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Geisha ™ Introduction

Geisha is a beautifully-designed poker machine from Aristocrat. Originally released in the land-based gambling market, Geisha pokies captivated club and pub patrons from across the country. When Aristocrat finally made its online debut, Geisha was one of the first games that the developer brought into the digital world.

Now, the game is not only available at online casinos but also in the iTunes Marketplace. Asian-themed Pokies are hugely popular and we have a number on site that you may like if you love this game - check out Cherry Blossoms and Thai Dragon to start with. Linked to from this page is a external demo version of the game found on - we have no affiliation with either or Aristocrat.

You may think the Asian-themed pokie market is oversaturated, but this game should be a staple if you are a fan of this type of design.
Geisha Theme 

The geisha theme of this pokie is very popular among online casinos. The symbol of the geisha is highly featured in Japanese history, and these performers have been a big part of this culture’s traditions since the early 1600s. 

A geisha is a female entertainer who would perform her routines at social gatherings, earning a lot of respect. They were known to be highly skilled in dancing and singing, as well as being musicians and calligraphers. To be a geisha, a woman would have to start training at a young age and learn the craft as they grew up. 

Geisha ™ Land-Based Origins

For years, Geisha was only available as a land-based poker machine. While it is a very popular title that can be found at a wide range of land-based venues like casinos and pokie clubs, many players still wished for the game to make an appearance online. There was a huge demand for this title in the online market.

So, when Aristocrat started launching online pokies at gambling sites, Geisha was one of the first games to make the transition in the online casino world. Now, it is a fan favourite at a wide range of online casinos and gambling sites.


Beautiful Graphics

The most remarkable feature of Geisha is its graphics. The design of the game is vibrant and mystical, immersing players in the unique gaming environment and stays true to the Japanese origins of the Geisha. The colour scheme features cool tones, and the overall look is very calming and beautiful. Aristocrat’s design team has done a great job in creating a very lovely look for this online game.

The Geisha Theme

The geisha theme is quite popular when it comes to online pokies, and you’ll find plenty of games that feature these legendary performers. Here, we’ll take a look at what makes Geishas so intriguing, and give you a better understanding of this unique theme. Geishas originated during the early days of Japanese history, and date all the way back to the 600s.

They were female entertainers who performed at high-class social gatherings and by the 18th Century, the profession became highly recognised and reputable. Geishas were known to be highly skilled singers, dancers, musicians, poets and calligraphers. To become a geisha, women would train from a very young age and taught the craft.

They would begin by observing experienced geishas as they worked before moving on top a five-year apprenticeship. There are three in-depth modules to training as a geisha: arts, entertainment and social skills. Most geishas get their full certification by the time they are 20 or 21 years old. While you may not see many geishas around, the art is still practiced.

You’ll find that there are still some geisha houses (okiya) in Japan and other countries around the world. At one point there were over 800 000 geishas in existence, but the numbers have dwindled. Nowadays, they are very rare.   

How to Play Geisha 

Geisha pokie has 20 paylines and a format taken from traditional poker machines. You can place your wager on each payline and then trigger all 20 to make your experience more profitable. These paylines aren’t fixed, so you can change them at any time to play with increased or decreased amounts of money. The options for paylines are 1, 5, 10 or 15. Pick the one that suits your budget the best to enjoy the game the most. 

On the mobile version of Geisha pokie, you can bet anywhere from $0.02 on each payline, which is turned into money credits in the game. The game will allow you to place 10 to 20 money credits in each line. 

Geisha ™ Features and Paylines

With 20 paylines, Geisha features a traditional poker machine format. Players must wager on each payline individually, and triggering all 20 paylines results in the most profitable experience for players. However, if you wish to wager on fewer than 20 paylines, you can wager on 1, 5, 10 or 15 – whatever suits your budget best!

In the land-based version of the game, players can wager upwards of $.02 per payline and the mobile version allows players to wager 10 to 20 play-money credits.

What is the RTP of Geisha Pokies?

Geisha from Aristocrat features and RTP of 95.12%. This payout percentage refers to the amount of money that players can earn for every £100 they spend. It is also a higher volatility slot. What this means is that wins will come around less often than they would on the average game, but they are more generous. As such, this type of game is more suited towards players with higher bank rolls.

Since you might be waiting a while in between wins, a player with a smaller budget may deplete their bank roll in the meantime – so, it’s best to play lower-risk games that pay out smaller wins more frequently.

Geisha ™ Payouts

Each symbol offers players unique bonuses and payouts, with the Geisha symbol offering up the most generous cash prize. The dragon and the flower offer substantially smaller prizes, which are doubled whenever the Geisha symbol substitutes in their winning combinations. In most pokies, wild symbols do not increase prizes, but Geisha’s wild symbol does things a little bit differently.

It is great that the wild symbol offers a 2x multiplier, as it helps to increase the overall payouts for players and helps to keep them engaged in the gameplay. The following top prizes are available from each symbol:

  • Geisha: 800 coins
  • Dragon: 750 coins
  • Flower: 750 coins
  • Fan: 400 coins
  • Mountain: 250 coins
  • Crane: 250 coins

Another great thing about these symbols is that they don’t require a minimum of a 3-of-kind winning combination. Many of these symbols will pay out if only 2 like symbols appear on the same payline. So, if just two geishas, dragons or flowers appear on a single payline, then you will still win a payout. This helps to increase the volatility and makes for a very exciting gaming experience.

Whenever you hit a winning combination, you’ll have the chance to gamble it. Click one of the two Gamble buttons (they both do the same thing) beside the Take Win button, and you’ll be taken to a card game. Select a colour or suit, and the card will be revealed. If you match the suit, your prize will be multiplied by 4. If you match the colour, your prize will be multiplied by 2.

You can gamble the same prize as many times as you like, but it is recommended that you don’t try more than 5 times in a row, as it does tend to get quite risky. The gamble feature isn’t found very often in modern online pokies. You’ll only really find this feature in classic games from Aristocrat. It really does enhance your overall winning potential, so it is worth giving it a spin to try your luck at least once or twice.

Geisha Pokie Jackpot

Geisha offers players a fixed jackpot rather than a progressive one. This means that the prize doesn’t increase over time. Instead, your prize is calculated based on your line bet multiplied by a specific symbol’s payout. Still, there are some very generous payouts available, especially when you consider that your prize can be doubled if a geisha symbol is involved in the win.

Geisha ™ Free Spins & Multipliers

When the red temple symbol appears three to five times on a single payline, the free spins round is triggered. Players receive 15 free spins, during which all wins are multiplied. Anytime you win a prize in this round, it will receive a 3x multiplier, so you are in for some fantastic cash prizes when you play the Geisha poker machine from Aristocrat online.

The free spins round cannot be retriggered. In order to obtain more free spins, the player must earn them via the base game.

Play Geisha ™ on Mobile – Apps, iPhone, Tablets

In order to access the mobile game, players can purchase Geisha from the marketplace for $1.99. This is all the money they have to spend on the title, because the game actually operators on play-money. The game is available on iPads, iPhones and iPods, and has yet to make an appearance in the Android gaming market.

If players wish to win actual cash prizes from the Geisha pokies game, the title is available at a select few online casinos. In the land-based poker machine market, Geisha has earned a reputation as a classic game – and it is well on its way to receiving the same treatment in the online casino world. In the iTunes Marketplace, over 700 reviews have given the game a four-star rating.

It is no wonder that Geisha has performed so well, thanks to its beautiful graphics and impressive bonus features.

Geisha Pokies Free Play Online

Before you play Geisha or any other online pokie for real money, be sure to give the game a spin for free first. You’ll want to try out the demo to determine whether or not the game really suits your tastes. While reading a review will let you know about the rules and payouts, it doesn’t give you first-hand experience, so you should always ensure that you have a few free spins.

We recommend playing free pokies for 150 to 200 rounds before you decide whether or not the game is worth spending real money on. This will give you the time to figure out if the game is up your alley and whether it will fit in your budget.

Geisha – 150 Spin Experience

Want to give Geisha a spin but just don’t have the time? Read our 150 Spin Experience to get the full scoop on this popular Aristocrat pokie.

Graphics and gameplay

Like any classic pokie from Aristocrat, Geisha is quite a simple game that loads very quickly. The reels are set against a lovely landscape, but the soundtrack  pretty limited. There is no background music and you’ll only hear sound effects when the reels are spinning or when you hit a win – and, even then, they are just the kinds of sounds that would come from a classic pokie.

The only symbols that are animated are the high-paying ones, which spring to live when they are involved in a winning combination.


After just 10 spins, we were able to hit the free spins bonus. During this round, it was easy to accumulate wins, as all prizes during this game are tripled. What’s more, we landed 3 gate symbols for an additional 15 free spins. By the end of the bonus, we had earned prizes worth over 200x our wager. This was definitely one of the more successful bonuses we’ve had during a 150 Spin Experience.

We were offered the chance to gamble our winnings, but decided against it. It’s always wise to quit while you’re ahead and we were pretty far ahead at this point.


While Geisha is considered a high volatility online pokie, we found that wins came fairly frequently. Over the course of our 150 Spin Experience, we cashed in on wins every 5 or so rounds. As such, it feels more like a game with medium variance, and it should appeal to players who have smaller budgets. High rollers will also enjoy giving the game a spin, as well, as there are some steep betting options as well.

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Geisha Pokie Review 

Geisha is one of the most popular offerings from Aristocrat games, and it’s easy to see why. The entire game is exciting to play, with a generous bonus round and even better multiplier up for grabs. Even without the bonus round, there is still plenty of winning potential for players to enjoy. This is due in part to the gamble feature of the pokie and the multiplier symbol. 

One of the things we love the most is the free spins round in Geisha. The bonuses you can walk away with here are excellent. Entering into the free spins round could potentially triple your winnings right from the start. You can also retrigger the round at any point in the base game to get a further 15 free spins to use, so there’s a lot of potential for big wins. While the theme may be overdone and the pokie doesn’t seem like much to look at on first glance, once you get spinning those reels, it’s actually highly entertaining. The sparse soundtrack and lack of high-definition graphics won’t be an issue because of the thrilling gaming experience Aristocrat provide. 

About Aristocrat 

Aristocrat have been developing online pokies for years from their Australian-based headquarters in Sidney. In operation since 1953, this gaming giant is now one of the strongest and most popular game developers in the world. More than 90 countries worldwide can play their pokies, which is pretty impressive considering their humble start in land-based casinos. 

Once the e-gaming market became a hit in the online pokie industry, Aristocrat decided to take some of their land-based casino machines and turn them into online gaming experiences. They did this so successfully that they now develop software and services to help other land-based casino companies break into the online market with their nLive support. This was a very notable accomplishment in their history and sets them apart from a lot of other online pokie developers. 

In 2017, this gaming giant acquired Plarium Global Ltd and took on board even more popular games, such as Vikings and Sparta, to add to their already extensive catalogue of pokies. In 2018, they acquired Big Fish, which only proved to strengthen both their social and digital game portfolio. You can still see them in land-based casinos, providing game cabinets like VERVE and VIRIDIAN to players who prefer to have a real-life experience with their gaming. 

The reason this developer has become so popular and remains one of the best in the game is because they keep their players' enjoyment at the heart of all of their work. You can play other popular titles from the developer, such as Queen of the Nile, Cash Express and Jackpot Carnival, right here at Online Pokies 4U. 

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Geisha FAQs

🌸 Can I Download Geisha?

Geisha can be played directly in your web browser but if you’d like a free Geisha download, you can play on the Heart of Vegas app.

🌸 Does Geisha Have Free Spins?

Yes, there is a free spins round in Geisha that can be triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols on a payline. This automatically rewards the player with 15 free spins as well as a generous multiplier. Whilst you can’t retrigger the free spins during the bonus round, it can be triggered at any point during the base game.

🌸 What is teh payout on Geisha Slot?

The RTP is 94.88%.
Pokie Name: Geisha
Software: Aristocrat
Themes: Oriental/Asian, Romance
Volatility: Medium Volatility
Gameinfo features: 5 Reels Free Spins Medium volatility Multiplier Progressive Scatter Symbol Wild Symbol
Paylines: 25
Reels: 5
Min Bet: 0.25
Max Bet: 2500
Top Win: 9000
RTP: 94.88%