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Lucky 88 Free Play: Try Lucky 88 Pokie in Demo Mode

Lucky 88 is a vivid game from Aristocrat that draws on ancient Chinese mythology of luck. With symbols including dragons Lucky 88 will charm you with its auspiciously bright theme. Aristocrat also tosses wild multipliers Power Pay bonuses and free spins into the game to create luck for all. Read our full review below.
Lucky 88

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Pokie Info

This website is 100% independent and is NOT endorsed, approved or affiliated with Aristocrat Technologies Inc, Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Ltd, Aristocrat Leisure Industries Pty Ltd, Product Madness Inc or any of the other games companies featured on this website. The Lucky 88 ™ trademark is owned by Aristocrat. The use of this trademark on this website does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement of this website by the trademark owners. This website is not endorsed or approved by Aristocrat. Please see full Terms and Conditions and read our full disclaimer. Any link to a demo of this game is sourced from the web - we have no control over this external link and bear no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or authenticity of the link.

Lucky 88 Introduction

Lucky 88 ™  (disclaimer) is a slot machine made by Aristocrat. It's a popular land-based slot machine that has made the move into the online world courtesy of NYX Gaming Group (which is where the demo game above is sourced from). It is also available to play in social form via Aristocrat's Heart of Vegas ™ social app which you can download via Google Play or the itunes Store.

The game has a Chinese theme with symbols featuring traditional dragons, cranes and lanterns. If Asian-themed Slots are your thing then check out the many others we have on site.

Lucky 88 Paylines and Winning Combinations

Lucky 88 ™ is a 25-payline slot, which provides players with plenty of chances to make winning combinations on the reels. Players can choose to wager on any number of paylines, and as they make their selection, the paylines light up on the screen to show exactly where winning combinations will take place. There is also a wide range of betting options so Lucky 88 ™ should appeal to all levels of player.

Lucky 88

What is the RTP on Lucky 88?

The return to player on Lucky 88 is 95.6% (with the extra choice feature activated). This means that is you were to wager $100 in theory (based on a large number of spins) you would get back $95.60. This is slightly above average for an online slot.

Chinese Luck Theme

The Chinese theme is a becoming more and more common among slot makers, there was a time when regionally-based games are quite rare in the gambling market, but Lucky 88 ™ led the way in bringing players to a whole new world and immersing them in beautiful and calming Asian culture. Aristocrat has also created several other regional pokies, including Big Ben ™ and 50 Lions ™.

The theme of Chinese luck is popular in the same way as games that are based on the Luck of the Irish. It is a cultural thing that has made its way overseas. In Chinese culture, there are many different symbols for luck – and we use many of them over here, similar to the way in which rainbows and four leaf clovers are Irish luck symbols that have become universal. There are many different types of lucky Chinese symbols, including:

  • Numbers: There are some numbers in Chinese culture that are luckier than others. 8 is considered one of the luckiest because it (translated) sounds like Fa which means to make a fortune. The number is considered to lucky that people prefer to live on the 8th floor of apartment buildings and are exciting to a have a phone number that features an 8 in it. In fact, a vehicle identification number that included the number 8 was auctioned off of 5 million Hong Kong Dollars during the 1990s.
  • Fish: Fish are considered lucky animals. The word sounds similar to the definition of surplus, and because fish live for a very long time they are considered a symbol of longevity. During the Chinese Spring Festival, it is a tradition to cook a fish but not eat it as a symbol of a desire to achieve more in the new year. You’ll also find many art works depicting koi and carp in Chinese culture.
  • Red: The colour red is one that you will always find in online pokies. The colour signifies happiness and good fortune, and it is forbidden to wear this colour at funerals. During special occasions, money is given as gifts in red envelopes which are considered a symbol of good luck.
  • “Fu”: You’ll notice that many online pokies feature a specific symbol - 福. This symbol literally means “fortune” or “good luck”. It printed on lanterns and red envelopes during special occasions to bring good fortune.
  • Cats: The waving cat that you’ll see in many online pokies is called “maneki neko” – which means “beckoning cat”. It is a symbol of luck, as its raised paw means that it is bringing in luck for its owner. The symbol is based on a legend in which a wealthy man was seeking shelter during a rain storm. He was stood under a tree when a cat beckoned him inside of a temple – and the tree was struck by lightning shortly thereafter. Thanks to the cat saving his life, the man became a benefactor of the temple and a statue of the cat was made in his honour after he passed away.

So, now, when you play an online pokie that has a theme based on Chinese luck, you’ll know a little bit more about why certain symbols are included. It is a very common theme, and it is made even more interesting when you know a bit more about the meaning behind the design of these games.

Why are Chinese good luck pokies so popular?

Whether you are a low roller or a casino pro, it won’t have escaped your attention that every game studio has at least one Asian-themed pokie in its portfolio. Whether it is Samurai swordsmen, anime heroes or feng shui symbols adorning the reels, these games are highly attractive to players thanks to their eye-catching iconography and rich symbolism.

It could be the influence of tourism that has made Chinese pokies such a popular theme. Every year, millions of Japanese and Chinese tourists flock to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas from countries where most forms of gambling are forbidden. What better way to feel at home than to play a pokie based on your own culture?

Conversely, there is something glamorous and unknowable about Asian culture that proves endlessly appealing to western eyes. Some of the symbols may be unfamiliar; however, we all have a broad idea that dragons are powerful good luck symbols, that gold ingots represent wealth, and that feng shui is all about luck and prosperity for its practitioners. No wonder these iconic symbols and a vibrant red and gold colour scheme are often to be seen in Chinese good luck pokies such as Lucky 88 ™.

Besides, what player wouldn’t want to buy into the idea that their spins were going to be just that bit luckier because a little Chinese mythology and cosmology had been sprinkled over the reels? Who wouldn’t want to buy into a belief system that has endured for thousands of years? The thing is, the underlying gameplay will be entirely familiar to all players and who doesn’t fancy a break from the familiar to experience a new way of doing things every once in a while?

Chinese good luck-themed pokies can be high and low volatility, complex or relatively simple, and offer average or exciting RTPs. In other words, the underlying architecture is no different from other pokie themes. Where these games shine is in their sounds and visuals, which have such a rich cultural tradition to draw on. The fact that there are so many expressions of a similar theme shows the diversity and the beauty of Chinese iconography.

Lucky 88 ™ sounds and visuals

Older pokies from this studio tend to have a very particular look and feel that betrays their land-based origins. In a way, we have to admire the way that this maker sticks to its established house style - it establishes a strong brand even if some of the graphics can look a little outdated.

Central to this visual look are the signature royals - letters and numbers that represent a pack of cards, usually from nine to ace. They are ubiquitous in pokies because they speak to the wider gaming culture and the history and heritage of pokie machines. Aristocrat always puts its own twist on them with embellishments such as crowns and jewels, making it easy to spot a game from this studio. Ainsworth also uses a similar style, but this is hardly surprising as Len Ainsworth started both companies.

This doesn’t mean that the higher paytable icons can’t represent some very fine artwork and we love the vintage, hand-drawn style of this pokie. Each of these higher paying symbols brings the Chinese culture embraced by this pokie to life:

- The red drum is associated with power and luck.
- The Chinese pagoda is often designed and decorated with Chinese mythological symbols.
- The Chinese totem pole is an example of the oldest totem poles in the world. The huabiao is typically made up of four elements and decorated with auspicious symbolism that is said to communicate the mood of the maker to the gods in heaven.
- The Chinese crane is second only to the phoenix in Chinese symbology. The prince of birds, the crane is venerated as a symbol of longevity and peace, giving it legendary status.
- One of the most recognisable of all Chinese symbols, the lion symbolises strength and stability, peace and prosperity and protection against harmful spirits. They represent one of the most auspicious good luck symbols

There are also two special symbols to look out for - the red lantern scatter and the warrior wild.

The red lantern has long been a symbol of harmony, happiness and wealth. Red is the colour the Chinese associate with energy and good fortune, hence its use in all good luck-themed pokies. The red lantern is always used to celebrate good fortune, including births and marriages, and there is even a Lantern Festival celebrated on 15 January to mark the Chinese New Year.

The warrior wild looks like one of the terracotta army come to life with his headdress and luxuriant facial hair. These terracotta figures were crafted to accompany China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, into the afterlife. 

How to play Lucky 88 ™ SLot

Lucky 88 ™ loads fast and is ready to play in seconds. Once the game screen appears, take the time to have a good look at the player interface. In this updated version of the game, you will play with the new-style mobile interface found on the right-hand side of the screen instead of the older desktop interface located under the reels.

You will see three circular icons grafted onto the right-hand side of the reels. Let’s take a closer look from top to bottom:

The gear icon: Clicking or tapping on this icon gives you access to the game settings and paytable info. 

Lines: By default, the game opens at the bet screen, allowing you to set your number of paylines and bet per line using an easy to manipulate slider. Unlike the older version of this pokie, you can choose to play on 1 or all 25 paylines, switching off paylines in increments of one as opposed to five in the original. The coloured tabs for selected paylines will be greyed out on the game screen.

Bets per line: Line bets run from 0.01 to 0.25 per spin, so you could play this game on one line for just 0.01 credits. The maximum bet is just 6.25 credits per spin, so Lucky 88 ™ is pitched squarely at the low roller.

Sounds: Click on the speaker icon to turn the sounds on and off. As is usual with pokies from this studio, whether you mute depends on how much you enjoy the old-school clunks and bleeps of a retro pokie or prefer your own playlist.

Autoplay: Choose any number of auto spins up to 100 in increments of five. As this is an older game, you won’t have the options to set single win and loss limits, so be sure to keep an eye on what your bankroll is doing while this pokie spins itself.

Info icon: Click on the i to access the paytable information. This gives you access to all the information you need about special symbols, paylines, game rules, bonus gameplay and payouts. It makes sense to get familiar with this info so that your pokie play has an added edge of enjoyment as you spot winning combos.

Moving down the screen, you’ll see the extra choice icon. Also known as power play, click or tap on this icon to activate this extra bet feature that can significantly boost your winnings from the game with some lucky multipliers. This costs you an extra five coins and you must play all 25 lines; however, the rewards are worth it and are what give this somewhat simple pokie such a high rating with players.

Finally, there is the spin button that will set your game in motion as soon as you have decided on a total bet and applied any other relevant settings. If you change your mind at the last minute, there is a quick link to the staking menu so that you can adjust your line bet with ease throughout the game.

Lucky 88 ™ pokie rules

- You can access the game rules through the game settings menu. 
- All wins pay left to right except for scatters, which can appear anywhere on the reels.
- Highest only payline win is awarded.
- Scatter wins are added to payline wins.
- The wild substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter.
- Substitute wins can be multiplied by between 2x and 88x.

Lucky 88 ™ paytable explained

The paytable has existed for almost as long as pokies themselves. This is where you can access the information you need to enrich your playing experience. Developers like to keep it as simple as possible so that they get players engaged rather than turning them away.

Basically, the paytable lets you know the payouts you can expect when you land a collection of matching symbols on a featured payline. Understanding these icons is critical to understanding the game you are about to play, with knowing which special symbols you are on the lookout for really deepening your understanding and enjoyment.

Paytables matter because they explain the game, acting as an instruction manual. Diving in without knowing what you are doing could lead to you making an expensive mistake or making the wrong decision in a pressure situation. Taking a few minutes to go over the information in the paytable makes the difference between aimlessly spinning the reels without really knowing what is going on and knowing which symbols to root for and when you have hit a significant winning combo.

Let’s click or tap on the i icon to access the Lucky 88 ™ paytable and take a deep dive into what it all means:

Wise warrior wild: wilds are the workhorses of the pokie world and do some serious heavy lifting in this game, as they pay a cash prize of 888x when you land five on the reels. Wilds are a substitution symbol that can replace any symbol in a game to complete new winning combos. Our wise warrior can also deliver some tasty multiplier wins of up to 88x your bet when they are part of a winning combo.

Red lantern scatter: alongside the wild, players are always on the lookout for the scatter symbol because these usually unlock free spins or some other type of bonus feature. The red lantern pays a cash prize up to 188x for five of a kind, which is multiplied by the bet per line and the number of lines played. Three or more scatters will trigger the free spins, which can be played with or without the extra choice feature; however, the additional bet makes them far more lucrative. You will choose between one of four free spins features that range in volatility from low to high depending on the number of spins and the attached multiplier.

You will notice that all the paytable symbols pay out in amounts that include an eight, and there is a good reason for this. Eight is a lucky number in China and any number containing it is viewed as auspicious. The more eights there are, the luckier the number is - hence Lucky 88 ™. The guardian lion, crane and totem pole are the highest paying symbols in this pokie, paying 88x for 5 of a kind on a winning payline. The drum and pagoda carry a top prize of 78x for five on the reels, while the king and the ace deliver a 68x return for five of a kind.

Lucky 88 ™ paylines explained

Traditional three-reel pokies featured one payline, right across the centre of the reels; now, as games have progressed into the video age and then migrated online, paylines have proliferated and it is not unusual to find games offering up to 100 lines in various patterns across the reels. You will still find horizontal lines, but they have now been joined by diagonals, zigzag and other symmetrical patterns and even vertical paylines in some modern pokies. 

You will have the option to play just 1 or all 25 paylines in this pokie. Clearly, the more paylines you play, the more opportunities you will have to land multiple winning combinations across the different lines. This means the more you spin, the more you will have the potential to win - and the more each spin will cost.

This is why it pays to know your paytable before you start playing. You will learn valuable intel about the number of paylines and their location - Lucky 88 ™ makes it easy for you by tagging each payline with a coloured marker - plus the paytable symbols and the payouts you can expect when matching combos land on a featured line.

Why are paylines important? You will need to give them very careful consideration as once you start playing, those 25 lines are going to have a big impact on your enjoyment of the game, your bankroll, and the return you get on each winning spin. Opt for fewer lines and you will reduce the amount of your line bet; however, you won’t be able to access the biggest prizes playing Lucky 88 ™ as you will need to have extra choice and all paylines activated.

Paylines are predetermined and completely static, so you can’t influence them in any way. For each one you play, you will have to place a bet, which can end up eating through your bankroll in minutes. The minimum bet to cover all 25 lines is 0.25 based on paying a 0.01 coin value, which should put this game within the scope of most casual players. Where pokies can get tricky is when you introduce the concept of coin values, as players can find themselves inadvertently betting too high. This is another reason to check out the paytable and paylines with a fine-tooth comb.

Paylines are there to help you score a winning combination, so it makes sense to play with all 25 active here. Experiment with the slider bars to come up with a stake that enables you to cover 50 spins - the dynamic slider will calculate your total bet for you so that you don’t make any mistakes. Only when you have placed your total bet will you be able to spin this pokie and start playing for virtual cash or real money prizes.

How to win when playing Lucky 88 ™

Winning at pokies is all about landing those winning combinations of matching symbols - in this game, from three to five of a kind will reward you with a payout. In most pokies, you won’t have an opportunity to influence the volatility of your game; however, this pokie gives you two different ways to have an impact on the RTP and the volatility, either by taking the side bet or by your choice of free spins and multipliers in the bonus feature.

Volatility is basically a measure of risk v reward. Lucky 88 ™ is in a medium-high variance game, which means you can expect fewer low-value base game wins and very big wins from the bonus features. These can be even bigger if you opt for the extra choice feature, which also impacts the RTP and raises it from 89.81 per cent, which is very low for a pokie, to 95.60 per cent, which represents an above-average return on your stake. High volatility pokies demand a great deal of patience and you will need a sizeable bankroll to sit through a series of spins that come up blank.

Let’s assume that you will take the side bet and play for the largest available prizes. Hit the free spins bonus and you will be presented with the following choices:

- 25 free games with wild multipliers up to 18x.
- 15 free games with wild multipliers between 8x and 38x.
- 8 free games with wild multipliers between 18x and 88x.
- 4 free games with wild multipliers at 88x.
It is fairly apparent that opting for a higher number of spins with the lowest multiplier is the low volatility choice, as you are risking very little and giving yourself the best possible chance to land a series of payouts; what’s more, an 18x multiplier is capable of delivering a good RTP when you land it with the higher paytable symbols. At the other end of the risk/reward continuum are those four free games but with the highly tempting possibility of landing a high paytable win where you can earn 88x your stake. 

When it comes to volatility, you will often find that you will come out with very similar results from any given session - it is just the getting there that differs. If you are an adrenaline junkie, those huge wins can be compelling and that is the style of gameplay on offer here. It can be as dangerous as a box of firecrackers; however, if you bet bravely and opt for the high volatility spins, you can get the best out of this legendary pokie.

 Lucky 88 ™ gamble feature 

Some versions of this pokie come with a gamble feature that can double or even quadruple your spins. This is a simple card match gamble that can be played in two ways:

- Match the colour of the card - red or black - to double your win.
- Match the suit of the card - diamond, heart, club or spade - to quadruple your win.

You can gamble any win up to five times, which gives you the opportunity to significantly boost your winnings. 

Lucky 88 Power Pay ™

Lucky 88 ™ is a Power Pay ™ title from Aristocrat, which features a wide range of bonus options for players to take advantage of. As such, players have multiple chances to win generous cash prizes in several different ways. To trigger the Power Pay feature, you have to add an extra 5 coins to your wager. This is done simply by clicking on the Extra Choice button.

This exciting bonus feature is triggered when three lanterns appear across the reels. There are several free games available, or players can choose to roll the dice for an extra exciting gamble and even greater cash prizes. Very Generous Wild In Lucky 88 ™, the wise man is the wild symbol, he substitutes for all other symbols in order to help you create winning combinations as you spin the reels.

When he is involved in a winning combination, he can award a random multiplier: x2, x3, x5, x8, x18, x38 or x88. He can also award a prize of 888 when matched with other wild symbols. Multiplier wilds are always a great addition to any online pokie. They really amp up the excitement, as they make for more generous winnings.

It is a simple way to make an average online pokie thrilling, and players definitely enjoy being given the chance to earn bigger wins. Lucky 88 Extra Choice When selecting your bet, you can choose to select the Extra Choice option (but only if you have wagered on all 25 paylines). This adds 5 coins to your wager, and it is the only way to trigger extra bonus features during the Free Spins game.

The following free games are available with the Extra Choice feature:

  • 25 Free Games: when a wild is involved in a win, the prize is multiplied by 5x or 18x
  • 15 Free Games: when a wild is involved in a win, the prize is multiplied by 8x or 38x
  • 8 Free Games: when a wild is involved in a win, the prize is multiplied by 18x or 88x
  • 4 Free Games: when a wild is involved in a win, the prize is multiplied by 88x

It is always great when an online pokie allows you to pick your free spins round. This essentially allows you to decide on your own volatility. If you want a low risk option, then you should go for 5 free spins, even though it has a lower multiplier. If you want a higher risk experience, then it's best to go for the option with 4 free spins and the 88x multiplier. With these types of free spins bonuses, the game developer puts fate in your hands.

Dice Game Bonus

There is also a fun dice game that is awarded, in which 8 dice are rolled for the chance to provide you with extra cash prizes. For every 8 that appears on the dice, you are awarded a cash prize.

Exciting Experience

Lucky 88 ™ offers players a very engaging and exciting experience. You can count on triggering plenty of winning combinations during the base game, thanks to the number of paylines and the generous wild symbol. Over the course of 100 spins playing the NYX demo game, we earned over 200 coins – many of which were due to the generous multipliers awarded by the wild symbol.

We did not trigger the free spins game – but, hopefully, you’ll have more luck!

Lucky 88 On Mobile – Apps, iPhone, Android

Lucky 88 is an online pokie that you can play on desktop and mobile devices, and there is no difference between the two versions. Both games feature vibrant graphics and fast-paced gampeplay. If you prefer to play Lucky 88 from your desktop computer, you’ll be able to give the game a spin directly within your web browser. It is a flash-based game so it will load almost instantly.

However, if you want to play on your mobile device, tablets and smartphones don’t run flash games. So, you’ll have to play Lucky 88 via an app like Heart of Vegas from Aristocrat. This downloadable mobile app provides you with access to all of Aristocrat’s most popular games. It is a very small download, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up much space on your device.

If You Enjoy Lucky 88 Pokies, You’ll Love…

While Lucky 88 is a unique pokie in terms of its appeal, there are many other games that are quite similar that you’re sure to enjoy. Here are some of our recommendations:

Fu Dao Le This online pokie also features a Chinese luck theme. Developed by Bally Technologies, this game features stunning graphics and generous multipliers.

Fa Fa Fa A fun and exciting online slot from Genesis Gaming, Fa Fa Fa offers players fun and excitement as they spin the reels. It is a simple game with just three reels but offers up all sorts of generous prize worth up to 100x.

50 Dragons 50 Dragons is another Aristocrat classic pokie. As its name suggest, this game features 50 generous paylines and it features a beautiful and vibrant theme. The game offers up a generous free spins round as well.

Choy Sun Doa With a vibrant Asian theme, Choy Sun Doa is one of Aristocrat’s most popular pokies. This 243 Ways to Win game offers up plenty of generous winning potential, and there’s a huge 1000x prize up top.

Fa Cai Shen Fa Cai Shen is a gorgeous online pokie from Habanero. The game features a generous format with 28 paylines and provides players with several progressive jackpots that offer up very impressive prizes.

Dragon Dance. This Microgaming-powered online pokie features 243 ways to win and offers up impressive winning potential. If you’re lucky, you can trigger the free spins round during which all wins are tripled.

Double Happiness Double Happiness is another hit pokie from Aristocrat. With 20 paylines, the game offers up many chances to win big and you can earn some great prizes from the free spins round.

Lucky 88 ™ RNGs 

When you are playing online pokies, how do you know that they are fair and above board? However well you do your due diligence, could the casino you play at be rigged?

You are actually probably better off playing online pokies than in a land-based casino. This is because online casino games are regularly audited and have independently verified random number generators. This mathematically-based software spits out random numbers every time you spin the reels, guaranteeing that each spin is truly randomised and cannot be influenced in any way, such as by using the space bar to end a spin early.

These highly-sophisticated RNGs are regularly checked for any signs of tampering and guarantee that your spins are fair and can only be replicated by pure chance. There is no such thing as a lucky streak, as every spin is fully randomised by the algorithms behind your online pokies.

Lucky 88 ™ hints and tips - setting your budget 

Every successful pokie player knows that watertight bankroll management is the way to get the best out of every spin session. There are a few ways to set a budget and ensure that you live to spin another day.

Great players never spin with money they can’t afford to lose; therefore, your bankroll budget should be based on the money you can afford to lose once you have cleared all those important outgoings, such as the rent. Once you are covered, decide how big a bankroll you are willing to commit to Lucky 88 ™. We recommend looking at the paytable and working out what stake would comfortable allow you to cover 50 spins.

In more sophisticated pokies, you can use the single win and loss limits attached to auto spins to micromanage your games. Lucky 88 ™ doesn't offer such functionality, so you will need to keep a beady eye on that wise old warrior. Try setting a time limit for your spins instead so that you don’t lose track of those empty spins and their associated losses.

Lucky 88 – 150 Spin Experience

Our 150 Spin Experience provides players with the chance to find out what the gameplay of Lucky 88 is like without having to play the game. We take an in-depth look at the slot over the course of 150 spins to give you an idea of what it is like to play this popular Aristocrat pokie.

Our bet

Lucky 88 offers up a wide betting range, and we set out bet to $3. This includes the Extra Choice wager, which adds an extra five coins on top of the total stake as an ante bet.

Graphics and gameplay

Like all Aristocrat pokies, Lucky 88 loads very quickly, so you’re not waiting too long before you can give the game a spin. You also have the option to play with out without sound, which is a handy feature so you don’t have to toggle with your own device’s setting. The graphics are simple but vibrant, while there aren’t very many sound effects

Our winnings

During our experience playing Lucky 88, we cashed in a on fair number of wins. While most of the prize were worth about 2x our wager, there were quite a few prizes worth 10x and more. So, this game certainly lives up to its reputation as a medium volatility game.


We were lucky enough to trigger the bonus round, landing three scatters. At first, it didn’t seem like the right decision, as our first few rolls didn’t result in any wins. However, we trigger the 3 More Rounds option and were able to cash in on some impressive wins. All in all, we earned $362, which is actually the most we’ve won in any of our 150 spin experiences.

The dice game might seem simple but it is actually very fun. It presents a new way for players to cash in on bonuses prizes, and it has the potential to award some very generous wins. It’s actually quite uncommon for classic pokies to feature this kind of bonus, so it is definitely worth choosing this option if you manage to trigger the bonus game.

Land-Based Origins

In land-based casinos, Lucky 88 ™ is a Viridian cabinet. In addition to being a modern game console, it is also remarkable for its carbon footprint. Viridian cabinets are designed to use up less energy than the average electronic gaming device. As casinos across the world use up a great deal of electric energy, it is important for game designers like Viridian to show their commitment to being ‘green’.

This is one of the first Aristocrat titles to make its way into the online casino world. Slot machines like Lucky 88 ™ have become incredibly popular worldwide, and it is no wonder that developers like Aristocrat have decided to launch these titles at online gambling websites courtesy of NYX Gaming Group. As such, the game is likely to attract online gamers in addition to those who have played the game in land-based venue around the world.

Lucky 88 ™ rating and recommendations

Lucky 88 ™ has become something of a classic, having ported over from one of Aristocrat’s popular land-based pokies. Its traditional Asian theme and retro-style sounds and visuals combine to deliver a compelling and enthralling pokie with plenty of action and huge potential.

It may seem unusual to rate such a simple game so highly; however, simplicity in pokies is definitely to be prized, especially if you want to play your games across multiple platforms and devices. While you might spend half an hour wrestling to get to grips with a more complex game packed with endless bonus features, Lucky 88 ™ does exactly what it says on the tin. The special symbols to root for are clear and easy to spot and have clearly delineated functions. The potential is huge and the entire pokie delivers just the right blend of entertainment and thrills to make this game such a classic - and a true guilty pleasure.

Why you should play Lucky 88 ™ pokie

- Simple yet attractive game design.
- Seamless mobile play.
- A compelling side bet mechanism for greater rewards.
- Plenty of bonus action with wilds, multipliers, free spins and more.
- Great pokie for beginners.
- Range of bets to suit every style of player.
- Traditional Asian theme.
- Fully optimised for mobile play with a streamlined player interface.
- Retro sounds and visuals.

More About Aristocrat Pokies

One of the aristocrats of the gaming world, this studio was founded by Len Ainsworth - who now runs the eponymous game studio - way back in 1953 as a land-based gaming concern.

An innovator from the start, Aristocrat delivered some game-changing technology with its very first machine, the Clubmaster. Featuring a free play lock and self-lubricating reel bearings, this was a true game-changer that kicked off decades of revolutionary cabinets and the games that went with them. 

The Virtuality Reel followed in the 1980s, then the MK Gaming System in 1995. The Hyperlink Gaming System is acknowledged as the most valuable piece of Australian intellectual property ever commercialised and the company was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1996.

When it comes to having an online presence, Aristocrat was relatively late to the party; however, when it made its move, it did it in style, acquiring the online gaming company Product Madness and moving into the non-regulated digital game market. Branded pokies followed based on popular TV shows such as Sons of Anarchy and Walking Dead. In 2017, Plarium Global came on board to add free to play mobile and social games such as Vikings War of Clans to the portfolio. It strengthened its digital game still further in 2018 when Big Fish came on board with its free to play mobile games such as Cooking Craze and Gummy Drop.

Aristocrat software is found at some of the very best online casinos globally, and the company claims to have been the first-ever software studio to release an Egyptian-themed pokie with Queen of the Nile. This is a game that shares quite a lot of its DNA with Lucky 88 ™; in fact, games from this studio have a strong and distinctive look. You will always see card royals with their distinctive crowns and jewels in these games, for example, giving them a distinctive, branded look. Likewise, many of the pokies have a classic soundtrack of bleeps and thunks as the reels spin, which is guaranteed to take the older player straight back to the days of land-based fruit machines.

This studio also has a reputation for creating five-reel Asian-themed pokies such as Lucky 88 ™ and the Choy Sun Doa online pokie, a popular game with 243 ways to win and the opportunity to win 1,000x your stake on any spin. 

If you want to experience a classic pokie machine vibe from the comfort of your sofa, Aristocrat games are well worth a spin. They may not feature the good looks or bonus features of more contemporary pokies, but the gameplay is so well designed and rock-solid that they will always put a smile on your face and some fun money in your bankroll.

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Lucky 88 FAQs

Can I Play Lucky 88 For Free? Yes, via the Heart of Vegas App.
Does Lucky 88 Have Free Spins? The Lucky 88 free spins round can be triggered when three scatter symbols appear. If you make the Extra Choice bet, you’ll be able to choose from four different options.
How do I trigger the bonus features in Lucky 88? There are three special symbols in Lucky 88™: - the wise warrior wild, the red lantern scatter and the drum bonus. Land these symbols on the reels and you will create new winning combinations or unlock a pick and win bonus with multipliers or the free spins with multipliers. Opt for the extra choice side bet in Lucky 88 ™ to open up some huge wins.
Can I Download Lucky 88? Lucky 88 can be played directly in your web browser but if you’d like a free Lucky 88 download, you can play on the Heart of Vegas app.

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