Wheres The Gold

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Where’s the gold is an Aristrocrat slot that was first released in 2003 it’s a 5-reel classic that for many years was one of Aristorat’s top games… It uses the Aristrocrat MKVI hardware and has a standard screen res of 640×480.

There have been two versions of the title – when the game first came out it was it was called ‘Where’s the… GOLD’, yet by 2005 on re-release it was called ‘Where’s the Gold’.

When playing the game, the player is always hoping to get the scattered dynamite symbols as these can trigger the free spins feature in which features wild symbols galore!

The most fun part of the game is getting to the mining feature in which the player chooses one of the characters on screen (Mary Money, Happy Lucky, Nugget Ned, Prof. Gold and Finda the Dog are amongst the choices!) and if you are lucky enough to choose a character on screen that finds a lot of gold nuggets then you will get more free spins, retriggers and more multiple wilds.

Where’s the Gold really is a great game and one I would recommend playing if you get the chance.