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5 Dragons

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5 Dragons Introduction

When you walk into any club or casino, pretty much anywhere in the world you can be sure to find the 5 Dragons ™ poker machine from Aristocrat. This popular pokie offers players a unique bonus-filled gaming experience, along with generous winning potential and impressive graphics. It was the younger brother of the brilliant 50 Dragons ™.

It won’t take more than a moment to realise that this is a pokie based on Chinese culture. These mythical beasts are feared around most of the world, with scores of legends depicting dragons as being fearsome creatures. Dragons are known for their love of gold, and relish for kidnapping beautiful young princesses, and it’s been the role of many a hapless prince to hunt down and kill a dragon, so that he can marry the princess and be rewarded with a kingdom of his own.

5 Dragons ™ Land-Based Origins

The 5 Dragons ™ poker machine that you find at land-based gaming venues is basically the same game that you will find online. They feature the same format, payouts and graphics – the only difference is that one is available online and the other is playable in a slot machine cabinet at a pub or club.

As a land-based poker machine, 5 Dragon ™s is hugely popular among casino and club goers. It is one of Aristocrat’s best-performing titles. So, when the developer started making online pokies, 5 Dragons ™ was one of the first games to make the transition into the online gaming market. Today, the online version of the game continues to be a favourite among modern gamers.  

5 Dragons

How to Play 5 Dragons ™ Pokie

Aristocrat’s 5 Dragons ™ pokie has a unique format in which there are no paylines. Instead of wagering on paylines individually, the player places one wager for every potential winning combination. Since there are 243 Ways to Win, the game offers players impressive winning potential each time they spin the reels.

This is quite a new format that is available on many modern games, and it is popular among players as it makes wagering on pokies more affordable in the long term. The game also offers up many different wagering possibilities with denominations ranging from 1c to 10c. So, no matter what type of gaming budget you have, you will be able to enjoy 5 Dragons ™.

Whether you’re a high roller or a penny pokie player, you will certainly get your money’s worth while spinning the reels on this popular free pokies game.

Symbols in 5 Dragons

The Chinese view of dragons is very different. Their mythical dragons are benign and gentle creatures, who bring joy and good fortune in their wake. That’s why they feature so abundantly during times of celebration throughout Chinese culture, as it’s hoped they’ll bestow good luck on everyone who sees them.

Now that the Asian market has really opened its doors to online gaming, it hasn’t taken very long for software developers to start creating games designed specifically to appeal to the Chinese. That’s one of the reasons why we’re seeing so many Oriental-themed pokie games flooding the market recently. But perhaps surprisingly, these pokie games have found a much wider audience than the one for which they were created. It seems that the world just can’t get enough of Chinese symbolism.

One of the reasons for the worldwide popularity of the symbolism in Chinese-themed pokie games, is the fact that so many game icons are represented by tokens of good fortune and great wealth. And these are obviously bound to resonate with a pokie-gaming audience! Oriental pokies are a delight to behold, crammed with bright colours and lucky symbols, so gamers can’t fail to be influenced by the opportunities they present to win some big cash prizes.

As you can tell from the game’s name, 5 Dragons offers up five of these mythical beasts, although the dragons of the title don’t appear on the reels. In order to see these five creatures, you’ll need to spin up three or more lucky coin scatters, which triggers the free spins bonus round. Now the game’s screen changes, revealing the five proud creatures, each of whom has a gift to offer, in the form of free spins and multiplier bonus awards.

Each of the five dragons of the game’s title is a different colour, and this is no accident. The dragons are coloured black, red, blue, white and yellow, which are the colours corresponding to the five basic elements according to Chinese tradition, which are water, fire, wood, metal and earth. Each colour comes with its own array of meanings - red, for example, is considered a particularly auspicious colour, and also features in the traditional money purses, as depicted on the reels of 5 Dragons.

Chinese dragons are reputed to make their home in, or near, water, including lakes and rivers. According to folklore, dragons are always on hand to help people in times of need, such as creating rainfall during periods of drought. Their power is regularly celebrated during festivals, when dancers support the huge dragon puppets that leap and spin to the delight of the crowds.

The appearance of the Chinese dragon is far removed from how they are depicted around the rest of the world. And the reason for this is attributed to Huangdi, otherwise known as the Yellow Emperor. During his rule, he defeated nine tribes based along the Yellow River Valley, and as a symbol of his victory, he incorporated elements from each tribe’s totem animal into his own dragon emblem. And so the Chinese dragon has the mane of a lion, the nose of a dog, a deer’s antlers, a bull’s mouth, the eyes of a shrimp, hawk-like claws, fish scales, the long tail of a snake and the whiskers of a catfish.

The top-paying symbols on the reels of 5 Dragons are represented by the dragon, the phoenix and the koi carp. Lower value symbols, aside from playing card icons, are represented by the turtle and the lucky red coin wallet.

The dragon and the phoenix are often seen together in Chinese culture, and stand for marital harmony and eternal love. The koi carp is often seen in relation to the dragon, thanks to the similarity in their scales. And the carp is greatly admired for its ability to swim against the tide, so it represents good fortune, strength and courage in the face of adversity.

The turtle is considered to be one of the four Chinese sacred animals, along with the phoenix and the dragon, both of which appear in this game, and the unicorn, which does not. The red money wallet is another iconic symbol, representing wealth and good luck, so its presence on the reels of 5 Dragons is highly auspicious.

A particular favourite symbol that almost always features somewhere on Chinese-themed pokie games, is the traditional Chinese coin. Instantly recognisable, thanks to the central, square hole, these coins are symbols of luck, and are even used widely outside China thanks to the spread of feng shui, the art of creating positive energies within the home. The circular coin is said to represent heaven, with the square centre representing earth. Some people claim, however, that the coin represents the world, with the square hole standing for China, at its centre.

The actual reason for the hole in the centre of the coin is that it made it easy for hundreds of coins to be threaded together, for ease of carrying. The reason why the hole is square, is because the available tools during that long-ago period in history, were better able to create square holes than round ones!

5 Dragons ™ Ante Bet

Another unique feature of 5 Dragons ™ is its additional ‘Ante’ button. When spinning the reels, you can choose to hit the ‘5 Reels + Extra’ button, which allows you to place an ante on the game. At first, it does not seem to do much – but it does help to increase your overall payout percentage in the bonus game. This is a great extra touch that really enhances the gaming experience. While 5 Dragons ™ is still fun without the Ante bet, some players will really appreciate being able to increase their potential payouts with the click of a button.

How to Win Playing 5 Dragons ™ Online Pokie

To hit a winning combination while playing 5 Dragons online pokie from Aristocrat, you must land three or more symbols on one of the 243 winning ways. The top prize available is from the golden dragon symbol and fish symbol which provide you with a prize worth 800x your stake. The second generous prize comes from the turtle symbol which provides you with a prize worth 300x your stake. 

What is the RTP of 5 Dragons ™?

5 Dragons from Aristocrat has an RTP of 95.17%. This payout percentage refers to the amount of money that players can claim for every £100 that they wager. It is also a medium to high volatility game. What this means is that players will be able to cash in on prizes that are more generous than in your average online pokie but they will come around less frequently.

5 Dragons ™ Free Spins

Players can trigger the bonus game when three of the five dragons appear on reels 3, 4 and 5. When this happens, the player is prompted to pick a particular setting. Each setting offers up a different number of free games and an additional wild symbol that offers up a unique multiplier.

  •    20 Free Games with a 2x, 3x or 5x multiplier on wild wins
  •    15 Free Games with a 3x, 5x or 8x multiplier on wild wins
  •    10 Free Games with a 5x, 8x or 10x multiplier on wild wins
  •    8 Free Games with an 8x, 10x or 15x multiplier on wild wins
  •    5 Free Games with a 10x, 15x or 30x multiplier on wild wins

Which round you choose is entirely up to you. It depends how big of a risk you’d like to take. If you like to live dangerously, we recommend playing the 5 Free Games. If you’re a more cautious pokie player, then go for the 20 Free Games. No matter what option you choose, you are in for some very generous bonus wins!

It is quite common in older slots for players to be able to pick their chosen bonus – but you don’t see if often in modern games. This is definitely an upside to playing games like 5 Dragons, as you can select your own volatility.

What is Reel Power in 5 Dragons?

Back in the late 20th century, Aristocrat came up with the bright idea of multiple paylines, giving players additional opportunities to win. And as other pokie developers saw how much gamers enjoyed playing with extra lines, they also began including more of them.

Before long, some games were including a 243 Ways To Win mechanic, seemingly doing away with paylines altogether. Now players didn’t have to worry about working out where paylines were, as matching symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the reel furthest to the left, automatically created winning combinations. Rather than having to think about a bet-per-line amount, and then multiply that sum over the number of active paylines, one single wager covered all possibilities.

So far, so good, apart from one small detail. When you play a 243 Ways To Win game, you may not be physically paying out 243x your line bet. Obviously, the costs involved would be astronomical! Players love these games because the chances of landing a winning combination are greatly enhanced by the 243 Ways mechanic. But of course, the downside to that is that the wins are pretty small to compensate for their frequency.

So Aristocrat came up with Reel Power. Rather than multiplying your bet per line, Reel Power multiplies your bet by the number of reels instead. Every win is awarded on a bet-per-reel basis, although scatter wins are still multiplied by the player’s total wager per spin.

The Reel Power mechanic has been applied to 5 Dragons, enabling players to adjust their bet precisely, to suit their gaming style. But Aristocrat hasn’t stopped there! The company has gone on to develop Xtra Reel Power, in which games have five reels, each with four symbols. And this has been closely followed by the introduction of Super Reel Power, in which there are five symbols on every reel.

5 Dragons ™ Reel Power ™

Another great feature of 5 Dragons ™ – both in the land-based and online versions – is that the game runs on a multiway format. This means that players are provided with 243 different ways to win right off the bat, rather than require them to wager on an increasing number of paylines for more chances to win.

This is a remarkable feature for any poker machine – in traditional or online casinos – and it’s no wonder that 5 Dragons ™ has become such a popular game worldwide. If you enjoy the format of this game, there are plenty of other Reel Power ™ Aristocrat pokies. These include: Buffalo, Asian Beauty and Choy Sun Doa ™.

You can also find 243 Ways to Win pokies from other developers like Net Entertainment. Some examples include: Immortal Romance, Terminator 2 (Microgaming) and Twin Spin (Net Entertainment).

Other Reel Power games from Aristocrat

The Reel Power mechanic is extremely popular with enthusiastic and knowledgeable pokie players, because it offers better financial rewards than most 243 Ways To Win games. Betting on reels, rather than paylines, adds an extra twist that lets Aristocrat raise the volatility, and therefore the potential prize amounts. So if this is a game mechanic that you like, you’ll be keen to discover other games that work in a similar way.

Choy Sun Doa

Aristocrat pokie games have a massive fan base in Macau, where Choy Sun Doa is one of the most popular games ever seen. It started out as a pokie machine game in bricks-and-mortar casinos, where it proved to be so successful that it was only a matter of time before it made the leap to online casinos too. 

Just like 5 Dragons, Choy Sun Doa is set out over five reels and three rows, giving 243 Ways To Win, but with the Reel Mechanic element to raise the potential rewards. And as with so many Oriental-themed games, the reels of Choy Sun Doa are filled with symbols denoting wealth, prosperity and good fortune. In fact, Caishen himself, the God of Wealth according to Chinese culture, is the game’s wild symbol on the reels, laughing happily whenever he features in a win. Other symbols include golden coins, koi carp, jade rings, gold dragons and red money wallets. Lower-value symbols are represented by playing card icons.

The game’s scatter symbol is a ‘yuanbao’ or ‘sycee’ - a golden ingot in the shape of a boat that also features heavily in these types of pokie games. Land three or more in any position on the reels to trigger the game’s free spins bonus round

The free spins offered in Choy Sun Doa operate in a very similar way to those of 5 Dragons. Players are offered five choices of reel modifiers, with various numbers of free spins combined with multipliers. Choose increased free spins with lower multipliers, or go for the riskier, but potentially more rewarding, strategy of fewer spins with higher multipliers. And if you’re lucky enough to spin up a red money wallet on reels 1 and 5 simultaneously during your free spins, you’ll win an instant cash prize worth between 2x - 50x your wager.


Also making the move from bricks-and-mortar casinos to the online variety, Buffalo is another hugely popular pokie game. This time, rather than having just three symbols on each of the five reels, there are four symbols on each one, making this an Extra Reel Power game. If you head to the ‘?’ button situated just below the playing area on your device screen, you’ll gain access to the game’s rules and paytable. One of the headings is Reel Power, and a helpful diagram explains how you buy the reels, rather than paylines.

The aim of the game is to fill the entire screen with Buffalo symbols, which will award the game’s top cash prize. But with 1,024 Ways To Win, your chances of spinning up a prize payout are never too far away, and there are loads of bonus features to help you to achieve your aim. The game’s wild is a sunset view across Monument Valley, with its iconic sandstone towers set in the middle of a desert landscape. Wherever it lands, it offers the chance to create new winning combinations, since it can substitute for every other symbol in the game, apart from the scatter.

The gold coin scatter initiates the free spins bonus round when you spin up three, four or five examples, anywhere on the reels. You’ll be rewarded with either 8, 15 or 20 free spins accordingly, during which any two extra scatters achieved in a single spin award five extra free spins. But throughout your free spins, the wild also takes on a new role, although it retains its ability to substitute for other symbols. But it can also multiply any winning spin up to 3x, in a feature which can be retriggered by spinning up another three scatters during play.

White Tiger

Also making the transition from land-based casinos to online casinos, White Tiger is Aristocrat’s first Jackpot Reel Power game. Based on the 5x3 layout, therefore giving up to 243 Ways To Win, White Tiger looks very similar to the other games in this series, although the depiction of the White Tiger himself is particularly gorgeous. And it’s even more gorgeous if you can spin up enough examples to trigger a jackpot payout!

Spin up three or more of the paw print scatters to be awarded 10 free spins. But it’s the Jackpot feature that players will be most interested in, and it can be triggered at any point in a game, including during the free spins. Spin up five of a kind, and if a Jackpot wild features within it, the Jackpot feature automatically activates. The central reel becomes a Jackpot Reel Power reel, filled with Jackpot prizes and multipliers. Players could be awarded one of the three Jackpot awards, the Minor, Major or Grand prize.

The Jackpot awards in White Tiger are progressive, so they steadily increase the more spins you pay for on the game. The Minor Jackpot prize starts at $100, the Major Jackpot prize starts at $400, and the Grand Jackpot prize starts out at an impressive $2,000. And the more you play the game, the higher those jackpots rise!

5 Dragons ™ on Mobile – Android, iOS and Apps

You can play Five Dragons on just about any mobile or desktop device. The game is available to play using your web browser on your desktop computer but, since the game runs on Flash, you’ll have to download an app to give it a spin from your tablet or smartphone. Fortunately, Aristocrat offers players access to 5 Dragons and many more hit pokies using its Heart of Vegas social casino app.

5 Dragons ™ Spin-Offs

The game has become so popular that it has spawned several spin-offs, including 5 Dragons Legends ™. This is a version of 5 Dragons ™ with extra bonus features, such as base game multipliers and an increased max bet.

The spin-off increases the appeal of 5 Dragons ™ to a wider range of players. So, if you love 5 Dragons ™ but wish you could wager more or, want a little extra volatility, you can play 5 Dragons Legends – but, remember, this title is only available in land-based casinos.

Check our complete list of the best land-based slot machines in Australia for more options. Online Pokies 4U would not be much of a slot site if we did not have reviews of the best club, pub and casino pokies out there at the moment. *Aristocrat online games are not available to play for real money in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and parts of the USA. They are available for real money play in regulated European territories only.

Play 5 Dragons ™ for Free in Demo

If you’re ever thinking of giving a new online pokie a spin, it is always recommended that you play it for free first. The great thing about playing at OnlinePokies4U is that you can give the game a spin without having to sign up to an online casino, deposit any money or download any software, however you should be aware that we are not affiliated with Aristocrat and therefore have no control over the game link we provide - we simply source this from the web.

The best way to enjoy this game is to download Aristocrat’s Heart of Vegas app and play 5 Dragons on mobile.

Before you spend any money on a pokie, you should try the free play version for 150 to 200 spins. This gives you a good idea of whether or not the game will fit within your budget and if you will get on with the software itself. Every online pokie is different, so you should always try before you buy.

5 Dragons ™ – The 150 Spin Experience

If you want to play 5 Dragons but just don’t have the time right now, we have a solution for you. Check out our 150 Spin Experience to find out everything you need to know about this exciting online pokie. Our bet. We chose a relatively small wager of 7.50 coins, which allowed us to make room for the Ante wager.

If you’re going to free-play an online pokie, ensure that your play-money wager is the same as it would be when you’re wagering with real cash.

The design and gameplay

5 Dragons is a great-looking online pokie that definitely looks even better in action. The game loads quickly and the graphics are smooth. There’s no lag when you spin the reels and you’ll have the same experience that you would you have when playing the game in a land-based casino. So, you can definitely see why this game is still such a big hit. What’s interesting about this game is that the autoplay only goes up to 25 spins.

So, if you have plans to play for a while or want to browse the web in another window, you’ll have to remember to revisit the game every so often to restart your autoplay.

Our winnings

Over the course of our 150 spin experience, we managed to cash in on some very impressive payouts. While most of our wins were quite small, there were some that were worth 200 coins and more. While these were few and far between, they were very welcome when the came around, and we were thrilled with the experience.


At about 50 spins into our experience, we were able to trigger the bonus round. We picked the middle option with medium variance, and it was a great decision. By the end of the free spins bonus, we earned $86, which is just over 10x our stake.

Ante Vs No Ante

We decided to give the Ante wager a test, so we played half our spins with it on and half of our spins with it off. After the first 75 spins, we earned just over $30 and we had triggered the free spins round once. When we switched off the Ante bet, our wager was worth $6.25. We did notice that our wins were worth a little bit less than they were when we played the game with the Ante bet on.

We earned prizes worth about $7 fairly often and our biggest win was worth $25 – which definitely pales in comparison to the $200 win that we claimed with the Ante wager turned on. By the end of the session, we were down $50 – whereas we had made a $20 profit when we had the Ante wager turned on. So, it goes to show that turning on the Ante wager does have a positive impact on your gaming experience.

Tips for Playing 5 Dragons ™

If you’re a fan of playing pokies online, you’re likely wondering if there’s any way to guarantee a successful outcome while you spin the reels. While there is no way for you to ensure that you walk away a winner, you can always ensure that you have a positive gaming experience. The way to do this is by setting a strict budget and sticking to it.

Decide how much money you can afford to spend per gaming session and only spend that much money every time you play. To ensure that you stick to this limit, you could choose to only deposit the amount of money that you plan to spend or set a limit using your casino’s software. Whenever you have a winning session, be sure to divide your winnings between your bank account and your bankroll.

Don’t wager it all over again, as this ensures that you’ll always have a bit of winnings in your account. Most importantly, never chase your losses. If you use up your budget for the day, then simply quit playing until it’s time for your next session. This way, you’ll never spend more than you can afford playing online pokies. You’ll always be able to step away feeling like a winner.

5 Dragons ™ Online Pokie Review

5 Dragons certainly has earned its place as one of the top pokies of all time. The game has stood the test of time by maintaining its reputation as a player favourite for decades, and continues to be a huge hit among players at online gaming sites. And, it’s not hard to see why. Even after all this time, 5 Dragons features impressive graphics that are eye-catching and engaging.

All of the symbols are rendered in a lovely art style and the abstract background perfectly suits the look of the same. It definitely doesn’t look like a game that was first created decades ago. When it comes to bonus features, 5 Dragons really stands out.

The fact that players get to choose their own bonus round is exciting, as they are essentially choosing their own volatility as the games with more free spins offer lower volatility while the games with fewer free spins offer high volatility. The ante bet really makes this into a modern online pokie, as this is something you just don’t see very often overall.

Adding to your overall payout percentage, the Ante wager offers you increase winning potential and really ramps up the excitement. So, it’s no wonder why 5 Dragons has become such a popular online pokie. The game delivers an exciting online gaming experience with a vibrant theme and generous bonus features that are sure to keep you entertained.

What other dragon-themed pokies can I play?

There’s something about dragons that really captures the public’s imagination, even if they are just mythical. The popularity of shows such as Game of Thrones shows that our fascination with these mighty beasts never really fades, and nobody could ever accuse software developers of ignoring a popular trend! So you can expect to find plenty of dragon-themed pokie games on our site - so many, in fact, that we have a whole page of our site dedicated exclusively to these types of games. And we’ve picked out some of our favourites to get you started on your dragon-chasing pokie journey too.

Prosperity Dragon

There’s a luxurious feeling to the Prosperity Dragon pokie, from Ainsworth, thanks to the abundance of black, gold and maroon across the reels. Once again, these are Oriental dragons, although the game’s title gives a good indication, since Chinese dragons are associated with good luck and great wealth.

With five reels, three rows and 100 paylines, Prosperity Dragon is simple to play, although that doesn’t mean the game is dull - far from it, in fact. There are plenty of bonus features to keep you interested, as you might expect from a software developer with such a long history in the casino industry as Ainsworth.

Not surprisingly, given the game’s theme, the Wild symbol is represented by the titular dragon, and it can stand in for other symbols, aside from the scatter, to help you form winning combinations. An intricate Oriental pattern forms the game’s scatter symbol, and in addition to introducing the bonus free spins round, it also awards multipliers against your stake for spinning up three or more. Spin up five scatters at the maximum possible wager and you could walk away with a top cash prize worth up to $500,000.

But aside from potentially paying out big money prizes, three or more scatters will reward you with 10 free spins, using a slightly different paytable. Gold and silver stars are now added to the reels, and if you can spin up three or more, you’ll be awarded with the Super Choice bonus, if the stars are silver, or the Ultimate Choice bonus if the stars are gold. These bonus awards offer additional wild symbols and extra bonus multipliers, greatly increasing your chances of spinning up some big cash prizes. 

Dragon Kingdom

If you prefer your pokie gaming dragons to be of the fire-breathing variety, you might want to give Dragon Kingdom a spin. With this game, there’s none of the generic pokie game music that so many Oriental-themed dragon games seem to include. This time it’s all stirring orchestration, as fire-breathing creatures dominate the reels, along with a rather fetching maiden, who looks as though she’s more than a match for their ferocity!

Stacked symbols increase the player’s chances of achieving a winning spin, with the three dragon symbols all capable of expanding to become Stacked Reels, and even Colossal Symbols, generating win after win. The game’s logo is the wild symbol, standing in for other symbols to create winning lines, although it can’t substitute for the scatter. This is represented by a stone arch, and when you spin up three or more in a single spin, you’ll be rewarded with the free spins bonus round. You start the bonus round with 5 free spins, but spinning up three or more scatters during the feature rewards you with a further 3 free spins.

At the start of the free spins bonus round, you’ll be invited to choose one symbol which will be Super Stacked on the reels throughout the feature. Each offered symbol comes with a different multiplier, so you can choose the options that best suits your playing style and attitude towards risk.


For a completely different take on the dragon pokie theme, you really must check out the reels of Dragonz, from Microgaming. Four insanely cute little cartoon dragon characters inhabit the reels, each offering their own bonus features, to create a fun and immersive pokie game.

The game takes place over five reels, each with three symbols, and uses a 243 Ways To Win mechanic. There’s a wild symbol to increase your chances of matching up sufficient symbols to win a prize, and there are four bonus rounds, each led by one of the little dragon characters. Flint adds extra wilds onto the reels, Frost adds wilds that stay in place until they’re used, Switch stashes wilds to make sure you achieve a win and Gobble delivers winning wilds. It’s a whole lot of fun, with some very big cash prizes to be won along the way.

If you enjoy 5 Dragons ™, You’ll Love…

5 Dragons is the kind of online pokie that you just can’t get enough of, but we understand if you’d like to try something a little bit different. So, we’ve put together a list of pokies that you’re sure to enjoy if you’ve already had your fill of 5 Dragons from Aristocrat:

Game of Thrones You can play Game of Thrones as either a 243 Ways to Win or a 15-payline pokie. This Microgaming-powered slot is quite similar to 5 Dragons, as you get to pick from multiple free spins round to choose the one that suits you best.

Dragon Palace Dragon Palace is a 243 Ways to Win online pokie from Lightning Box. This game features a vibrant Asian theme with a generous bonus round that provides you with up to 20 free spins along with a multiplier up to 15x.

Lucky New Year Pragmatic Play’s Lucky New Year is a fun 25-payline game that features bright graphics, with fireworks going off in the background. The game is loaded with bonus features, as players can trigger one of three progressive jackpots, stacked wilds, re-spins and free spins.

50 Dragons 50 Dragons is another exciting Aristocrat-powered online pokie. The game offers up all sorts of excitement with a bonus round that offers up 10 free spins. If you’re looking for a game that most closely resembles 5 Dragons, this is it.

Choy Sun Doa Aristocrat’s Choy Sun Doa slot is based on the Chinese God of Wealth. In this game, he offers you the chance to win amazing prizes worth up to 1000x your stake and provides you with a bonus round where you can choose up to 20 free spins with multipliers wort up to 20x.

Lucky 88 Lucky 88 is another Aristocrat classic, that is draws its inspiration from Chinese luck. The game features 25-paylines and allows players to choose from four different free spins round while providing a unique dice game bonus.

Prosperity Twin Prosperity Twin is a fun online slot from Next Gen with a beautiful theme set at a stunning waterfall. The game features a 243 Ways to Win format, and pays both ways for even more generous winning potential. There is also a bonus round that offers up to 28 free spins.

Fa Cai Shen Fa Cai Shen is a gorgeous online pokie powered by Habanero with a vibrant gold and red colour scheme. The game features 28 generous paylines and provides players with the chance to win a top prize worth 1000 coins, along with a free spins round and a progressive jackpot.

Dragon Palace Dragon Palace from Lightning Box is a 243 Ways to Win online pokie that offers you the chance to win big. The game features a fun bonus round in which you can claim up to 20 free spins.

About Aristocrat

Aristocrat has been a leader in the online pokie market for decades, and it doesn’t seem to be letting go of that title any time soon. The company has been around since the 1950s and has continually created top-rated games for players around the world. Aristocrat pokies are available in hundreds of casinos in dozens of countries around the world.

While the company’s most popular game is Queen of the Nile, Aristocrat has hundreds of games under its belt. There many wonderful titles that you’re sure to enjoy from Aristocrat, including Where’s the Gold, Choy Sun Doa and Lucky 88.

These games have all been around for quite some time and continue to be the top-rated pokies in the world. In recent years, Aristocrat has made its foray into the online casino world, having launched its Heart of Vegas social gaming app.

This ground-breaking software offers player the ability to play their favourite online casino games without having to wager any money, and just about every Aristocrat pokie is available to play from your mobile phone.

5 Dragons ™ Availability

Aristocrat online games are not available to play for real money everywhere in the world - they are available for real money play only in regulated European and North American territories only. We recommend the social app Heart of Vegas ™ for those of you in territories where Aristocrat games are not yet available in real money. Below are a list of casinos from around the world where Aristocrat games are available to play.

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5 Dragons FAQs

🐉 Can I play 5 Dragons online pokie for free?

You most certainly can! There are lots of free play websites out there that have links to 5 Dragons, however the official and best way to play 5 Dragons for free is via the Heart of Vegas app. Once you’ve got to know the mechanics of 5 Dragons, you might decide to take that knowledge off to a real money casino, and wager your own money. But that’s only if you want to. If you’d rather keep playing for free that's a sensible decision.

🐉 Is 5 Dragons available to play on mobile platforms?

So many gamers use their smartphones to access their favourite casino games these days, so developers have had to respond to demand. So if you like your slots to be accessible to you on mobile and tablet, as well as on your larger devices, you’ll be delighted to hear that 5 Dragons will display seamlessly for you. The game is also available on the Aristocrat app, Heart of Vegas.

🐉 Is 5 Dragons online pokie really random?

It’s perfectly possible that there are some online pokie games which aren’t fair - thanks to the rapid rise of digital technology, scam artists can be found just about everywhere online these days. But professional casino software providers have their reputations to consider. If they started to produce games which didn’t pay out the cash rewards, players would stop playing them. Aristocrat is one of the best known, and best-loved, casino game developers in the world, so you can rest assured that 5 Dragons features all the necessary random number generating mechanics required of online pokie games.

🐉 Is there a free spins bonus round with 5 Dragons?

Yes there is, and it’s the free spins bonus round which raises the 5 Dragons pokie game above the ordinary. To trigger your free spins, you’ll need to land three or more gold coin scatters on the reels. And at this point, you’ll finally get to meet the 5 Dragons themselves, as they all offer you a choice of free spins and multipliers. This is great for allowing players to enjoy the bonus feature round according to their own attitude towards risk. High rollers are bound to go for fewer spins with higher multipliers, whereas more cautious players will want to select a high number of spins with lower multipliers. Or, of course, you could opt for the middle dragon, depending on how lucky you’re feeling.
Pokie Name: 5 Dragons
Software: Aristocrat
Themes: Dragons, Oriental/Asian
Volatility: High Volatility
Gameinfo features: 5 Reels Free Spins Gamble High volatility Multiplier Scatter Symbol
Paylines: 25
Reels: 5
Min Bet: 0.25
Max Bet: 100
Top Win: 1250000
RTP: 95.17%