the reels early. When you click to spin Dolphin Treasure, the RNGs will automatically record five numbers, one for each of the reels. The result of each can only be replicated by pure chance, ensuring that the results are totally random, impartial and fair every time you play Dolphin Treasure.

Dolphin Treasure hints and tips - setting your budget

There is a secret to successful pokie play and that is a tight bankroll management strategy. You will need to set a budget for each session based on the amount of cash you can afford to lose once you have covered all your outgoings - smart players never bet with money they can’t afford to lose.

Setting your budget is only half the picture. Your budget also needs to match the actual costs of playing Dolphin Treasure; for example, if you set a budget of 100.00 but each spin costs you 10.00, you can eat up 10 per cent of your budget in seconds. 

Checking the paytable gives you access to the staking range available in your game - in Dolphin Treasure, you have plenty of flexibility to alter the number of paylines and the bet per line to come up with a bet that works for you. Choosing a stake that lets you cover 50 spins should enable you to at least break even, and you can use demo play to fine-tune your staking strategy without making an expensive mistake.

Dolphin Treasure – 150 Spin Experience

Our 150 Spin Experience provides you with deep insight into what it’s like to play Dolphin Treasure. So, if you would rather not give the game a spin for free, you can just read all about it right here to decide whether or not this game is the right one for you.

Our Bet

We set our wager to $5, which is a fair compromise for high rollers and penny pokie players. We decided to wager on all 20 paylines so that we wouldn’t miss out on any wins. Remember, when playing a play-money slot, your wager should be close to what you would spend if you were playing for real. One thing to remember is that the autoplay is only available for up to 25 spins at a time. So, if you’re a multitasker who likes to have your pokie playing the background while you do other things, you’ll have to remember the check back often on the window that has Dolphin Treasure open.

Gameplay and Graphics

Dolphin Treasure loads quickly and you won’t experience any lag during the game. The graphics are fairly simple, and there are no animations except for the reels spinning and flashing symbols when you hit a win. The sound effects are also quite simple, as only the reels make a sound and a happy tune players when you land a winning combination. As such, this game is definitely geared more towards players who are interested in classic games.

Our Winnings

Over the course of our 150 spin experience, we hit wins fairly often. There wasn’t a period of more than 3 spins where we didn’t cash in on a winning combination. That being said, the payouts were all quite small, ranging from $2.50 to $10. Our biggest win was worth an impressive $133, which is great when you consider our wager was just $5. It definitely is a low volatility game and you do get plenty of bang for your buck, but you can expect to cash in on the odd big win as well.


Sadly, we weren’t able to trigger the free spins round – but maybe you’ll have more luck than us!  However, we made an overall profit of $35, so you might not need to hit the bonus game in order to have a fulfilling experience playing Dolphin Treasure online.

Dolphin Treasure Pokie Review

Dolphin Treasure is a fun online pokie that is perfect for fans of classic gaming. While it may not be much to look at, the gameplayself is incredibly engaging. We would have liked to see a bit more from the graphics and soundtrack, but that is only a small concern when you consider the rest of the gameplay. The best thing about this online pokie is how often is pays out.

You'll cash in on wins almost every 3 or 4 spins so there is never a dull moment. While the average win on the game is quite small, you'll be pleased to know that the odd big win is thrown in there for good measure. It definitely keeps things interesting, and you won't get bored while playing this game. The free spins round is quite difficult to trigger but when you land it, there are some amazing prizes up for grabs.

The fact that the round can be retriggered is also a great bonus, as you can keep going and going and going. Dolphin Treasure is recommended as an online pokie for players with smaller budgets. The small wins may not appeal to high rollers, so we would suggest that they play higher volatility games from Aristocrat like Big Red. This is the kind of game that will cater more to your interests, as it offers up big wins that come around less often.

Dolphin Treasure rating and recommendations

What can you say about a pokie like Dolphin Treasure? It has been a classic in online casinos for years and we applaud the software maker’s decision to bring its land-based legends to the online casino space, giving all players a chance to swim with the dolphins!

It is a little creaky around the edges and there are not many bonus features, but we believe this type of pokie has a place in any player’s list of favourites. They offer a great deal of inclusivity for any style of gameplay and some good potential. Lovers of low volatility pokies will relish the opportunity to bag plenty of low-value prizes and enjoy a decent and relaxing spin session, while high rollers will make full use of the gamble feature to optimise every win.

We give this pokie a full five star rating, both for its land-based reputation and its many plus points. Yes, there are some weaknesses - the graphics can feel a little dated and being Flash-based means Apple iOS players will have to jump through some extra hoops to play - but we have enjoyed some decent wins from the free spins feature that has more regularity than in higher volatility pokies. Even more cautious players can walk away with some bigger than usual wins because it is such an affordable game.

Go on, why not dive into Dolphin Treasure? The experience is worth it.

Why you should play Dolphin Treasure pokie

- Simple and engaging gameplay ideal for all types of player.
- Flexible staking options for casual players and high rollers.
- Retro look and feel to the sounds and visuals.
- The theme is fully supported by the gameplay.
- Multiplier prizes are available in the base game and free spins feature.
- Low volatility delivers a string of low-value prizes.
- Lucrative potential from the free spins with 3x multiplier.
- Gamble feature with a top prize of 31,250 coins.

Enjoy Dolphin Treasure? Then You'll Love...

Dolphin Treasure is a popular Aristocrat slot, and you'll likely want to play other similar gives after you've given this one a spin. Here are out recommendations for games that you should try next:

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Crystal Waters Crystal Waters is a Real Time Gaming-powered online pokie that takes players on an underwater adventure. The game features 20 paylines - just like Dolphin Treasure, and offers up a generous top prize worth 2000x your stake. You can also trigger a bonus round with 15 free spins that includes multiplier.

50 Dolphins 50 Dolphins is a fun online pokie from Ainsworth. Like its name suggests, it feature 50 paylines so you have some very generous winning potential here. It is also a penny pokie game, which is perfect for players who are on a budget. The bonus round offers up to 10 free spins  with stacked symbols to enhance your odds of winning big.

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Dolphin Reef Dolphin Reef is a NextGen-powered online pokie - another one with 20 paylines. The top prize is a whopping 5000x your line bet, and the game features stunning, vibrant graphics. The game features a re-spins feature with expaning wilds, that offers up plenty of opportunities to win big.

Lucky Mermaid Lucky Mermaid is an online pokie from Multislots which features 25 paylines. The game offers players very generous winning potential as they spin the reels, particularly because there is a top prize worth 2500x. The bonus round is a pick-a-prize game that allows you to potentially cash in on a prize worth 7500x your stake.

Treasure ReefTreasure Reef is an online slot from GameArt, so you already know that this game has stunning graphics. It offers up plenty of generous winning potential, allowing you to cash in on some big wins. A free spins round is available with 20 bonus spins and multipliers worth up to 10x.

Miss Kitty Miss Kitty is another adorable Aristocrat-powered online pokie that features a fun theme and excting format. The game features 50 paylines, so wins come along regularly, and the top prize available is worth 100 coins. You can also trigger free spins with sticky symbols that help improve your odds of winning.

Pelican Pete This is another Aristocrat pokie that takes you out on the high seas. This game offers up hugely generous winning potential with 50 paylines and allows you to cash in on some amazing prizes worth up to to 75 coins, and the prizes are paid out frequently. You can also trigger a fun free spins round with sticky wilds.

More about Aristocrat pokies

Aristocrat is one of the aristocrats of the online pokies world, with a portfolio of games many software developers would envy, yet it is a relative newcomer to the online gaming world, having focused its efforts on growing its land-based cabinet games.

Most players will be familiar with its Queen of the Nile pokie, one of the iconic Egyptian-themed games alongside Cleopatra. This studio was founded all the way back in 1953 by Len Ainsworth, a legendary figure in casino gaming who became chairman of Ainsworth Games. Aristocrat conquered bricks and mortar casinos in the 1960s to 2000s with its innovative cabinets and the virtual reel, which delivered a huge financial boost to US casinos in the 1980s.

By 2013, it had acquired Product Madness - a mobile, app and online gaming specialist - which opened doors to entry into digital gaming. By 2014, it had welcomed Video Gaming Technologies into the fold, giving it a toe hold in the Class II market. It also won Casino Product of the Year with its branded Walking Dead pokie and Best Standalone Game with Five Dragons Legends.

By 2017, it had moved into the social gaming space with successful titles such as Sparta and Vikings: War of Clans. In the meantime, it was licensing titles such as Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones to bring an exciting new product to the reels. In 2018, it diversified its portfolio even further with the acquisition of Big Fish, which was known for its free to play desktop and mobile games such as Cooking Craze and Gummy Drop. 

Where this developer has been clever is in retaining the consistency of look and feel from its cabinet-based games to its online pokies and creating an instantly recognisable brand. Games still feature the familiar brightly-coloured royals with their little flourishes such as crowns and shields. This is not the prettiest feature in the world but it lets you know at a glance that you are playing an Aristocrat pokie. The same goes for the clunks and whistles that transport you straight back to playing a cabinet-based game in a casino or pub.

It is this clever blend of nostalgia, solid and sometimes spectacular gameplay, well-thought-out bonus features and really well-put-together games that has made Aristocrat pokies such a lynchpin of the industry.

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Dolphin Treasure FAQs

🐬 Does Dolphin Treasure Have Free Spins?

The free spins round in Dolphin Treasure is triggered when you land three treasure chest symbols. You’ll get 15 free spins that can be retriggered.

🐬 Can I Download Dolphin Treasure?

Dolphin Treasure can be played as a browser-based online pokie, which means that you don’t have to download any software to your device. However, if you prefer to do things this way, you can download Aristocrat’s Heart of Vegas app.

🐬 How do I trigger the bonus features in Dolphin Treasure?

To trigger the bonus free spins feature in Dolphin Treasure, you will need to land three or more treasure chest scatter symbols anywhere in view on the reels. You will earn 15 free spins when bets and lines played are the same as the game that triggered the feature. Every win in the free spins feature will be tripled and landing three or more scatter symbols during the free spins will retrigger 15 more free games.

🐬 What is the Payout on Dolphin Treasure?

The return to player is 94.88%.

🐬 How many paylines does Dolphin Treasure have?

This slot has 20 paylines.

🐬 Does Dolphin Treasure have a gamble feature?

Yes, you can gamble each win to double up if you want to take that risk!
Pokie Name: Dolphin Treasure
Software: Aristocrat
Themes: Animals, Nature, Sea life
Volatility: Low Volatility
Gameinfo features: 5 Reels Free Spins Gamble Low volatility Multiplier Scatter Symbol
Paylines: 20
Reels: 5
Min Bet: 0.20
Max Bet: 20
Top Win: 9000
RTP: 94.88%