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Queen of the Nile Free Play: Try Queen of the Nile Pokie in Demo Mode

Wild Queens and scattered Pyramids will lead you to unknown treasures in Aristocrat's Queen of the Nile. Hunt down the sacred scarab or stare into the Eye of Horus! With 60 different staking options across 20 paylines you’ll unlock the treasures of ancient Egypt with bonus spins and multipliers galore! Read our full review below.
Queen of the Nile

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Pokie Info

  • Pokie Name Queen of the Nile
  • Software Aristocrat
  • RTP 95.6%
  • Volatility High Volatility
  • Paylines 20
  • Reels 5
  • Min Bet 0.20
  • Max Bet 200
  • Top Win 9000

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Queen of the Nile ™ Introduction

Queen of the Nile ™ (disclaimer) is one of the most popular slot machines ever. If you’ve ever been to a land-based casino in pretty much most areas of the world, you will have seen this game on the gaming floor. Every major Slot Machine fan has given this game a spin at some point in their lives – whether it was at a land-based casino or online.

Now, you can play this great pokie online at gambling sites and via this demo version, which is an external link, sourced from CaesarsCasino.com - a great location to play Aristocrat games online! Check it out! You can also play Aristocrat games for free via the Product Madness app, Heart of Vegas - it's great fun.

Queen of the Nile ™ History

Created by Aristocrat in 1997, Queen of the Nile ™ is one of the oldest games that is still popular today. For decades, players have enjoyed spinning the reels on this timeless poker machine – with its Egyptian theme and generous winning potential. Queen of the Nile ™ was originally launched as a land-based machine.

For years, the game could only be found at venues like clubs and brick-and-mortar casinos. In this market, the game thrived, becoming one of Aristocrat’s most famous games. So, when NYX Gaming Group won the licence to started creating online games for Aristocrat in Europe, Queen of the Nile II ™ was one of its first digital releases.

Even today, among hundreds of modern pokies, this game continues to be a top performer. Queen of the Nile ™ is a timeless pokie, and it will continue to attract fans for years to come.

Queen of the Nile

Queen of the Nile ™ Theme

In Queen of the Nile ™, there is an Ancient Egyptian theme. All of the symbols are based on Egyptian culture, including scarabs, hieroglyphics and pyramids. Aristocrat has done an amazing job in bringing this ancient world back to life. Ancient Egypt is incredibly intriguing, so it is always great to see games developers using it as a theme in their work.

Queen of the Nile ™ has inspired the major trend of Ancient Egyptian themes in online pokies. So, if you’d like to play other games similar to Queen of the Nile ™, you are spoiled for choice. There are dozens of games to choose from, including Isis, Cleopatra, Pharaoh’s Fortune, Riches of Ra and Book of Ra.

Queen of the Nile background

Why are Egyptian-themed slots so popular? They’re one of the most-played genres worldwide, but why are we so enduringly fascinated with this ancient civilisation that first appeared at 3000 years BC?

It all starts with the arrival of Cleopatra slot online, the legendary high-volatility slot from IGT. Ported to online casinos from a land-based cabinet, this is one of the most popular games of all time, with up to 180 free spins with a 3x or 6x multiplier and the potential to win 10,000 times your stake on every spin. It set the blueprint for the thousands of other games that arrived in its wake.

Most Egyptian slots cover the same terrain and feature hieroglyphs, pharaohs, gods and goddesses, and Cleopatra herself. This legendary figure has a universal appeal to both men and women and a strong visual style that creates stunning graphics. Those kohl-rimmed eyes are instantly identifiable and created a strong brand identity, thousands of years before the Kardashians!

Egyptian-themed games also follow the basic blueprint of the phenomenally successful Cleopatra, wedding high-volatility gameplay with free spins galore. IGT have created a series of Cleopatra games using this winning formula, with Cleopatra III also offering a mega jackpot. Queen of the Nile is another phenomenally popular land-based game that has made the transition online, making a virtue of its simple yet rewarding gameplay.

High-variance slots are popular with high rollers and thrill seekers, offering the potential for massive wins if you have the patience - and the bankroll - to wait for them to drop. Balancing high risk with high reward, they offer life-changing top prizes but can be a real test of nerve - a bit like venturing deeper and deeper into the pharaoh’s tomb, waiting for the next booby trap to be sprung.

Free spins are every player’s favourite feature, delivering juicy payouts without extra investment. There are 15 free spins on offer in Queen of the Nile, with a 3x multiplier delivering some generous wins. It’s no wonder this classic cabinet game has become so popular with players. 

Ancient Egypt was an incredibly advanced and complex civilisation, and its main visual signifiers are familiar to us all. Mysterious and magnificent, we remain enduringly fascinated by Cleopatra and the mythology that surrounds her and the ancient Greeks. Most Egyptian slots are remarkably historically accurate in their depiction of Greek mythology, allowing us a little insight into an ancient world as we spin.

Queen of the Nile sounds and visuals

Queen of the Nile wears its land-based origins lightly, enticing us with a textured splash screen that features an oasis and Aristocrat’s version of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. She stares out at us through her kohl-rimmed eyes, defiant and yet appealing, her arms dripping with gold bangles as a symbol of wealth and importance. On her head, she wears a scarab beetle crafted from Lapis Lazuli. This was an important symbol of resurrection, protection and immortality.

The paytable symbols tend to betray their origins, and it wouldn’t be an Aristocrat slot without the familiar royals from 9 to A. However, the top paytable symbols are faithful to Egyptian symbology and hieroglyphics:

The Lotus Flower, otherwise known as the Water Lily, opens at dawn and closes at night. They symbolise the sun, creation and rebirth and became the symbol of the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt

The Eye of Horus is a symbol of royal power and good health.

The Golden Scarab is associated with immortality and was often used in funeral rituals

The Golden Bangle is considered to be a symbol of wealth and power.

The Golden Pharaoh is reminiscent of Tutankhamun, the boy pharaoh, and the cobra head on his crown is a symbol of protection, warding off his enemies in the underworld.

These hand-drawn symbols are set against a background suggesting ancient papyrus, the ancient writing material used as far back as the Egyptian First Dynasty.

Queen of the Nile is unusual for an Aristocrat game in the sense that it uses a soundtrack and sound effects to create a truly immersive atmosphere. The muted drum beats, howling desert winds and slightly menacing music creates an air of foreboding and is quite cinematic - a far cry from the fruit machine beeps of other Aristocrat slots.

The sounds and visuals combine to create an enjoyable effect, even though this slot can’t compete with the visual flair and appeal of newer Egyptian themed slots. 

Cleopatra - Queen of the Nile

Cleopatra is heavily featured in online pokie games, but how much do you really know about this legendary queen? Here, we'll take a look at this ruler and give you some insight into why she is such a popular figure in casino games. Her official name was Cleopatra VII Philopator, and she was the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. In addition to rulng the kindgom, she was also a naval commander and medical officer.

She was just 18-years-old when she ascended to the throne and share the reponsibility with her 10-year-old brother, Ptolemy XIII. The new king's advisors refused to recognise her as a ruler, and she was only able to regain her rightful place on the throne with the help of Caesar. After quite an ordeal, Caesar and Cleopatra become lovers and eventually had a child together named Caesarion.

Having mothered Caesar's child, Cleopatra was secure in her power and obtained a goddess like reputation. In fact, she was compared to Egypt’s "most famous single mother, the goddess Isis.” After Caesar's assassination, Cleopatra met and fell in love with Antony, a Roman politician. Together, they had three children and become one of the most tragic love stories in history.

After Octavian invaded Egypt, Antony was falsely told that Cleopatra had committed suicide and killed himself to join her. Cleopatra, having not been dead, discovered his body and took her own life. Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra play details their life together, and their deaths certainly inspired the final scenes of Romeo and Juliet. Cleopatra's legacy has lived on for thousands of years.

She's been immortalised countless times in statutes and paintings, as well as in plenty of modern works. In fact, Cleopatra as been the subject of over 40 films, 200 written works, 45 operas and 5 ballets.

How to play Queen of the Nile

Playing slots is not just about selecting a wager and pressing spin, though that easy learning curve is a contributing factor to their enduring appeal. It’s about the way you can personalise any game to suit your style of play. 

Before you spin, always check out the paytable. This lets you know what special symbols to look out for, the return on winning combinations of symbols, the layout of the paylines, and the game rules. Queen of the Nile pays out its wins in multiples of the bet per line, so it makes sense to push your stakes to the limit in order to maximise your potential payouts.

Once you’re familiar with that information, it’s time to look at how you can customise the game to match your playing expectations. Queen of the Nile isn’t packed with extra features. You can opt to play with or without sounds and set up to 100 autospins thanks to the nifty counter next to the plectrum-shaped spin button. There are no win or loss limits available.

The player interface is basic but serviceable, allowing you to select the number of lines and your bet per line to arrive at a total bet you’re comfortable with. High rollers will play at the maximum bet of $50 per spin, but you can play for as little as 20c if that’s closer to your comfort zone. What we like is the way you can set up your game with just a few clicks and change your settings with ease if you want to change up your betting strategy.

Queen of the Nile Game Rules

The Pyramid scatter appears on all five reels and pays anywhere on the reels.

The Cleopatra Wild appears on all five reels and substitutes for all symbols except the Pyramid scatter

All of the wins you rack up here will pay out from the left to the right.

The total bet is the number of lines multiplied by the bet per line.

Pyramid scatter wins add to payline wins and are multiplied by the bet per line.

Getting one or more Cleopatra wilds in a win line will double the payout.

All of your wins are going to be multiplied by the bet per line.

The wins you rack up on different paylines will be added in this game.

The highest wins only are paid on payline wins and scatter wins here.

The maximum payout on offer in this game has been capped at 125,000.

The maximum gamble payout in this game has been set at 31,250.

Queen of the Nile Gamble Feature

Queen of the Nile doesn’t just offer wilds and scatters with payouts and free spins. Each win can be gambled if you want to increase your opportunities to take home a major prize.

To take a chance on boosting your wins, click on the red Gamble button near the spin button. You can opt to take a chance on the colour or the suit of the next card.

If your colour (red or black) choice is correct, you will double your winnings.

If your suit (heart, diamond, club or spade) choice is correct, you will quadruple your winnings

Each win can be gambled up to five times, and the permitted gamble amount will be calculated as the Maximum Game Payout - Current Winnings/4. The maximum gamble win is 31,250, with any winnings over that amount being held in the Gamble Reserve. Make the wrong choice at any stage and you’ll walk away with nothing.

Queen of the Nile ™ Payouts 

Each of these symbols offer up their own generous payouts, with five-of-a-kind combinations paying out prizes as follows:

  •    Pyramids: 750 coins
  •    Sarcophagus: 750 coins
  •    Ring: 750 coins
  •    Scarab: 400 coins
  •    Hieroglyphic: 250 coins
  •    Flowers: 250 coins

What’s great about these symbols is that many of them pay out for two-of-a-kind winning combinations. So, if a sarcophagus, ring or scarab symbol appears twice on a single payline, then the player will be awarded with a small payout. It is quite small in comparison to the 3-of-a-kind combination – but, it helps to boost the overall volatility of the game and keeps the gameplay exciting!

If you like to live dangerously, you can increase your winnings further by gambling payouts. After every winning combination occurs, you can click the gamble button to double or quadruple your winnings. This is determined by a guessing game with a deck of cards. If you correctly guess the colour, then your prize is doubled. If you correctly guess the suit, then your prize is tripled!

Queen of the Nile Jackpot

Queen of the Nile from Aristocrat has a fixed jackpot rather and a progressive jackpot. This means that it is the kind of game where the jackpot is predetermined, and it is based on your line bet multiplied by the actual payout of the symbol. Many players will overlook certain pokies because they don't offer up progressive prizes - but don't make this mistake.

There are some very generous fixed payouts available in Queen of the Nile, especially when your payout is multiplied or when you use the gamble function.

What is the RTP of Queen of the Nile?

Queen of the Nile from Aristocrat features an RTP (return to player) of 95.96%. What this payout percentage lets you know is how much money the game will pay out as prizes on average for every $100 that you wager. It is also a high volatility game, which means that you'll cash in on more generous prizes than are available on the average online pokie.

However, the prizes come along less often - so, be sure that your bankroll can accomodate any long waits between wins.

Queen of the Nile ™ Bonus Symbols

Cleopatra is the wild symbol, and she offers up huge winning potential. If she substitutes for another symbol to create a winning combination, then the prize is automatically doubled. When she appears on a payline five times, she offers up a massive 9000-coin payout. Additionally, she also awards 2-of-a-kind wins – ensuring that players hit winning combinations frequently.

Queen of the Nile ™ Free Spins

The free spins round is triggered when three or more pyramid symbols appear on the reels. When this happens, the player earns up to 15 free spins. During this bonus round, the player receives extra chances at hitting big prizes. Whenever the Cleopatra wild symbol appears in a winning combination, then the prize is multiplied by three! You can retrigger the free spins to help obtain even more generous bonus cash.

Queen of the Nile ™ has become such a hugely popular pokie that it even spawned a sequel, Queen of the Nile II ™. This game builds on all of the fantastic features that made the original game so great. With vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay, it is no wonder why both games in the Queen of the Nile ™ series from Aristocrat are so popular.

Players flock to the impressive and innovative design of these games, making Queen of the Nile ™ a timeless pokie that will appeal to all types of players in the online and land-based casino markets.

No Deposit Queen of the Nile Pokie

At some online casinos, the operators are generous enough to provide you with the chance to claim free spins without having to make a deposit. Many different online pokies are offered as no deposit slots - but it's not often that Queen of the Nile is one of them. If you do want to play this game without depositing at an online casino, you can give it a spin for free here at Online Pokies 4 U, or you can download Aristocrat's Heart of Vegas app.

Queen of the Nile Pokie App - Mobile Play on Tablets and Smartphones

You can play Queen of the Nile from Aristocrat on any tablet, smartphone or personal computer. When you play on your desktop or laptop, it is a Flash-based game that allows you to play directly within your web browser. This means that you don't have to download any software or worry about whether or not the game will be compatible with your operating system.

If you want to play Queen of the Nile from your mobile phone and tablet, then you'll have to download a pokie app like Heart of Vegas. This is because Flash games don't run within mobile browsers. When you download a free pokie app, you'll have access to all of the top Aristocrat games. There is a social aspect to the app, allowing you to interact with other players and level up to unlock new games as you earn points.

Free Play Pokies - Queen of the Nile

If you're thinking of playing Queen of the Nile for real money, we recommend giving this game a spin for free first. All online pokies are different, so you don't know whether or not you'll get along with a new game that you play. As such, it's important that you try a demo first. We always recommend playing between 150 and 200 spins of any free online pokie game.

Remember to set your wager to a similar level to what it would be if you were playing for real money, as this will give you a good idea of whether or not Queen of the Nile will fit within your gaming budget.

Queen of the Nile - The 150 Spin Experience

Queen of the Nile from Aristocrat is a popular online pokie that you're to enjoy - but, if you want to find out more about the game before you give it a spin, our 150 Spin Experience has got you covered. We take an in-depth look at this popular online pokie and let you know every thing about Queen of the Nile.

Our bet

Playing Queen of the Nile from Aristocrat, we wagered $2 for the duration of our 150 spins. We felt that this was a universal-size bet that would cater to both high rollers and players with more modest budgets.

Our winnings

Queen of the Nile is considered a high volatility game, but we had a very high hit rate while playing this game. Every 3 or 4 spins, we would hit a win - so, the game pays out more frequently than your average high variarance game. As such, Queen of the Nile really does suit players with a wide range of bank rolls.

Unfortunately, we were unable to land the free spins round - but we did cash in on plenty of doubled wins thanks to the Cleopatra symbol.

Graphics and gameplay

Queen of the Nile features simple graphics so the same loads very quickly in your web browser. The symbols are rendered in a hand-drawn style, and the overall look of the game is very bright and vibrant. The one thing that we noticed that sets Queen of the Nile apart from other classic Aristocrat pokies is that the game has an actual soundtrack.

Normally, older games from this developer only feature very basic sound effects, but Queen of the Nile has its own cinematic theme playing in the background. However, it does tend to get overshadowed by the chimes made when you hit a winning combination.

Queen of the Nile Volatility

Queen of the Nile is what is known as a low-variance or low-volatility pokie. That means that this game will provide you with lots of frequent wins rather than making you wait for long periods for prizes to roll in. It is worth noting, however, that these will typically be much lower in value than those prizes you might expect from a higher-volatility pokie, where the wins are rarer but bigger.

The good thing about this pokie is that regular wins can keep your entertainment levels high and make you feel like the action flows along nicely when you win. It is also great if you don’t want to have to risk a lot of your budget before you even experience a single win. However, Queen of the Nile may not be the game for you if you like the adrenaline-pumping excitement of waiting for huge wins to land. You will probably be pretty lucky to come out with 30x your stake even if you make the most of the bonus round in this game, so this is not a good choice if you are looking for bankroll-changing prizes. Queen of the Nile is a good choice of pokie if you are a more cautious spinner or if you like regular action rather than heart-stopping thrills. It is also a great option if you are a novice when it comes to spinning and winning on online pokies, offering a great introduction to what this type of game has to offer without you having to blow your budget to enjoy your learning experience.

How To Win At Queen of the Nile pokies

As mentioned in other areas of this review, winning at Queen of the Nile is very easy. In fact, it is even easier than with many other online pokies because in some cases, you only need two in a row to bag yourself a win. This contrasts with many other games in this genre and others where you need a minimum of a three-symbol combination to get a prize. These are the lowest-paying symbols in the game. Even though they only pay from two to 125 coins for combinations of between three and five matching icons, they can quickly add up to a healthy prize pot. Your winnings will shoot up slightly quicker if you manage to land the themed items in the games.

These include the Nile Thistle, which could reward you with as many as 250 coins, as can the symbol depicting the famous All-Seeing Eye. 400 coins are up for grabs if you manage to get a full house of Scarab Beetles, whilst the golden pharaoh masks and golden rings will award you with the top prizes in the paytable.

Five of either of these icons will get you a 750-coin win It may seem like this pokie’s prizes are quite small, but at this point, it should pay to remember that this pokie is a low-variance or low-volatility game. This means that, for example, you may manage to hit ten wins worth 5x your stake as you play 30 spins in a game with the volatility levels of this one. In contrast, if you were to play a high-variance pokie, you may get just two wins in the course of a 20-spin playing session, but these could be worth 25x your stake each time. This means that the result to your bank roll is more or less the same, but the way you get the payouts are completely different and one way may suit your playing style and budget much more than the other.

You will generally need a higher bankroll if you want to support playing a game that offers infrequent but bigger wins. This is because high-volatility games will often require that you play for a while and meet some bigger betting requirements in order to become eligible for the bigger wins before those high-value prizes will roll in. If you have the budget to support this, this may be the kind of pokie play you are looking for.

There is no doubt that many players believe that higher-volatility pokies are much more exciting than those offering a low-variance experience. There is a counter-argument that low-volatility pokies such as this one can be equally exciting, however, although they offer this excitement in a different way. If you like the idea of watching your prize pot grow steadily and aren’t worried about experiencing the big bang effect of a big win, this could be the way to go.

Queen of the Nile Pokie Review

At Online Pokies 4U, we take our game-playing incredibly seriously. That is why we consistently have a group of avid online pokie experts on hand to offer you the complete low-down on all of the top games that you should know about in the online pokie market and to let you know what makes these games tick and what we really think about them.

When it comes to this pokie, there are so many good things to say, as you might expect from a game that has been around and enjoyed so much for so long. The theme itself will always be a winner. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time in the company of royalty, especially a queen as iconic as Cleopatra? There is also no doubt that this game offers some great winning opportunities, especially if you like those prizes to roll in very regularly. This may not be the pokie for you if you are looking for high-volatility excitement, but if you enjoy lots of frequent, smaller wins and plenty of entertainment along the way, this game could be a great choice for you.

#There is no shortage of bonus features, either. This may not be a good thing for you if you’re a spinner who prefers a straightforward spin-and-win game, but it is a popular pick for many players who enjoy the thrill of scattered pyramids, wild queens, gamble features and pyramid free spins. Plus, while there are plenty of little extras to boost your prize pot, this doesn’t make the gameplay difficult to understand at all.

This is a great starter pokie, even if you have never spun online before, but it is also a regular choice for many pokie players who have enjoyed spending time with the Queen of the Nile year after year. Another thing that makes this pokie a great choice for all sorts of players is the fact that there are no less than 60 different betting or stake combinations to choose from. This makes it suitable for very cautious players and for those whose tastes veer a little more towards the high-rolling category. It is also a great opener if you plan to play the other two games in this trilogy, Queen of the Nile II and Queen of the Nile Legends.

The fact that you can choose to play one, five, ten, 15 or 20 lines makes it easy to personalise your experience when playing this game. This adds to your ability to choose to bet between one and 50 coins on each of the lines you play and makes it a great game for all sorts of players. If you like to spin cautiously, you could bet just a single coin on a spin, but to satisfy the high roller in you, there is an impressive maximum of 1,000 per spin if that’s how you want to play. The graphics in this game are lovely to look at, and the theme is nicely cohesive and carried well throughout. You can marvel at the beauty of Cleopatra herself or simply enjoy the many true-to-theme artefacts and symbols that are incorporated into the game. Your very first spin could also see the prizes start to roll in in this low-variance game. These can start to add up nicely straight away, even if they are just the hieroglyphics. Then there are the nicely-designed picture icons to take into account. While they aren’t the highest-paying symbols you will find in the world of online pokies, they can really add up to give your winnings a boost. This is the great thing about lower-variance pokies; the wins may not be huge but their regularity in landing can really make up for this.

Another great way to increase the prize-winning potential of this Egyptian adventure is through the two bonus symbols in the game: the pyramid scatters and the wild queen. As you will probably expect from a wild if you have ever played pokies before, the queen has the power to substitute for other subjects except for the scatters in the game. This means that she can really help you to create winning combinations by filling in the gaps when you need a certain icon to make up a prize-collecting line-up. If this is not enough, unlike in many other online games, the Cleopatra wild in this game will also double up your prizes.

This means that if she helps you to create a winning combination, you will enjoy two times the prizes that you normally would. Now that’s a royal friend you really want to have by your side! This is not the end of her powers, either. The good old Queen of the Nile can also offer you plenty of prize-winning potential in her own right. In addition to substituting for other symbols in order to help you to create wins, she can also line up with her own matching symbols to award you with some prizes that are well worth the wait. If Cleo arrives in a four-strong combination, 2,000 coins could be yours. This prize will rise to a respectable 9,000 coins if you manage to get five symbols in a row.

Of course, these are once again not the highest you will find in online casinos, but that doesn’t necessarily make them any less satisfying when they do arrive, especially if you haven’t had to completely deplete your bankroll in order to get your win. The scatter symbols in this game can also be helpful when it comes to boosting your prize-winning tally. They can pay you instant wins of as much as 400x your payline bet if you manage to land five anywhere on your reels, and there are also smaller prizes on offer for getting two, three or four icons. If you manage to get between three and five of these pyramid icons, you will also get an extra 15 free spins.

This can have a major effect on your prize pot when you consider that you are playing a low-variance pokie where wins can roll in very regularly, and it's even better when wins during the free spins bonus are actually tripled. This can make this bonus a great one to come across during the course of your pokie playing. Another nice thing about this pokie is the gamble feature. This is a great bonus if you’re feeling particularly lucky as it gives you the chance to double your win by choosing the right playing card colour or even quadrupling it if you can predict the right suit. Your prizes can be upped by gambling five times, which can really make a difference to the outcome.

Tips, tricks and strategy for playing Queen of the Nile

Queen of the Nile is a highly volatile slot that can deliver some big wins if you hold your nerve. But games like this require careful handling so you don’t see your bankroll disappear down the Nile on the back of a camel! 

Before you start a spin session, you need to use a smart bankroll strategy. Successful slot players never hit that spin button without setting a budget, and they would never set a budget without having made a series of other decisions first. For example, your available budget should be based on the amount of money you have available once your monthly outgoings are dealt with. Smart players never spin with money they can’t afford to lose.

Next, take a look at the staking structure and decide on a bet that allows you to cover around 50 spins. If you just hit that button without paying attention, you can quickly see your session budget disappearing in a few spins. What was supposed to be two hours of relaxing spins quickly becomes 30 minutes of frustration. Steer well clear of slots that you just can’t afford to play. 

Now take a look at the paytable and the available paylines. You won’t be able to memorise them all, although some slots like Queen of the Nile put payline markers at the side of the reels. The point of establishing the number of paylines is to be able to work out the bankroll you intend to play with.

In Queen of the Nile, you have the option to play between one and all 20 paylines. Of course, playing all 20 will optimise your chances of landing the free spins and hitting that mega win. Therefore, you need to adjust your staking strategy to achieve your ambition, and that may mean playing at a more moderate bet unless you have very deep pockets. For example, with a bankroll of 100 and playing all 20 lines, you’re realistically looking at a total bet of between 0.20 and 0.80 to enjoy a relaxing and prolonged session. We played our 150-spin experience at 2.00 per spin, giving us a total budget of 300.00.

Another tip is to make the most of casino bonuses. When you sign up for an account, you’ll be offered a match or no deposit bonus that gives you free casino cash to enjoy some risk-free spins. You should also be offered some free spins - usually capped at around 0.10 a time - that can be used to play at no cost for real-money prizes. It’s a great way to discover a new casino and play your favourite slots without impacting on your bankroll.

Why you should play Queen of the Nile slot

We rate Queen of the Nile as a true five-star slot. The Queen is looking her age, as do many of the other Aristocrat games that started life in land-based casinos. The graphics are basic, but the sounds are a vast improvement over some other slots. 

There’s a reason that this slot has endured and that’s its rock solid gameplay. You won’t spend hours puzzling over the rules because this is a truly intuitive game that you can set up in seconds and spin for hours. There’s a huge range of stakes for all styles of play, from the high roller to the casual player, and you can finesse your staking strategy by playing a different number of lines or bets per line.

So why should you play this slot? Because it’s a prime example of how to do the simple things and do them well, creating a game with universal and enduring appeal.

What’s hot in Queen of the Nile

-Free spins: There are 15 on offer with 3x multipliers, and they can be retriggered within the feature -High payouts from the top paytable symbols that are paid as multipliers of your bet per line -Cleopatra wild multipliers that can seriously boost the rewards you get -The game is very easy to pick up and play, even for those new to slots

What could be better in Queen of the Nile:

-The graphics are old-fashioned and rather dated -There is no fixed or progressive jackpot inn the game

About the Makers of Queen of the Nile

Aristocrat, also known as Aristocrat Leisure Limited, is a Sydney-headquartered, public Australian company. It is one of the world’s biggest and best-known gaming machine and pokie manufacturer. It has its base in Australia, but the company also has offices all around the world, including Russia, South Africa, and the United States. It now covers more than 200 different jurisdictions around the globe. Aristocrat is currently second only to the giants that are the US’s International Game Technology company in terms of the size of its pokie manufacturing capabilities. In Australia, it is considered by many to be the best-loved in the world. In addition to producing pokies, the company offers services to other businesses who want to enter the online gaming markets. The Aristocrat nLive solution is offered to operators who want to create online virtual casinos, for example.

The History of the Company

Aristocrat was started by Len Ainsworth, and 1953 saw the first gaming machine being manufactured by the company. The firm has not looked back since this day. In 1996, it became a listing on the Australian Stock Exchange. In later times, Ainsworth became chairman of Ainsworth Game Technology but the Ainsworth family still retain a major stake in the Aristocrat company. Aristocrat now has licenses to distribute and manufacture pokies and other products covering over 200 regions. It is increasingly renowned for not just producing pokies but also for providing other services and products, and this has led to it gaining a reputation for doing it all. Its repertoire now includes manufacturing electronic gaming machines, distributing online games, manufacturing interactive terminals and producing complete gaming solutions.

Sequels to Queen of the Nile

The Queen of the Nile pokie is the first in a trilogy of games. The sequels are Queen of the Nile II and Queen of the Nile Legends.

Review of Queen of the Nile II

The first sequel to the hugely popular game once again brings the beauty of the longest river in the world - and the iconic Egyptian Cleopatra - to life once again. It is a stunning five-reel pokie with 25 paylines and, as you might expect from an Aristocrat pokie, there are various bonus features. The added extras in this game include multipliers and free spins, and the pokie is compatible whether you choose to play on your Mac or Windows computer or on your smartphone or tablet. The action focuses on Cleopatra, and when she appears, you will enjoy double wins to boost your prize pot. Just like its predecessor, this game is set in Ancient Egypt, where the River Nile flows through the country on its meandering way to the Mediterranean. It is certainly not the most original theme around - especially given that this is a sequel - but the makers have still done an excellent job when it comes to the graphics and sound.

The pokie attempts to build on the success of the original version of the sequel, and it manages this in terms of making sure that the graphical and audio hallmarks remain the same. Once again, you will be taken on an Egyptian adventure, hunting out treasures and sniffing out the prize-winning potential that is on offer. The original pyramid symbols and other familiar icons make a reappearance in this game, as you would probably expect from a successful sequel, and there is plenty of familiarity to make you feel at home if you are an avid fan of the first game. It also works perfectly well as a stand-alone experience if you have never played the first pokie - or any other online game at all, for that matter. This is not a difficult game to master, whatever your previous spinning experience. Factors such as the betting range and the low volatility on offer make it an ideal choice for all sorts of different players, budgets and playing styles. While there are many familiar features about this game, there are also some aspects that have received a bit of a revamp, even in quite a minor way in some instances. The card symbols that appear in both incarnations, for example, have had an overhaul for the second version. In this game, they look like they have just been dug out of the sand.

Once again, however, the symbols stay true to the Egyptian theme and there are those there that you would expect to see, especially if you have played the first game or another pokie with a similar setting and idea behind it. You will not be disappointed if you are expecting to see pyramids, pharaohs, scarab beetles and Cleopatra herself. They are all there on the reels to help you enjoy an exciting adventure in Ancient Egypt. To make sure there is plenty of adrenalin flowing like the waters of the Nile, the Cleopatra symbol is the wild of the game, and the pyramid is the pokie’s scatter symbol. As you might expect by now, the wild in the pokie will substitute for any other symbol except for the game’s scatter icons to help you build up prize-winning symbol combinations. Overall, this sequel to the original Cleopatra-themed game does a great job of once again mixing ease of play with plenty of added extras.

This means that you can enjoy everything from an autoplay feature to a gamble option in order to make your experience as immersive and simple to enjoy as possible. In this game, you can concentrate on all the action without having to worry about the practicalities of making the reels spin thanks to the autoplay feature. This will allow you to set the game to play between five and 500 spins automatically, leaving you free to concentrate on the symbols that are landing and the combinations that they make. If the wins do arrive, you have the chance to gamble them to add more to your prize pot. Just make sure that you check if this feature will work if you have set up the autoplay feature. This is because with many online pokies, wins that fall into place when the autoplay feature has been set will just be automatically added into your account without giving you the option to gamble the amount. If you want to make sure that you get the opportunity to gamble, do some additional research before you play or just choose to forego the autoplay option. Alternatively, you might just set the autoplay function to work for a small number of spins. This will give you an idea of how it works and should help you decide if it is the right choice for you.

This is also a good indicator of why it can always pay to try playing a pokie for free before spending any of your hard-earned cash on the experience. Playing for free allows you to really get a handle on how a game works in practice and helps you to work out what features you should or shouldn’t use. It can also be an excellent way of figuring out how best to manage your bankroll to get the payout results you want without using your budget up in a way that doesn’t suit your playing style. Playing for free, for example, could be an ideal way of deciding whether to use the gamble feature in this game if you ever do decide to play the pokie for real money in the future. If you decide to play the gamble option, you will have the chance to either double or quadruple your winnings. This will depend on whether you can choose the right card colour or opt for the correct suit. Whenever a winning combination lands in this game, you will be given the chance to make this choice. The gamble button will become active, and if you choose this option, you will be brought to a second screen. Here, you will get the chance to opt for your chosen card colour or suit. The right colour will double your bet, while the right suit will quadruple it. This can really make a difference to your prize-winning tally if Lady Luck - or Cleopatra the Queen of the Nile, in this case - is on your side. You can use this gamble feature five times in a row to really give your prizes a boost.

Features and Limits in Queen of the Nile II

There are several bonus features to ensure that this pokie is as exciting and entertaining as possible. As mentioned previously, the pokie’s Cleopatra wild can substitute for other icons to help you to create winning combinations. What hasn’t been mentioned yet in relation to this game is that if this happens and the queen helps you to create a win, she will also double your payout, making her assistance well worth it when it arrives. If you manage to land three of the game’s pyramid scatter symbols, you will also benefit from a free spins bonus. The number of additional free games you will be awarded will depend on how many of the scatter icons you manage to land on the reels.

The number of free games will start at five, but there is the chance to win ten, 15 or even 20 games. These games can be really lucrative in their own right, especially given the regularity that the wins often fall in the Egyptian game, but the bonus does not end there; the wins that land during the free spins bonus will also benefit from a multiplier. This will again depend on the way your luck falls and the number of scatters that you manage to land. The minimum is a 2x multiplier, but this could rise to three, five or even ten if you manage to get the maximum number of pyramid scatter symbols to land on your reels. Whether you choose to play this game in free demo mode or for real money in the future, you will need to think about how much to bet and how to best make your bankroll work for you. Fortunately, this pokie offers you plenty of betting choice to make sure that you can tailor-make your experience to suit your playing style. There is a wide range of coin values to choose from to suit varying budgets. These start at 0.01 and go up to 2.00 per coin. The maximum wager possible is 50 coins, and while this may be great for all sorts of different players, it may not be enough for you if you like high-limit games and want some very high-rolling action.

Summary of Queen of the Nile II

Overall, this game is a must-play pokie, offering an entertaining and exciting experience that many online pokies can only hope to match. From its interesting Egyptian theme to its cheerful music and visually appealing graphics, this game has something for almost everyone - just like its predecessor. The bonus features also ensure that the experience of playing this pokie can be really lucrative. This doesn’t come at the expense of having to deal with an overly complex game, either. The interface is really simple and easy to master, with everything from the coin values to the bets you place really easy to manage and monitor. All of these factors add up to create a pokie that players around the world have chosen to play time and time again - and continue to do so today.

Review of Queen of the Nile Legends

The third in the series of this pokie trilogy is one of the Aristocrat Legends titles. The makers decided to create a Legends series featuring some of its most popular games and presenting them in one of two formats, either Deluxe or Classic. The latter version is exactly the same as the original pokie, offering identical gameplay and exactly the same graphics.

The Deluxe version, however, has been given an update. This means that the basic features and gameplay are identical, but the pokie benefits from more modern technology to make it play faster, as well as improved imagery and graphics, In some cases, different bonus options have also been added. It says something about the status of Queen of the Nile that this was the first of its pokies that the developer released in a Legends format. The classic version features the expected 20 lines and five-credit wager. The bonus round features a standard 15 free spins with triple wins for every prize that lands, and the minimum wager activates certain bonus prizes and two progressive jackpots.

In the Deluxe version, stacked Cleopatra wilds have been added, and there is a chance to choose between some more volatile bonuses. You can benefit from ten free spins where all wins are tripled or opt for six free games where wins featuring a Jade Dragon wild are multiplied by either 15x, 30x or 40x. This can make a huge difference to your prize tally if one of these wins with a big multiplier lands. In the Deluxe game, you are prompted during your free spins to touch the wild Cleopatra icons that land. These will reveal either a Minor or Major bonus amount. You will get the Major or Minor associated jackpot if you manage to collect three of the corresponding symbols. The Minor jackpot resets at 50.00, while the Major starts at 1,000.00.

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Play Queen of the Nile ™ for Real Money Online

Aristocrat online games are not available to play for real money everywhere in the world - they are available for real money play only in regulated European and North American territories only. We recommend the social app Heart of Vegas ™ for those of you in territories where Aristocrat games are not yet available in real money. Below are a list of casinos from around the world where Aristocrat games are available to play:

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Queen of the Nile FAQs

Does Queen of the Nile have a free spins feature? You can win an initial slice of 15 free spins playing Queen of the Nile when you land three, four or five Pyramid scatter symbols on the reels. This special symbol doesn’t have to land on a payline to deliver a cash payout and unlock the free spins feature. During the free spins in Queen of the Nile, a 3x multiplier will apply to any wins, and all bets and lines are played the same as when the feature triggered. Better yet, the free spins can be retriggered during the bonus feature by landing more pyramid scatters anywhere in view, creating huge potential for multiple wins.
Is Queen of the Nile really random? All online casino games, including slots, are powered by mathematical algorithms known as Random Number Generators or RNGs. Their purpose is to generate random series of numbers in just a millisecond every time you hit the spin button. Each number sequence produced by the RNGs is unique and can only be reproduced by pure chance, with each spin entirely different and independent from any previous results. Reputable software providers like Aristocrat make sure that their RNGs are frequently and rigorously tested. This ensures they are fair, safe and entirely free from manipulation.
What is the RTP of Queen of the Nile? The payout ratio for this game is 95.6%.

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