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Lucky Count

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Lucky Count ™ Slot Review

Aristocrat is always ahead of the curve when it comes to deciding which themes will best captivate poker machine fans. So, we’re not surprised that Lucky Count was a huge hit in land-based casinos and clubs way before the vampire film trend emerged a few years ago. The Lucky Count pokie from Aristocrat is a hugely popular game that is very popular among players at clubs and pubs across the country. Linked to from this page is a external demo version of the game found on - we have no affiliation with either or Aristocrat.

Lucky Count ™ Land-Based Origins

If you’ve ever played at a local pokie club or casino, it is likely that you have encountered the Lucky Count poker machine. The game has made a great impression on pokie players across Australia, as it offers up a great gaming experience. Recently, Aristocrat has started creating pokies for the online casino market. The first step towards creating a great collection of free online pokies was to convert its most popular land-based games into digital versions. Along with big hits like Queen of the Nile ™ and Where's the Gold ™, Lucky Count made the cut. It is now one of the best-performing Aristocrat pokies in the online casino world.

Lucky Count

Lucky Count ™ Theme

In the Lucky Count online pokie from Aristocrat, all of the symbols do a great job of conveying the Transylvania theme. There are sinister-looking castles, candelabras, chalices of blood and vampire bats.

Lucky Count ™ Paylines and Bets

Lucky Count is a 25-payline online pokie, which offers players plenty of opportunities to trigger winning combinations. Players are also provided with a wide range of betting options: 1c, 2c, 4c, 5c, 8c and 10c. As such, this game should appeal to both high roller players and casual gamers. It is particularly suited for penny pokie fans, who are eager to stick to a strict gaming budget while still being able to trigger generous prizes.

Lucky Count ™ Payouts

Each symbol offers up its own generous prizes, which pay out fairly frequently. The following top prizes are available from each symbol:

  • Rose: 1000 coins
  • Door knocker: 500 coins
  • Wolf: 400 coins
  • Chalice of blood: 300 coins
  • Candelabra: 200 coins

After any winning combination, you can gamble your prize. The Gamble round is a guessing game, in which you predict the next card drawn. If you guess the colour correctly, then your prize will be doubled. If you guess the suit correctly, then your prize will be quadrupled!

Lucky Count ™ Bonus Feature

The vampire and bat symbols are the wild, which help to substitute for other symbols in order to create winning combinations. So, for example, if two rose symbols and a wild symbol appear on a single payline, then the wild will count as a rose and award a winning combination. If a winning combination is already available and a wild appears on the same payline, then the wild will increase the win. This is great because there are two wild symbols, whereas most online pokies only have one. Overall, this helps to increase the volatility of the game and boosts the excitement of the gameplay. The vampire symbol is quite unique. In addition to being a wild symbol, it also offers up bonus wins. So, whenever a vampire symbol appears, all wins are repeated for each vampire and bat symbols that are on the reels. It also pays out two-of-a-kind prizes, which helps to increase the volatility of the game and make the experience more exciting for players.

Lucky Count ™ Scatter Prizes

The castle is the scatter symbol, which pays out prizes at all times. It does not have to appear in groups on a particular payline; so long as three or more scatters appear anywhere on the reels, it pays out a generous prize. The scatter also triggers the free spins round. When three, four of five scatter symbols appear on the reels, they trigger, 15, 25 or 40 spins – respectively. During this round, players receive hugely generous multipliers. Whenever a vampire symbol appears on the reels during this round, the player receives a 3x multiplier for every vampire or bat symbol on the reels. Players can retrigger the free spins game up to 15 times in a row, so there is the potential for some fantastic bonus prizes to be accumulated! For these reasons, Lucky Count continues to be one of the most popular pokies in the gaming world. With fantastic bonuses and engaging graphics, this Aristocrat title is certainly worth a few spins.

Play Lucky Count ™ Slot Online for Real Money

Aristocrat online games are not available to play for real money everywhere in the world - they are available for real money play only in regulated European and North American territories only. We recommend the social app Heart of Vegas ™ for those of you in territories where Aristocrat games are not yet available in real money. 

How to Play Lucky Count Pokies

Lucky Count is a very straightforward pokie, and it’s reminiscent of the games you’d find on the floors of the biggest Las Vegas casino. If you’ve never played pokies before, fear not. This game may have a creepy theme, but getting to grips with it is a breeze. To start, you need to decide how may paylines you want in play, and this is done by using the plus and minus buttons on the far left of the screen. Once you’ve chosen how many of the 25 paylines to activate, you can move on to setting your line bet. Clicking the plus and minus buttons here will help you fix your line bet amount, and when you are ready to play, just hit the Play button to the right.

This button will then turn red and become the Stop button once the reels are rolling, and you have some semblance of control as to when you want the reels to come to a halt. Some players think this gives them the edge, but remember that the reels do take some time to slow down completely; they don’t just immediately halt when you click Stop. Alternatively, you can let the game decide when the reels will stop spinning if you prefer. If you want to play up to 100 spins automatically, this can be done by selecting the AutoPlay option. On the left side of the Play button, you’ll see a plus and minus button that toggles through from 1 to 100 spins. If you click this and hit Play, the reels will spin for the predetermined number of turns, and all wins will be added to your balance as you go. The upside of this is that the game plays out faster and you land more wins in a shorter period of time, but you don’t have access to the Gamble Feature after every win as the spins just keep on coming.

How To Win in Lucky Count Pokies

With not one but two Wild symbols in play, Lucky Count makes winning really easy. Add to that the Scatters that not only pay out but also trigger the free spins, and it’s easy to see why this one of Aristocrat’s more rewarding pokies. To get a normal win, you simply need to land three or more matching symbols on a payline running from left to right. All line wins must start from left to right, and your payout is multiplied by your line bet.

With the Scatter pays, winning combinations must start on the leftmost reel and move rightward, and all wins are added to your balance after they have been multiplied by the number of Scatters. A full breakdown of what every symbol rewards you with for combinations of three or more is available on the game’s paytable. This can be accessed by clicking the i, or information, button at the base of the reels. On the pay table, each symbol is displayed with the winning amounts for landing three, four or five, and the Wilds and Scatter payouts are also explained. You don’t need to check this paytable as the game will highlight any winning combinations that land and add the win to your balance, but it is always a good idea to familiarise yourself with what symbols are worth the most, and which special symbols to keep an eye out for.

The maximum jackpot payout in Lucky Count is an astounding 100,000, and the Gamble Feature is capped at an equally impressive 25,000. Players who have bet real money in this pokie have 90 days to claim winnings if the game window was closed and the cash out was not processed. Any funds not claimed are donated to charity if the window is not reopened in the 90-day period.

Graphics in Lucky Count Pokies

Lucky Count is a very stock standard online pokies game in terms of graphics, and it stays true to the land-based games in look and feel. This is by no means a bad thing, but if you were expecting slick artwork and state-of-the-art cut scenes and animations, that’s not what you’ll be getting. The graphics are bold and crisp, the colours vibrant and the theme well executed.

The pokie opens with an image of the Count himself, and this sets the scene for what’s to come. The opening scene then forms the backdrop to the game and the reels float mid-screen, with each one featuring a yellow background that perfectly complements the dark blue backing. The symbols are well rendered and clearly defined, and the rich use of colour makes them very easy on the eye. They are not hugely detailed, but they are so well designed that they are immediately identifiable. Subtle animations are included throughout, lightning illuminates the Count and gold coins rain down when you win big. This pokie is a good-looking one, and it perfectly meets the expectations of what a good, land-based-machine-inspired game should look like!

RTP and Volatility of Lucky Count Pokies

The RTP of Lucky Count is a very decent 94.98%, and this is a clear indication that the game will reward players on a regular basis. The RTP, which stand for Return to Player, is a theoretically percentage that the developer determines based on how often a pokie will pay out for every 100 wagered. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ll win over 94% of the time, but it does mean that regular wins will be yours. As far as volatility goes, this game sits perfectly in the middle. Low-volatility pokies pay out smaller sums very frequently, while their high counterparts pay out far less often, but when they do, the sums are generous. Medium-volatility games like this one are the perfect middle ground, and they pay out regularly with decent sized wins. You won’t burn through your bankroll chasing that one big payout, but you won’t rack up very small wins quickly, either. This adds the perfect element of suspense to your gaming and makes it all the more exciting.

Tips, Hints and Tricks for Playing Lucky Count Pokies

When you play pokies online, you have to remember that these are, at their core, the quintessential games of chance. In days gone by, the games consisted of spinning drums with symbols and numbers on them, and each drum or reel spun independently so results were impossible to predict. These days, all pokies, both online and offline, are powered by Random Number Generator software. This RNG software is designed to ensure that the results of each spin are completely random and unbiased and that they cannot be predicted. The results of one spin have no bearing on the one before it or the one after, and the element of chance is always retained. There is no move a player can make and no skill that can be used to change the outcome of a spin to something different. How can players boost their chances of a win? Easy!

We are here to help you out and give you the edge… Let’s start with paylines and line bets. When you play any online pokie, you should always activate the maximum number of paylines if they are not already fixed, and you should place the maximum coin bet. Some games actually make this easy with a Max Button, but in some cases, you’ll need to set your bets manually. By activating the max number of paylines, you stand the most chances of landing a winning combination on every spin. There is nothing more frustrating than missing out on a win simply because you didn’t activate a payline! Playing the max bet is much the same; all wins are your bet multiplied by the line win, and the bigger the bet, the higher the payout.

By having all the paylines active and the largest possible bet placed, your chances of the biggest possible win are potentially just a spin away. Then we have the fallacy of hot and cold pokies. Due to the use of RNGs in pokies, there is no way a game is ever due a payout - or hot - and just because it has recently paid out doesn’t mean it is cold and won’t do so again soon. Hot and cold pokies are a myth; the way you win is completely random and a game is never overdue to pay out! Before you play any pokie or play any casino game whatsoever, you should always play it for free first. Not only do you then have ample opportunity to work out if the game suits you and you enjoy it without risking a cent, but you also get to familiarise yourself with it.

This way, you don’t have to pay to learn, and you can make any rookie mistakes without denting your budget! We recommend that you play between 100 and 150 spins before you swap over to real-money gaming so you’ll know exactly what you’re doing. Better yet, play for free at the stakes you’d play for real money so you get the best idea of what’s in store. When you do decide to play for real money, you need to be smart. Set yourself a gambling budget before you begin, and do not allocate any money to it that you cannot afford to lose. You must stick to this budget and always play responsibly; otherwise, you may end up in trouble. If you are not having a good day and wins are not coming your way, beware of chasing losses.

This means that you blow your bankroll in the quest for a big win that never comes. Avoid this and stick to free-play games if Lady Luck has left you alone for a while! When you are having a lucky streak or you’ve had a good day spinning the reels, set aside some of your winnings. You can add them back to your gaming budget, or you can cash them out and spend them; avoid playing them back as you may lose the all. Pokies are phenomenally fun and because they are games of chance, you need to always remember that you could win or you could lose, so looking at any windfalls as a bonus is a very smart way to play.

Playing Lucky Count Pokies On Mobile

Lucky Count is a great game to play on mobile and tablet as it’s been optimised for play on all sizes of screens and operating systems and is available in browsers. On top of that, its bold, clear graphics look great and its interface is easy to navigate. This pokie may be a good few years old, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be enjoyed on any device. Aristocrat are masters at ensuring that their games can be played across all platform, and this one is no different. Mobile gaming has become hugely popular in recent years, and any developer that does not optimise their games will fall behind. Aristocrat has a wealth of popular titles, and you can access them with ease at your convenience. Lucky Count really does deliver on any device, and the game is completely scalable to offer a premium entertainment experience anywhere, any time.

Our Lucky Count Pokies Experience

What can we say? This online pokie really blew us away. Its eerie theme is well executed and its more classic Vegas look and feel is perfect for those who prefer the less flashy games that are still action-packed and enjoyable. As always, we opted to first try spinning the reels at the maximum bet manually, but after a while, we swapped over to the AutoPlay mode. We preferred the manual option as that gave us the choice of activating the Gamble Feature at random after a win.

This feature is loads of fun, but beware: you may find you get carried away and before you know it, you could be losing all of your wins. Play with caution, and if your gut says to cash out, take the money and run! Overall, we have to say that this pokie delivers exactly what it promises. It's long been a favourite of Aristocrat fans who enjoy the darker theme and the simple setup, and it’s got more than enough bonus features to keep anyone happy. We highly recommend that you give it a spin. When you play for free, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Lucky Count Pokies FAQ

Can I Play Lucky Count Pokies For Free?

Yes, you can! At Online Pokies 4U, you can play Lucky Count for free, and there is never any financial obligation required whatsoever. All our games are ready and waiting to be enjoyed, and you don’t ever need to worry about money. You can enjoy Lucky Count and other vampire-themed games like Blood Suckers online pokie, or you can choose from hundreds of other top-rated games featuring themes as rich and varied as you can imagine.

How Long Can I Play Lucky Count Pokies For?

At Online Pokies 4U, you can spin the reels for as long as you like. There is no need to set a time limit on fun if you stick to playing with us.

Does Lucky Count Pokies Include Free Spins?

Yes! There are a fang-tastic 40 free spins up for grabs, so you can really sink your teeth into this bonus game. Landing three or more of the Scatters anywhere on the reels triggers the free spins.

Can I Win Real Money Playing Lucky Count Pokies?

You can win real money, but you need to play this pokie at a real-money casino in order to do so. You’ll also have to make a deposit and place a real-money bet in order to potentially claim real wins.

Can I Play Lucky Count Pokies Without Making a Deposit?

Yes! At Online Pokies 4U, no deposit of any kind whatsoever is required. You can play any of our pokies without making any commitment!

Can I Download Lucky Count Pokies?

No, this pokie is playable in your web browser. No software download is required to play it, and as long as you are connected to the internet, you can spin the reels.

Do Lucky Count Pokies Have a Progressive Jackpot?

No. This pokie has a fixed jackpot that does not grow over time. Progressive jackpots grow with every bet that is placed in the game, so the sum you could win at any time is always changing. In Lucky Count, you know exactly what payouts could come your way.

Are the Results in Lucky Count Pokies Fair?

Yes, they are determined by an RNG that Aristocrat has certified as fair by an independent third party. This way, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that every spin of the reels is unbiased and random!

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Pokie Name: Lucky Count
Software: Aristocrat
Themes: Halloween, Horror
Volatility: Medium Volatility
Gameinfo features: 5 Reels Free Spins Gamble Medium volatility Scatter Symbol
Paylines: 25
Reels: 5
Min Bet: 0.25
Max Bet: 25
Top Win: 2000
RTP: 94.98%